Crossville Announces The Common Thread for the Cure Scarf Design Contest, Names Panel of Interior Designers as Judges

Crossville, Tennessee – Crossville, Inc. has launched its second scarf design contest, a biennial competition held in support of The Common Thread for the Cure, the nonprofit organization that provides practical support for members of the furnishings and interior design industries facing the challenges of breast cancer.

“We’re excited to once again engage our design community in a really unique, creative contest with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness and support of The Common Thread for the Cure,” states Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing. “It’s inspiring to see so many come together to help our colleagues and their families get through the real life challenges of breast cancer diagnoses.”

Members of Crossville’s distribution network and the design community at large have already submitted designs for consideration, and the company is now announcing those who will be part of the contest’s judging panel. The company has enlisted four renowned interior designers from across the country to determine the contest’s winning design.

Screenshot 2016-04-07 11.48.25
Allan Dallatorre – Los Angeles-area interior designer, design consultant to TOTO USA, owner of Hinge Decor of Hollywood
Lisa Mende – Charlotte, NC-based, nationally acclaimed interior designer, allied member of ASID, IDS, Design Trust of NYC, and Withit
Linda Holt – Boston-area interior designer, member of Benjamin Moore Advisory board, contributor to Merrimack Valley Magazine
Kathy Sandler – Nashville, TN-based interior designer and editor-in-chief of design blog

Sandler, Dallatorre, Mende, and Holt will vote on scarf design concepts submitted by a range of entrants from Crossville’s distribution network and the design community at large. The judges’ winning design will be produced and sold to raise funds to go toward The Common Thread for the Cure’s Helping Hand Grants, in time for October/Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Additionally, Crossville will open the contest to popular vote to determine another winner for production of a second scarf. Popular voting will be open April 14th through 30th and may be tracked by following @crossvilleinc on social platforms. Anyone can vote by visiting

Jane Barea, president of The Common Thread for the Cure and an interior designer in Winston-Salem, NC, says “We’re so grateful for Crossville and this scarf competition. It’s a great way to spread the word about Common Thread across the nation. We’re an entirely volunteer-run organization, so programs like this are so important for drawing attention to what we do.”

Visit the Crossville website for additional information about the competition. Winners will be announced in mid-May, and the winning scarf designs will be unveiled in October in tandem with Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Daltile to be featured on new FYI Network original series

fyi_he_shed_she_shed_nopremiere_key_art_horizontal (2)DALLAS, April 5, 2016 – Fueling the outdoor living trend, Daltile is participating in FYI’s new original series “He Shed She Shed,” which premiered on FYI Network on Saturday, April 2 at 10pm ET/PT. Each episode will follow two homeowners, friends or neighbors in the ultimate male vs. female backyard shed showdown as they build and design unique spaces. The show will also feature existing sheds across the country and highlight the inspiration behind transforming their shed.
As people across America are cleverly transforming their outdoor sheds into supplemental living areas, such as backyard pubs, small offices or “shed and breakfasts”, tile is a great option due to its durability in the elements. Daltile will be featured in two episodes this season, and will help inspire participants and viewers to imagine what’s possible.

Daltile is participating in Season 3 of Tiny House Nation on FYI

Daltile is a participant in Tiny House Nation on FYI. (Photo by Molly Winters Photography)

Daltile is a participant in Tiny House Nation on FYI. (Photo by Molly Winters Photography)

Daltile is participating in the upcoming season of FYI’s “Tiny House Nation”, which follows renovations experts John Weisbarth and Zack Griffin as they travel across America to show off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them. Daltile has partnered with the show since the series premiered in September 2014, and has helped dozens of tiny homeowners imagine what’s possible in their 500 square-foot-or-less spaces.

“Tiny House Nation” was inspired by an increasing number of Americans who are downsizing their homes to either simplify their lives or gain financial independence. Season 3 premiered Saturday, March 26 at 9/8c on FYI.





SAIC students commence tiling on Coverings Student Bench Project

(April 5, 2016) — The tiling portion of the Coverings Student Bench project kicked off last night with the students of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).
On hand to assist and instruct the students were Guinevere Johnson (SAIC); Jamie Munce (MAPEI); Yvette Levita (Mid-America Tile); Karin Fendrich (National Trade Productions); and Mark and Connie Heinlein (NTCA).
Students met at J&J Motor Freight (directly across from McCormick Place) and saw their projects realized in wedi polystyrene foam boards as fabricated to their specifications by Lewis Miller and crew of Ravenswood Studio.
Mark Heinlein, NTCA trainer (r.), was on hand to instruct the SAIC students involved with the Coverings Student Bench Project.
Following introductions, a safety brief, discussion of the tile and associated projects the students went to work on this stage of the project.
A second session will be held on April 6 at J&J Motor Freight.  The in-process benches will be relocated to McCormick Place where the final two sessions will be held on April 11 and 13.

For more information on the Coverings Student Bench Project or Coverings, visit

ARDEX offers FLEXBONE Systems Sweepstakes that include CTEF training and trip to Total Solutions Plus among prizes

The ARDEX FLEXBONE Systems Sweepstakes runs till April 30. Two winners will have five distinct experiences to choose from, including an all-expenses-paid trip to Total Solutions Plus and CTEF Training.

The ARDEX FLEXBONE Systems Sweepstakes runs till April 30. Two winners will have five distinct experiences to choose from, including an all-expenses-paid trip to Total Solutions Plus and CTEF Training.

Back in January, ARDEX introduced its ARDEX UI 720 Floating Uncoupling Membrane and ARDEX UI 740 Uncoupling Membrane, available for purchase at ARDEX distributors throughout North America.

“ARDEX FLEXBONE® uncoupling systems with GripLock Technology deliver an enhanced level of protection for tile and stone installations,” said Russ Gaetano, ARDEX Americas Tile & Stone Installation Systems Marketing Manager. “This unique technology provides improved shear resistance and bond strength.”

ARDEX UI 720 Floating Uncoupling Membrane is the only unbonded, 100% uncoupling system available in the industry. It can be used over difficult substrates and is ideal for frequently changed floors in boutique retail stores, multi-unit housing, showrooms and trade show exhibits.

“ARDEX UI 720 Floating Uncoupling Membrane saves installers time and money by eliminating several steps required in traditional uncoupling installations,” said Mark Pennine, ARDEX Tile & Stone Installation Systems Technical Manager. “Simply unroll the mat over the substrate – no setting mortar required!”

ARDEX UI 740 Uncoupling Membrane high-load, bonded version is ideal for high-traffic, high-stress installations in airports, office buildings, hotel lobbies and condominiums. It provides waterproofing, maximum shear and tensile bond strengths.

When used in conjunction with ARDEX mortars and grouts, ARDEX UI 720FLEXBONE® and ARDEX UI 740 FLEXBONE® are eligible for an ARDEX SystemOne™ Warranty, the most comprehensive and the only true single source uncoupling system warranty available.

To promote the systems, ARDEX has been running its FLEXBONE Uncoupling Systems Sweepstakes. Now in its last month, two winners will have the opportunity to choose from five different trip experiences.  One of the five options is an all-expense-paid trip to Total Solutions and another option is CTEF Training.

“We have far exceeded sales expectations for our new FLEXBONE Uncoupling Systems, especially for the first ever floating uncoupling system that doesn’t require bonding to the substrate,” Gaetano said.

The sweepstakes ends April 30th. For more information, visit or click on the link to the YouTube video: 





Crossville, Inc. Acquires Contempo Tile & Stone Utah-based Company Joins the Crossville Tile & Stone Distribution Network

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. – Officials with Crossville, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Curran Group, have announced the company’s acquisition of Contempo Tile & Stone, a distribution business with four locations in Utah, as well as one in Boise, Idaho. Contempo is now part of Crossville Tile & Stone (CT&S), the existing company-owned distribution division.

“The holding group that previously owned Contempo felt the timing was right to divest itself of the business,” shares David Koenig, Vice President of Crossville Tile & Stone. “We’re pleased circumstances came together for this opportunity and know it’s good news for all parties involved.”

The acquisition of Contempo is effective as of April 1, 2016.

The American Society of Interior Designers Voices Its Stance on HB 2

CaptureWashington, D.C. (April 1, 2016) – The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is dismayed with the North Carolina legislature and governor’s recent actions to enact discriminatory legislation (HB 2) that overturns protections for LGBT people and sanctions discrimination across the state. As an organization that represents more than 26,000 interior design professionals, manufacturers, and industry representatives, ASID believes that laws such as HB 2 are unacceptable and counterproductive for business and the profession at large.

A thriving business environment depends on inclusive practices that welcome all who want to participate. In fact, North Carolina prides itself on being one of the top states in the nation in which to conduct business and to establish businesses. Yet HB 2 sends a clear and harmful message to the contrary. As a result, numerous businesses and consumers are calling for boycotts of North Carolina’s economy and, more specifically, the upcoming biannual High Point Market; one of the largest income producers for the state of North Carolina.

Members of the design community have not only joined these calls, but also are forgoing participation at High Point Market—at a cost to their businesses. ASID commends their actions in the name of pressuring the governor and legislature to rescind HB 2.

Similarly, ASID supports those individuals attending Market who wish to champion the many manufacturers and businesses speaking out against the new law. Laws such as HB 2 that permit discrimination are regressive and place individuals at risk of being denied service, lodging, employment, and business in general. Therefore, ASID encourages anyone attending Market to ask hard questions of the organizations they do business with and to consider carefully, and morally, where they spend their money.

ASID rejects discrimination of any kind and, as the voice of the profession, expects public policies to support and protect—not jeopardize—its members, the profession, and the industry. While ASID will continue with our scheduled programming at Market, which includes a session on The Impact of Government Laws and Regulations on Your Design Business, it will evaluate future interactions and business opportunities in North Carolina as well as other states with similar laws. ASID declares its vigilance on this matter will not cease, and it strongly urge all elected officials to move without delay to repeal discriminatory laws like HB 2.

ASID invites interior designers to join their voices with others from across the country. Text “One Voice’ to 52886 to stay updated and engaged on this and other important issues affecting interior designers and the profession.


About ASID
The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) believes that design transforms lives. ASID serves the full range of the interior design profession and practice through the Society’s programs, networks, and advocacy. It thrives on the strength of cross-functional and interdisciplinary relationships among designers of all specialties, including workplace, healthcare, retail and hospitality, education, institutional, and residential. It lead interior designers in shared conversations around topics that matter: from evidence-based and human-centric design to social responsibility, well-being, and sustainability. It showcases the impact of design on the human experience and the value interior designers provide.
ASID was founded over 40 years ago when two organizations became one, but its legacy dates back to the early 1930s. As it celebrates nearly 85 years of industry leadership, it is leading the future of interior design, continuing to integrate the advantages of local connections with national reach, of small firms with big, and of the places people live with the places people work, play, and heal. Learn more at

Soci releases historic 17-line launch, featuring wood, cement, metal, stone and mosaic looks

DALLAS, February 26, 2016 – Soci, one of the largest designers and wholesalers of high-end tile and plumbing products in the United States, has unveiled its most extensive porcelain tile launch to date, including 17 new collections – six unique wood looks; three hip industrial cement looks; three luxurious natural stone looks; two striking textured looks; an ultra trendy metallic collection; and two beautifully bold Moroccan and Talavera-inspired mosaic lines.
“From ultra-popular wood and modern cement looks to timeless natural stone and intricate mosaic designs, Soci’s new porcelain collections can immediately transform any space,” said Connie Gumm, vice president of Soci. “The rustic, reclaimed wood look of the the Rafter series is certain to be a favorite, as is the posh design of Sienna, which emulates luxurious Calacatta marble.” Soci will show its new lines at Coverings this year, in booth #6653.
Rafter Series – Reclaimed Wood Look
The Rafter series recreates the look of a reclaimed wood floor, complete with replicated nail holes, to create a look that’s both rustic and contemporary. Rafter is available in a fashionable large-format, straight-edge 10”x 40” size and three light, natural colors: Beige Natural, Ice Natural and Gray Natural.
Rafter Series, Gray Natural

Rafter Series, Gray Natural

Lumber Series – Reclaimed Wood Look
The Lumber series emulates reclaimed wood and features three distinct colors (Ice Natural, Light Natural and Dark Natural), each with high variations. The collection is available in a plank size of 6” x 24”.



Lumber Series, Light Natural

Lumber Series, Light Natural

Branch Series –  Oak Look
The look of natural oak gives the Branch series its rustic vibe. Available in two warm colors (Teak Natural and Oak Natural), this traditional style collection is available in an elongated 10” x 40” size.
Branch Series, Teak Natural

Branch Series, Teak Natural

Cathay Series – Natural Walnut Look
Emulating the real shading and texture of natural walnut, Cathay series adds elegance to traditional designs. The collection is available in a warm Natural color with a large-format, rectangular 10” x 40” size with a straight edge.
Weathered Series – Classic Oak Look
With the rich grain of classic oak, the Weathered series gives a new twist to an old feel. The collection features a rectified plank size of 8” x 36” and is offered in two colors: a warm brown and a weathered gray.
Weathered Series, Wood Brown

Weathered Series, Wood Brown

Sonar Series
The Sonar series replicates the look of weathered painted wood that’s been reclaimed. Its rich blend of shades and textures are ideal for modern floors and walls. The collection offers three colors (Ice Natural, Light Natural and Dark Natural) with two rectified sizes (4” x 36” and special order 18” x 36”) for each color.
Remind Series – Acid-Washed Cement Look
The Remind series features multi-colors of blue, beige and white on each plank, creating the look of a generations-old, acid washed cement floor pulled from a factory. The collection is available in a straight edge 10” x 40” size and is offered in a Light Natural color with high color and texture variation.
Regeneration Series – Polished Cement Look
The Regeneration series provides a polished cement look with a slight sheen that adds dimension. The series is offered in three modern colors (Black Natural, Gray Natural and White Natural) in a rectified 12” x 24” size. Additionally, Soci offers three special order sizes: 12” x 36,” 18” x 36” and 36” x 36”.
Regeneration Series, White Natural

Regeneration Series, White Natural

Cement Series – Textured Cement Look
The Cement series boasts the look of textured cement in a large glazed plank format. Two muted colors, White and Gray, are available in a rectified 12” x 24” size.
Cast Iron Series – Metallic
The Cast Iron series has a metallic finish with a high variation and comes in three colors (Black Natural, Rust Natural and White Natural) in a rectified 12” x 24” size. Special order sizes include 12” x 48” and 24” x 24” in any of the colors.
Cast Iron Series, Black Natural

Cast Iron Series, Black Natural

Sienna Series – Calacatta Marble Look
Sienna series mimics Calacatta marble with its polished finish and very high variation, making it virtually impossible to notice a difference between marble and porcelain. Sienna adds an elegant touch to any room, offering the beauty and variation of stone. The Sienna series is offered in a rectified 12” x 24” size.
Travertine Series – Travertine Look
The Travertine series emulates the sophisticated natural beauty of travertine without the maintenance. With three honed colors (Light Vein Cut Honed, Dark Vein Cut Honed and Platinum Vein Cut Honed), each with its own unique pattern, this collection is available in a rectified 16” x 16” size.
Aragon Series – Crema Marfil Marble Look
Perfect for a traditional space, the Aragon collection replicates the understated look of a polished crema marfil marble. It is available in a large 16” x 16” field tile.
Aragon Series, Crema Marfil Polished

Aragon Series, Crema Marfil Polished

Arch Series – 3-D Textured
The Arch series brings a bold wavy 3-D design for a crisp, clean and contemporary feel. The series comes in three highly-varied textures (Form, Function and Rhythm) in a 16” x 32” rectangle. Form and Function are offered in matte white; Rhythm is offered in a gloss white.
Arch Series, Function White Matte

Arch Series, Function White Matte

Texture Series – Linen Texture Look
With a subtle textured surface with the look of linen, the Texture series brings sophisticated style to a contemporary design. Texture is offered in a four rich colors (Greige, Cream, Slate and Charcoal) in a rectified 12” x 24” size.
Vanguard Series – Painted Moroccan Tile Look
The Vanguard collection portrays the look of hand-crafted, hand-painted Moroccan tiles. Each of the two color/pattern options offers a rich, cultural look: Rise Natural with its beige, brown and olive colors, and the Plus Natural with contrasting white-and-black, bold “plus” pattern.  Vanguard is offered in a rectified 12” x 12” size.
Retro Series – Talavera Mosaic Tile Look
The Retro series imitates the look and feel of hand-crafted Talavera tiles from Mexico. This collection comes in a rectified 12” x 12” with one Dark Natural color.
All porcelain collections are appropriate for floors (with the exception of the Arch Series), walls/backsplashes, wet areas, countertops and exterior patios in residential settings and walls/backsplashes in commercial settings, as well as floor applications in light commercial settings.
About Soci
Soci is one of the largest designers and wholesalers of custom tile and plumbing products in the United States. Soci offers an extensive line of high-end stone, ceramic and glass mosaics, wood look porcelain collections, decorative pieces, accessories and its own branded sinks. Dedicated to innovative product design, Soci provides a rich palette of quality products created to inspire residential and commercial designs. For more information, visit and follow Social on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


(ALEXANDRIA, VA – March 15, 2016) Attendees of Coverings, the largest tile & stone exhibition in North America, will experience the creative visions of four talented designers come to life during the seventh iteration of the Coverings Installation Design Showcase. During the live-action demonstration and exhibit, sponsored by The Home Depot, master installers will build full-scale vignettes that incorporate materials from industry-leading tile and stone manufacturers, for the duration of the show from April 18 – 21, 2016 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The 2016 Installation Design Showcase will allow attendees the opportunity to escape the show floor and participate in the newly designed courtyard setting. The four vignettes will spotlight tile applications in a variety of commercial settings, including a retail boutique, a spa lobby, a clubhouse bar and lounge, and a boutique hotel lobby. The vignettes are uniquely designed to capture the many different moods and aesthetics that can be achieved with tile and stone materials, and the various applications demonstrate how advanced techniques affect the overall look and performance of the space.

Design teams led by representatives from Alena Capra Designs, Architecture is Fun, FGM Architects, and Healing Environments will be paired with installers who hold Five Star Recognition from the National Tile Contractors Association and certification from the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation to build each team’s creative vision. Bellota, Lackmond, European Tile Masters, LATICRETE, MAPEI, Schluter, TEC/H.B. Fuller, and USG will all supply the necessary materials, supplies and tools to build each vignette. John Cox, of Cox Tile, Inc., has worked closely with each design and installation team, offering technical and executional consultation.


Retail Boutique

Designer Alena Capra, principal of Alena Capra Designs and the 2016 Coverings Industry Ambassador, will incorporate a number of trends in tile materials, including 3-D effects, shades of aqua, bold prints and fabric looks, to create a chic retail boutique environment. Incorporating surfacing from a roster of Ceramics of Italy manufacturers, including Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte, Atlas Concorde and Sicis, Capra’s design will feature one statement wall in a mosaic peacock print, while white 3-D tile, blue glass tiles and aqua and gray porcelain cover the remaining wall surfaces. The design navigates the challenges of incorporating display areas without visually distracting from the tile. For the second time, after first participating in 2010, Capra has been partnered with an installation team from Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile Co., represented by James Woelfel.

“The Installation Design Showcase is an opportunity to illustrate the importance of proper methods and standards in tile installation and show how they play such a vital role in tile design,” said Woelfel. “When designers, architects, general contractors and owners see for themselves the difference a certified tile installer makes in a project, they have a greater appreciation for the technical knowledge and quality craftsmanship it takes to make a job successful.”

Retail Boutique, Alena Capra Designs

Retail Boutique, Alena Capra Designs


Spa Lobby

The design team from Healing Environments, led by Susan El-Naggar, will illustrate the firm’s commitment to creating healthy environments that promote healing and inner peace. Their spa lobby vignette has a strong focus on sustainability, utilizing Biophilic Design practices, and will incorporate a variety of versatile stone & tile materials from Crossville for a synergistic space.

“We are looking forward to the build-out at the show and the ability to ‘experience’ a luxury space through the five senses,” explains El-Naggar. “Through the dramatic ambiance of the Opti-myst fireplace to the peaceful water feature to the smell of eucalyptus, the spa lobby will surely be a place that will bring ‘healing to the mind, body, and spirit.’”

The first-time Installation Design Showcase participants from Trostrud Mosaic & Tile, a third-generation family firm based in the greater Chicago area, will ensure the project’s elements are completed to the highest degree of quality and technical accuracy – two critical performance benchmarks for the company’s work. According to Brad Trostrud, his team has taken the challenge of combating the Showcase’s time constraint to heart, and has developed a plan to account for any limitations or potential obstacles during build-out so to ensure success with their design partner during the building period.

Spa Lobby, Healing Environments

Spa Lobby, Healing Environments


Clubhouse Bar & Lounge

The design team from FGM Architects, led by Louise Kowalczyk and Raegan Porter, has embraced the opportunity to collaborate with installers in a new setting during the Installation Design Showcase. The new options of shapes, sizes and finishes offered by StonePeak’s tile product offerings provided great inspiration to demonstrate the myriad of ways tile can be used beyond the expected inside the golf clubhouse bar & lounge. The design team frequently use tile in their projects, but find a welcome challenge in creating warmth in a space that incorporates all hard surface tile and look forward to seeing the possibilities come to life with their installation team from Welch Tile and Marble, represented by Steven Coates.

“Being passionate about the tile industry manifests itself in many ways,” said Coates. “The Installation Design Showcase provides opportunities to reward, teach and support industry sustainability, and we look forward to networking and interacting with the talented participants as we advance our experiences and careers.”

Clubhouse Bar & Lounge,  FGM Architects

Clubhouse Bar & Lounge, FGM Architects


Boutique Hotel Lobby

A passion for travel to exotic locales and public spaces that delight, charm and play with emotions inspired the design team from Architecture Is Fun. In conceptualizing their boutique hotel lobby vignette, the team sought to create a vibrant social space that is dynamic yet intimate, and serves an environment where visitors can ‘play and stay’ in their own personalized way, whether it’s in a rebellious, creative, calm or social.

“The Installation Design Showcase is a perfect play partner, providing an opportunity to dabble with materiality and to disrupt the norm,” said Sharon Exley, of Architecture Is Fun. “We want our hotel vignette to be welcoming, to elevate practical needs into those that differentiate and to create a place to return again and again.”

The installation team from Grazzini Brothers will work with a variety of materials from Florim to show and tell the design team’s story. The inclusion of supersized porcelain juxtaposed against jewel-sized insets is intended to create an evocative and beautiful space.

Hotel Lobby, Architecture is Fun

Hotel Lobby, Architecture is Fun

“The Installation Design Showcase is a unique collaborative process that encapsulates the full scope of a tile project from design and specification to installation all executed in a compressed timeline,” said John Cox, of Cox Tile, the Installation Design Showcase technical advisor. “The close collaboration between the design and installation professionals reiterates how integral the two professions are to ensuring the continued success of the tile and stone industry.”

The Installation Design Showcase courtyard will be open for the duration of Coverings and all attendees are encouraged to visit and witness its progress. Join the design and installation teams on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at 3:30 p.m., for the “Installation Design Showcase Deconstructed” session, during which each team will detail their design vision and the types of tiles selected, and discuss the installation techniques that made each design element possible. This free program and reception is open to all attendees, though it is suggested to pre-register during show registration at

For full details regarding the Coverings Installation Design Showcase, please visit Follow along with the designers, manufacturers and installers as the Installation Design Showcase progresses by using the hashtags #CoveringsIDS and #Coverings2016 across all social media platforms.



California based Superior Tile and Stone announces the launch of its sister company, Superior Tile and Marble, based in Murray, Utah

Towards the end of 2015, California-based NTCA Five Star Contractor Superior Tile and Stone announced the launch of its sister company, Superior Tile and Marble, based in Murray, Utah.  Superior Tile and Marble opened its new Utah office earlier in 2015 in response to increasing demand in Utah’s commercial & residential construction market.  The Murray-based company will serve the greater Salt Lake City and Park City areas. It will offer an expanded product mix of masonry, carpet, wood, and vinyl flooring; in addition to tile, stone, and terrazzo. After decades of fabricating and installing stone and tile in some of the most significant commercial projects in the west, Superior is poised to bring its reputation for excellence, expertise, and safety to a state known for its ski slopes, national parks, history and a welcoming business environment.“Our mission and value lies in continuously exceeding customers’ expectations,” said Superior CEO Tommy Conner. “We are not satisfied simply meeting contractual obligations.  Our customers turn to us because they know we’re experts in the field, and because we focus on excellence in every single aspect of the business.”

During the last five years, award-winning Superior has commenced work on hundreds of projects for a total dollar volume of over $135 million. The largest project completed to date is the Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada for a total of $37 million.

Superior Tile Companies:  Since 1929, Superior has sourced, fabricated, and installed porcelain and ceramic tile, natural stone, marble, granite, quartz, thin brick, mosaic, and terrazzo in large-scale projects throughout California, Nevada, and the Pacific-Northwest. Superior’s clientele come from a wide range of industries: from airports, casinos, and hotels, to luxury apartments, high-rises and city monuments. Its California and Nevada facilities cover more than 65,000 square feet. The founding company is based in San Leandro, California.


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