At Coverings: NTCA 70th Anniversary Awards Presentation

In 2016, the NTCA’S Tile Person of the Year Award was presented to Steve Young of Steve Young & Associates, located in White Plains, Ga.

Among the many events and parties taking place during Coverings 17, April 4-7, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., will be a very special celebration for NTCA on Thursday night, April 6 from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. On this night, NTCA will mark its 70th year in 2017 as a leading association for tile installers.

Cox Tile of San Antonio, Texas won the 2016 Five Star Contractor Grand Prize Residential Award for its “Brick and Stone Paradise” project.

NTCA will recognize leaders who have made a difference over many years of service to the association as part of this stellar event.  In addition, the prestigious Tile Person of the Year will be honored, and the Tile Council of North America will present its award winners.

Also a part of the 70th Anniversary Awards show will be the Five Star Contractor Project of the Year, the Tom Ade Scholarship Award recipient  and the Grand Prize Winners of the Coverings Design and Installation Awards.  This is a time to celebrate YOUR association!

In addition, former NTCA presidents, Tile Persons of the Year, and Ring of Honor winners will be invited to the event. NTCA will also recognize sponsors and contractors who have supported the Gary Sinise Rise Foundation program. A party to celebrate this 70th Anniversary year will go until 9 p.m. after the presentation. Don’t miss it!

Grazzini Brothers & Company of Egan, Minnesota won the 2016 Five Star Contractor Grand Prize Commercial Award – Residential or its installation of over 24,000 sq. ft. of exterior natural stone wall tile and interior porcelain floor and wall tile at the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory in Anchorage, Alaska.

New Regional Evaluators expand CTI Certification opportunities

New Regional Evaluators expand CTI Certification opportunities

As of TISE West/Surfaces, there are 10 new Regional Evaluators at your service for the Ceramic  Tile Education Foundation’s (CTEF)  Certified Tile Installer (CTI)  Certification program. That means that installers no longer need wait until classes reach 10 or more students before they are able to take the hands-on portion of the exam and achieve industry-recognized certification and validation of skills and knowledge.

Qualified labor, like CTI Certification and the Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT), has been included in the MasterSpec and is being specified by more members of the A&D community.

Brad Denny (l.) and Dave Rogers are two new CTI Regional Evaluators.

The CTI test consists of a written, open-book, 155 question, multiple-choice exam that can be taken online and a live, in-person, hands-on test, which is monitored and assessed by Regional Evaluators. In it, installers must demonstrate their ability to execute a complex layout and proper installation of vapor retarder membrane, backer board, tile (walls and floors), cementitious grout, and flexible sealant (caulk). For each installation material, the applicant is scored on the various aspects of workmanship relevant to producing an installation that will endure use and satisfy the discriminating client.

Those who pass both parts of the exam receive a CTI certificate, plastic wallet ID card, CTI logo for use on cards, vehicles, websites and other marketing materials, consumer brochures and a listing on the CTEF website.  Any installer who has had at least two years of verifiable experience as the lead installer setting ceramic tile on a full-time basis is eligible to take the CTI exam. Study materials are supplied for those undergoing the test.

Led by Regional Evaluator coordinator Kevin Insalato, this troupe of Regional Evaluators now includes:

  • Brad Denny, Nichols Tile & Terrazzo – Joelton, Tenn.
  • Dan Hecox, Hecox Construction – York, Neb.
  • Joe Kerber at Kerber Tile – Shakopee, Minn.
  • Matt Newbold, Elite tile Setters – Lehi Utah.
  • Dave Rogers, Welch Tile – Kent City, Mich.
  • Tom Cravillion, Cravillion Tile – Plymouth, Wis.
  • Triniti Vigil, J&R Tile – San Antonio Texas.
  • Rafael Lopez, California Flooring – Manteno, Ill.
  • Mark Heinlein, NTCA trainer
  • Robb Roderick , NTCA trainer

In addition, Scott Carothers, director of Training and Certification for CTEF, is conducting CTI exams, with plans to concentrate on and grow  ACT certifications in the future. This team of evaluators has expanded the opportunities for CTI certification. The current schedule of CTI certifications is as follows:

  • February 21 – Heuler Tile, Pewaukee, WI
  • March 10 –CTEF Facility, Pendleton, SC
  • March 17 –ISC Surfaces, Kansas City, KS
  • March 18 – The Tile Shop, Lombard, Ill.
  • April 4-6 –Coverings ’17, Orlando, FL
  • April 25 – Fire Keepers Casino, Battle Creek, MI.
  • May 12 – CTEF Facility, Pendleton, SC
  • May 19 – ISC Surfaces, Kansas City, KS
  • July 14 – CTEF Facility, Pendleton, SC
  • September 15 – CTEF Facility, Pendleton, SC
  • September 22 – ISC Surfaces, Kansas City, KS
  • November 17 – CTEF Facility, Pendleton, SC
  • December 8 –ISC Surfaces, Kansas City, KS

There are two more March testing dates in regional locales in Utah and San Antonio awaiting approval.

Visit the CTEF website at https://www.ceramictilefoundation.o

CTI Regional Evaluator coordinator Kevin Insalato (r.) with NTCA assistant executive director Jim Olson during TISE West/Surfaces 2017.

rg/events to check the calendar for new locations and CTI test opportunities as they become available; and this site to to learn more about becoming a Certified Tile Installer.

NTCA Webinar targets maintenance and cleaning

On Tuesday, February 21 at 1 pm CST, NTCA will present a free webinar on Maintenance & Problem Solving for Tile & Stone: What to Know, What to Use & Why.

With advances in tile manufacturing, sealers, cleaners, grouts and mortars, you must stay up-to-date with the best technology for specific projects and materials used. Knowledge of what to recommend and use for proper sealing, problem solving and maintenance is vital. Learn techniques and which types of products to use to remove cementitious and non-cementitious grout haze, strip a sealer, remove efflorescence, and restore heavily soiled and neglected installations and other common issues. And discover when you should use a grout release and why with today’s factory applied coatings.  This program will explore the problems associated with using “household” cleaners followed by what products should be used and why – where and why to use an acid, alkaline cleaner or solvent stripper.

Rod Sigman, CUSTOM

The webinar is sponsored by Custom Building Products and presented by Rod Sigman, the Business Development manager for Technical Installation and Care Products for CUSTOM.  Sigman has worked for the company for the past 25 years (most in support of the Aqua Mix brand of sealers and cleaners) in various roles including all aspects of training and education for national accounts in support of the sales and technical departments.. Sigman is also responsible for job site inspections, product specifications, product demonstrations and product research and development.. Sigman sits on the NTCA, IICRC and MIA Technical committees’. He graduated the Ceramic Tile Consultant Course in 1995 and passed the Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson program in 2008. Sigman is also a frequent speaker at many national tradeshows including Coverings, Surfaces/TISE West and StonExpo.

Click the link for more information and to register:

Coverings kicks off National Tile Day: February 23

To raise awareness and promote the use of tile, Coverings is proud to announce the inaugural National Tile Day (NTD), February 23!  Over the next few weeks, Coverings will be sharing why tile is the best choice for both residential and commercial products.











Coverings is also hosting the “Why Tile” discussion. Join the conversation by sharing why  you choose tile with #WhyTile and #Coverings2017.  Find more information at:

The campaign will also announce reasons WHY to choose tile. Watch social media between now and February 23 for these messages:

It’s Durable and Sustainable: Ceramic tiles have been used in buildings since the ninth century BC. A long-lasting material results in a lower consumption of resources in the long term, and a lower environmental impact. Unlike carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring which have to be replaced periodically, properly installed tile will last a lifetime.

It’s Resistant: Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to weathering, as they are inert and are not affected by exposure to water, fire and even ultraviolet radiation. They do not release any toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures, which is one of the main risks in the event of fire. Due to the use of natural minerals fired at temperatures over 2300 degrees F, ceramic tile will never fade and is not affected by UV rays.

It’s Versatile: Ceramic tiles can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces, flat or curved, indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry areas. They can have reflective surfaces to provide lighting, or have materials and colors that absorb radiation to control the temperature naturally.

It’s Low Maintenance: Unlike other organic materials or textiles, ceramic tiles require little maintenance to keep them clean and in good condition. This is done using procedures and materials that have a low cost and little environmental impact, reducing maintenance costs over their lifespan. Tile is also highly scratch-resistant and simple to clean.

It’s Energy Efficient: The ingredients that make up ceramic tile – compressed raw materials like sand, clay, and glass – are all easily recyclable, and as naturally renewable resources, create a low environmental impact. Tile can reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling because of its exceptional thermal mass.

It’s Healthy: Since tile is fired in kilns to extremely high temperatures, there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the finished product that can be released into the air we breathe. VOCs contribute to a wide variety of health problems and are a significant cause of “sick building syndrome.” In addition, there are adhesives and grouts available that contain zero, or very low VOCs.

Life-Cycle Costs for Floor Finishes (per square foot): Because a tile installation will last as long as the building it’s installed in, its environmental impacts are minimal when compared to other surface coverings that would have be to replaced numerous times over the life of the building. This also means tile costs less per square foot over the long haul, whereas carpet, vinyl, and other floor coverings are significantly more expensive due to their replacement, maintenance, and refinishing requirements. Ceramic tile costs less per year than all other floor finishes over the life of a building. In fact, all tile is less than $0.40 per square foot per year. Carpet and vinyl are significantly more expensive due to their shorter expected life.

Livestream and Twitterview

Coverings will partner with Interior Design magazine to broadcast a live segment through Facebook. The segment will highlight tile trends that will be seen at Coverings 2017, and Alena Capra will be the on-camera spokesperson discussing the products and messaging. Time for this event is to be announced.

On National Tile Day, February 23, Coverings and its partners will join Metropolis for a Twitterview, Tile Today from 1-2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. This chat will take place on Twitter, and is a live discussion about tile’s versatile designs, applications, and benefits. Each partner will be responsible for three questions, which will touch on key messages about tile. Additionally, Alena Capra and IDS Designer Kim Lewis will join the discussion.

Stay tuned to your favorite social media outlet for news and information over the next few weeks about National Tile Day!

Contractors, installers speak out about new OSHA silica rule

Last week in TileLetter Weekly, we reported on the new OSHA ruling and regulations to protect workers by limiting their exposure to respirable crystalline silica, and thus curb lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney disease .

The rule contains key provisions, set to take effect on June 23, 2017. The rule:

  • Reduces the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, averaged over an 8-hour shift.
  • Requires employers to: use engineering controls (such as water or ventilation) to limit worker exposure to the PEL; provide respirators when engineering controls cannot adequately limit exposure; limit worker access to high exposure areas; develop a written exposure control plan, offer medical exams to highly exposed workers, and train workers on silica risks and how to limit exposures.
  • Provides medical exams to monitor highly exposed workers and gives them information about their lung health.
  • Provides flexibility to help employers — especially small businesses — protect workers from silica exposure.

Jeremy Waldorf of Legacy Floors in Howell, Mich., wears a respirator specifically designed to protect against silica. Waldorf purchased it online for about $45.

Tile contracting companies and individual installers spoke out recently about the provisions of the rule and what it will mean for them and their businesses.

Jesse Boswell, owner of ReTile in Mesa, Ariz., said, “I believe it is a necessity to protect workers from dust . I wish it didn’t have to get to the point where government had to step in. And it is unfortunate that not all tasks in construction have the necessary dust control available yet. It will be difficult to comply with this ruling without wearing a respirator full time.”

Phillip Kozey, controller at Stuart Tile Company and NTCA Michigan co-State Ambassador with cousin Todd Kozey, said, “I’m 36 years old and was diagnosed with COPD last year. But I was hand-making thinset in a wheelbarrow with Portland silica sand and liquid latex when I was 9 years old. I’m glad they’re coming out with these new laws. I just started using a mask and respirator about a year ago.”

Chris Wood, of Chris Wood Fixit in Russell, Ontario, recommended some products that really help with dust collection, like the Wale Tale and ARDEX dust collector. “It’s so nice to be able to mix indoors, and you know, not get COPD,” he said. “I do strongly believe in the dust systems. They are a game changer.”

James Woelfel, NTCA board chairman, with Artcraft Granite, Marble and Tile Co., also from Mesa, Ariz., stressed the importance of safeguarding employees, while pondering how the provisions of the new rule are to be measured and enforced.

“First and foremost, our company wants to make sure our employees are safe from external factors that could cause injury or illness,” he said. “That being said, how does OSHA intend to enforce a standard that technology has not caught up to? How do we measure a cubic foot of air outside in the wind? How is OSHA showing small businesses to be flexible?”

Calling the ruling “onerous,” Woelfel added, “It is so easy for people not in the fight everyday mandate a regulation or a process, to continue to pile on regulations that will eventually strangle our companies. We are investing in technology every day to reduce dust and other by-products from our jobs. Here in Arizona we actually have to have a license to be able to be tracked by the state environmental department in regards to creating too much dust.”

Martin Brookes of Heritage Marble & Tile in Mill Valley, Calif., and NTCA’s 2nd vice president, also felt the burden of the legislation. “We implement PPE and safety meetings to make our workers aware of silica and other airborne particulate that could be detrimental to their health and safety,” he explained. “I’m all for the welfare of the worker as this keeps them healthy, and in turn productivity is not affected. In my opinion the legislation takes it too far, and is more for a revenue stream than to help the worker. The money would be better spent in educational campaigns to make the workers aware rather than a “gotcha” approach which does nothing but hurt the business owner.”

Martin Howard of David Allen Company (DAC), and NTCA’s current president echoed safety program strategies voiced by Woelfel and Brookes, as well as noting that DAC has a dedicated full time safety director. “We want to educate and train our employees to be safe at all times from all jobsite dangers,” he said.

He related tales of three on-site monitoring surveys by independent engineers DAC conducted to understand the exposure to crystalline silica its workers experience, intentionally making conditions worse-case.  “All three produced results that were below the old OSHA standard, some by a large margin,” he said. With the new ruling, he said that “if exposure limits reach a level less than half the old standard, a whole series of precautionary steps must be implemented along with air quality monitoring for the balance of the job. This is a very expensive process that would seem to be unnecessary. The number of exposure cases resulting in sickness under the old standard was very small, and most could be attributed to a lack of enforcement of the standard. Instead of starting to enforce the reasonable standard they are regulating an unreasonable standard that is almost impossible to measure.”

He added, “I think many of the preventative tools and methods prescribed in the new standard are common sense, and if enforced, could achieve a reduction in illnesses without lowering the parts per million in the air to an immeasurable level.”

Do you have an opinion on the new OSHA silica rule, or have found workable ways to reduce your exposure to silica? Send your thoughts to [email protected]Lesley Goddin


PROVA Linear System offers simple drain solution

PROVA ceramic and stone tile accessory products now include a simple solution for linear drain installations. The PROVA LINEAR® system for tiled showers features a unique modular pan and extension system that allows for complete versatility when building out any desired shower base size and drain placements. PROVA-BOND™ surface treatment technology is used on the drain body for the ultimate strength in adhesion to mortar. Get innovation and technology in this one cost effective alternative system!


·       Connects easily to standard drain outlets

·       Drain body coated with PROVA-BOND surface treatment technology for ultimate mortar adhesion

 ·       Pre-bonded PROVA-MAT® membrane on drain flange provides quick and easy waterproofing

·       Tile-in-top inclusion allows for a finished tiled shower floor aesthetic without disrupting drainage

·       Integrated for use with PROVA LINEAR modular pan and extension system

·       Available in 3 popular sizes: 24”, 36”, 42”

·       Stainless steel grate option is also available

ForLinearDrainAd2016_vclosedup_v3 more information, visit And see PROVA products at TISE West/Surfaces, booth # 5447.




See new Mapeguard UM underlayment membrane at MAPEI TISE booth #5847

MAPEI offers  Mapeguard UM, a lightweight waterproofing and vapor pressure-equalizing underlayment membrane. It provides crack suppression for use under ceramic tile and stone installations, for both residential and commercial applications.

Mapemapei-mapeguard_um_rollguard UM is designed to perform over challenging substrates, such as young concrete and single-layer 3/4″ (19 mm) plywood subfloors with joist spacing of up to 19.2″ (49 cm) on
center. The unique engineered tri-layered design of Mapeguard UM absorbs lateral stress from the substrate without transferring this force to the tile or stone, which maintains exceptional bonds.

To learn more about the features and benefits of Mapeguard UM, visit

See the new Mapeguard UM at MAPEI’s TISE West/Surfaces booth #5847.


Crossville to Live Stream Education Sessions at The International Surfaces Event

CROSSVILLE, Tennessee — Domestic tile manufacturer Crossville will offer unique education sessions at booth #5403 during The International Surfaces Event. In addition to the opportunity for show attendees to view sessions in person, Crossville will stream the content on Facebook Live.

Lindsey Waldrep

Lindsey Waldrep

“With these quick learning sessions, we’re putting the spotlight on the creative solutions that our products offer for flooring retailers and their customers,” explains Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s Vice President of Marketing. “The ideas and information we’ll be sharing take the trade show experience to another level, and by live streaming our sessions, we’re excited to include a broader audience that can benefit from all we have to share.”

A panel discussion featuring two prominent interior designers is among the sessions Crossville is hosting. Charlotte, NC’s Lisa Mende and Las Vegas-based Patricia Gaylor will discuss tile trends and tips for retailers in working with design professionals.

“We are focused on giving attendees some great take-aways that they can immediately take action on—insights that will help them improve their businesses,” Waldrep summarizes.

To follow is a list of all sessions Crossville will host in-booth and online via Facebook Live. All show attendees and the media are invited to attend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

  • 10:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. – At Home with Porcelain Tile Panels—Case studies and creative solutions achieved in residential spaces through Porcelain Tile Panels. Presented by Lindsey Waldrep, Vice President of Marketing, Crossville, Inc.


  • 11:00 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. – Advances in Porcelain Tile Panels—The latest learnings and new developments in Porcelain Tile Panels. Presented by Noah Chitty, Director of Technical Services, Crossville, Inc.


  • 2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. – New to You from Crossville—Discover the latest creative solutions brought to you by Crossville. Presented by Scott Jones, Director of New Product Development, Crossville, Inc.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

  • 9:30 a.m. – 9:50 a.m. – Introduction to Tile—Are you new to tile? Get a bit of perspective and what you need to know to work with tile in your design projects. Presented by Tony Robson, Architectural Sales Manager, Crossville, Inc.


  • 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. – Designer Panel Discussion—Creative solutions achieved through tile in real-world examples discussed in detail in this facilitated discussion with Patricia Gaylor, Interior Designer and Founder of Patricia Gaylor Interior Design, and Lisa Mende, Interior Designer, Owner and Founder of Lisa Mende Design. Facilitated by Lindsey Waldrep, Vice President of Marketing, Crossville, Inc.


  • 2:00 p.m.- 2:15 p.m. – New to You from Crossville—Discover the latest creative solutions brought to you by Crossville. Presented by Robin Rhea, Brand Director, Crossville, Inc.


For more information or to reserve a seat, visit View the sessions live from your computer or mobile device via Facebook Live: .


About Crossville, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Crossville Inc. is a U.S.-owned and operated manufacturer of award-winning tile collections for residential and contract applications. Its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Crossville, Tennessee. Crossville, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Curran Group, a privately owned holding company renowned for its core values of family, respect, partnership, integrity, and improvement.

An industry innovator, Crossville is the first U.S. tile manufacturer to achieve the following:

– production of large format tile on site,

– manufacturing of tile with certified recycled content,

– development the Tile Take-Back® Program for recycling fired porcelain tile,

– attaining of certification for waste recycling programs,

– earning of TCNA’s Green Squared certification for all of its U.S.-produced tile lines,

– distribution of a complete line of porcelain tile panels (Laminam by Crossville), and

– designation as a net consumer of waste in the domestic tile industry.

For more information on Crossville, visit



Loxcreen Flooring Group’s professional division undergoes re-brand into M-D PRO; PROVA brand remains

md-pro_logoMississauga, ON:  M-D PRO is the new name for The Loxcreen Flooring Group, which comes under the M-D Building Products umbrella.

In December 2012 when M-D Building Products (Oklahoma City) completed the acquisition of The Loxcreen Company (Columbia, SC), it returned full circle to the professional floor covering accessory business with the Loxcreen Flooring Group division operating out of Mississauga, ON, Canada. The Loxcreen acquisition meant that M-D was now the proud owner of some of the most respected brands in the industry. Brands like Bengard, Dura-Trim, KinTrim and Loxcreen Floor Covering Accessories were now part of the M-D family of businesses.

With so many well-known brands under the M-D umbrella, the time was right to consolidate and simplify their professional market presence under the newly created M-D PRO name. The professional division launched its new name to their customers the first week of January 2017, along with a brand new logo that will replace Loxcreen Flooring Group on all future product labels, marketing materials, social media, as well as a new website that is currently in development,

“This new logo was designed to honor the history of the M-D brand but also to clearly distinguish it from the traditional retail channels that M-D is best known for,” said Joe Comitale, president of M-D PRO. “The M-D PRO business has a separate and autonomous management team that works closely with the senior management of M-D to make sure that corporate ideals are maintained while at the same time taking advantage of the expertise and specialization that the professional side of the business demands.”

The re-brand has been an evolutionary one, as initially, the professional floor covering brands remained stand alone. The first year after the acquisition, the M-D logo started appearing on marketing collateral as well as in advertisements and customer communications. Soon after, the M-D logo became more prominent and the trade shows proudly announced the M-D affiliation and ownership. In essence, this is just the final step in that evolution.

“It is extremely exciting for the Loxcreen Flooring Group brands to continue the evolution into the M-D family by changing the name to M-D PRO. The Loxcreen Flooring Group being an integral part of such a large, century old, well respected and recognizable organization such as M-D will certainly help us achieve our objective of brand consolidation, simplification and recognition”, Steven LaGrou, VP Sales and Marketing M-D PRO.

PROVA brand remains

M-D PRO will be the brand name for all of the professional accessory product lines (Carpet Metal, Vinyl, and Wood and MDF) with one exception. M-D is also the owner of the decade old PROVA brand of ceramic and stone installation accessories. PROVA has quickly established itself as a proven, reliable and high performing product line in the M-D family.

“PROVA was the only other brand that we decided to keep and promote due to its established brand equity, its great potential for growth in the marketplace and its overall meaning to the product line”, according to Julia Vozza, marketing manager, M-D PRO. The PROVA name was derived from the Italian word PROTEGGERE which means “Protect” and from the word “Vapor”, Vozza adds.

What started out as a single product in Canada is now an entire system of waterproofing products, tile underlayment, shower systems and other tile and stone accessory products that are sold all over North America. This stand-alone brand will continue, but will in fact proudly include the M-D logo as well in recognition of its family ties.

This re-brand is set for a progressive roll out as of January 2017. The new M-D PRO branding and image will be on display at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas. Visit booth #5447 to learn more about M-D PRO and how they can help to benefit your business in 2017.

About M-D PRO:

M-D PRO (formerly known as the Loxcreen Flooring Group) provides a broad range of floor covering and building accessories. The company’s core business is a traditional line of aluminum and vinyl extruded floor transitional moldings that aid in a spectrum of installation challenges.

Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions over 40 years in business, M-D PRO has remained committed to providing our customers with innovative product lines that include PROVA ceramic and stone tile installation accessories, M-D tools, DuPont & TOWER caulks and sealants. These growing product lines continue to compliment the core line of trims for carpet, ceramic, laminate, vinyl, resilient and hardwood floors.


 About M-D Building Products:

M-D Building Products, Inc. has a rich history of product development and manufacturing expertise. Beginning in 1920 as Macklanburg Duncan, the M-D story encompasses almost 100 years of innovating and manufacturing products demanded by customers. M-D products are market leading in the categories of flooring accessories, flooring tools, weatherization, caulks, sealants and digital levels.








Coverings CID Awards entry deadline extended to Monday, January 23

 The Coverings Installation and Design (CID) Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the design and installation of tile and stone in both residential and commercial projects. Projects are judged on design and installation excellence, giving special recognition to unusual, creative and innovative uses of stone and tile.
Farley Residence, Grand Prize Stone Winner 2016,
Designed by Carson Guest, Inc.
Installed by Marmi Natural Stone
To show off your outstanding work and give you the recognition you deserve by featuring your work at Coverings, including a display on the new 2017 CID digital video wall, you must submit your entry for free to be a part of it! Projects must have been completed within the past two years (January 2015 – December 2016). Multiple entries are accepted and encouraged!
Lincoln Park Steps, Grand Prize Tile Winner 2016
Designed by Aileen Barr
Installed by Doty Tile and Snyder Tile


  • $2,500 plus a one-night hotel stay in Orlando will be awarded to the installer and designer of both residential and commercial tile and stone projects

​In addition, winners will be:

  • Invited to attend the coveted VIP Press Dinner
  • Invited to participate in a conference session where projects will be discussed
  • Featured on the new CID digital video wall and on meter boards at Coverings

ENTER BY MONDAY, JANUARY 23:Have your work recognized at the premier international tile and stone event! There is no cost to submit projects, but in order to win a CID Award you must be present at Coverings 2017 in Orlando, Florida to accept your award. Visit Coverings CID Awards submissions for more information and to enter.

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