Qualicer ’18 issues call for papers

Qualicer ’18, the bi-annual XV World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality, has issued a call for papers, to be presented in February 2018 at Castellon, Spain. The submission deadline is May 31, 2017.

The conference will address: Block A – Ceramic Company and Markets; Block B – Ceramic Tile and Construction; and Block C – Ceramic Tile Manufacture.

For more information and to submit, visit www.qualicer.com, email [email protected] or phone +34-964-356-500.

Bostik launches Bosti-Set one component-adhesive and sound-reduction membrane for thin porcelain tile panels

Bostik’s new Bosti-Set Thin Porcelain Tile Panel Adhesive & Sound Reduction Membrane requires no on-site mixing and only needs to be troweled onto the back of the panel.

(Orlando, Fla.) — On the eve of Coverings 2017, here, Bostik held a special reveal of its Bosti-SetTM  premium adhesive and sound reduction membrane… created specifically for thin porcelain tile panel installations. Offering unprecedented, instant grab and holding power, with just a single coat of adhesive on the back of the panel, wall installation is now much faster and easier. Outstanding workability allows panels to be repositioned for up to 30 minutes with no slip or sag. As a result, projects can be completed faster and safer, with more precision, while offering exceptional sound abatement properties.

According to Bostik’s Eric Kurtz, LEED® Green Associate Market Manager – Hardwood, Resilient & Surface Preparation Systems, “Understanding this new category of tiling as well as current limitations in current installation techniques, Bostik R&D created a revolutionary new installation system. We developed a product that immediately grabbed porcelain tile panels in a single coat, did not allow any sag, yet made it possible for these panels to be repositionable for at least 30 minutes. Technologies used were environmentally friendly and contributed toward LEED® points. Above all, we created something that reduced project timelines. Via Bostik’s global technology center, chemists came up with an adhesive science breakthrough. We call that technology Tenirex™; it can only be found in Bostik’s Bosti-Set™ thin porcelain tile panel adhesive and sound reduction membrane.”

Mike Zaccardelli, Bostik Sales Director, introduces Bosti-Set in a special event at Hilton Orlando on the eve of Coverings 2017.

Noah Chitty, Crossville director of technical services, explained that this new family of Bosti-Set adhesive products will allow the installation of more gauged porcelain tile panels — like Crossville’s Laminam — into more applications than ever before.

Chad Bulen, Bostik’s Technical Services Manager added, “With Bosti-Set™, now projects calling for thin porcelain tile panels can be installed in roughly half the time with a smaller crew than it took using previous techniques. Here’s why: A single layer of adhesive is troweled only onto the back of the panel, cutting the square footage necessary to trowel in half. Additionally, crew members dedicated to basics such as mixing, running mortar back-and-forth and similar functions, can now be re-directed to work on more skilled installation procedures.”

The patent-pending Bosti-SetTM is significantly lighter in weight with much greater coverage than typical mortars. It contains zero VOC’s as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 1168 and contains 2% recycled material. Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness ControlTM Spacer Technology built into Bosti-Set, helps ensure proper membrane thickness is maintained between tile panels and the substrate. Recycled rubber crumb particles mixed into the adhesive create optimal membrane sound reduction performance. And, Bostik’s Thickness ControlTM spacers ensure a flat panel edge and easy alignment throughout.

“Roughly 30 years ago, porcelain tile was the new rage of the tile industry. Today, large format thin porcelain panels have become extremely popular for numerous reasons,” stated Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing and Business Development. “In particular, because they solve so many installation problems. This newer category of high-technology tile products clearly needed the most state-of-the-art installation material. Time will tell that indeed, Bosti-SetTM is that product.”

For the latest information, visit www.bostik.com/us






Tile setting comes to CEFGA SkillsUSA competition

NTCA is taking part in an important set of career events in Georgia today and tomorrow – the CEFGA Career Expo and SkillsUSA, both taking place at the Georgia International Convention Center March 23 and 24, 2017.

At the CEFGA Career Expo, students can learn about the tile trade and create their own mosaic designs.

The Career Expo, hosted by the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA), links students directly to professionals in the areas of construction, utility contracting, highway contracting, electrical contracting, mechanical contracting, energy, tile setting mining and more. The Career Expo consists of hands-on displays that allow students to engage with industry leaders, equipment and materials in order to tap into their unique skills and interests.

Rod Owen, Jr., of C.C. Owen Tile Co., Jonesboro, Ga., — a Five Star Tile Contractor, and Technical Chair for CEFGA – has involved NTCA in this event since 2007.  Becky Serbin, NTCA training and education coordinator, is also onhand at the events today and tomorrow. Attendees can learn about the tile trade and even create their own mosaic designs with tile donated by Interceramic and Daltile.

NTCA’s Rod Owen (second from left) with competitors (l. to r.) Martin Sanchez of Griffen High School, Timothy Crawford of Statesboro High School and Logan Conyers of Leesburg County High School.

New this year, due largely to Owen’s efforts, is tile’s participation in the SkillsUSA component of the event. The SkillsUSA State Championships is a competition that invites students to showcase their skills in a number of construction-related disciplines. This combined event is becoming increasing successful, drawing 6,988 attendees in 2016.

This year, three high school students are taking part in the competition: Martin Sanchez from Griffen High School; Timothy Crawford from Statesboro High School and Logan Conyers from Leesburg County High School. The competitors took a written, open-book test, and will tile floor and wall modules today and tomorrow. The winner will receive a $150 cash prize, and second and third placeholders will also receive awards, $75 and $50 respectively.

Competitors will test their skills at tiling floor and wall modules Thursday March 23 and Friday, March 24.

Schluter donated KERDI-Board and Johns Manville donated GoBoard for the tile test modules, setting materials are supplied by LATICRETE, Daltile supplied tile used in the competition, and tools were donated by Barwalt. Steve Young of Steve Young & Associates, and NTCA’s 2016 Tile Person of the Year, organized the donations for the SkillsUSA materials. Phil Canto, LATICRETE International, Eric Shaddix, Speciality Tile Products, Inc., and Scott Carothers, Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, are the competition judges. An award ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 25.

NTCA hopes to follow up on the success of this program by encouraging members to get involved in their local state competitions and build off of this momentum.

The tile-setting competition was sponsored by C.C. Owen Tile Company, D.W. Sanders Tile & Stone Contracting, and The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.


30 Openings available for CTI test at Coverings; Registration fee reduced during the show

Are you – or someone you know – ready to become a Certified Tile Installer (CTI)?

CTEF is making it easy for you to add this credential to your business. At at Coverings17 in Orlando, Florida, there are 30 openings over three days for the hands-on test. Choose between Tuesday, April 4, Wednesday, April 5 or Thursday, April 6.

In addition, during Coverings 17, you can register for the CTI exam for only $295 — that’s a $200 savings over the standard $495 exam fee.

To learn more about the CTI program, click on Becoming a Certified Tile Installer: What’s Involved?

The future of the tile industry depends on having trusted professionals who are nationally recognized as qualified labor. Sign up today – and invite a colleague — to become part of the future!

Register here:http://bit.ly/2nxqNro.



March 6, 2017 —  In China, superstition and symbols are deeply rooted in the culture. Levantina is introducing this allusion to the millenary culture on the occasion of the Xiamen Stone Fair, one of the most important natural stone fairs in the world.

The fair, which is always held from 6 to 9 March in China, is a meeting place for many industry players, who come together during these days.

The stand of Levantina, leader European company, with the largest Crema Marfil Coto® marble quarry in the world, located in Alicante, attracts many visitors.

This exhibit is open to all visitors, and full of Asian symbology. The “good fortune in business” is the driver of this spectacular space in which symbolic allusions coexist:

– A large aquarium with 9 fish welcomes visitors and symbolizes wealth, abundance, and good luck.

– Inside, tables in the shape of Chinese coins foretell wealth and prosperity in business.

– A Peijing or Chinese bonsai provides harmony in a vital space.

All this in a nature environment, source of the wide collection of marble, granite, quartzite, limestones and sandstones. With all these materials, we have created a new sensory experience, the “stone tunnel”, conceived to “feel” natural stone through the senses: the sight of stunning images, the relaxing sound of nature and the delicate touch of its finishings.




Levantina is a world leader in production, transformation and marketing of Natural Stone. Born in 1959, they have the world’s largest deposit of Crema Marfil marble, located in Alicante. They currently own many quarries, 7 factories and 20 distribution warehouses. Their portfolio includes more than 200 different materials, among which national marbles and Brazilian granites stand out. They export to more than 100 countries all over the world.  www.levantina.com





With the participation of the main executives and representatives of Brazilian constructors, the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION focused on studies that reveal a lot about the versatile Brazilian consumer and how to present in an assertive way what they want.

The opening of BUILDER’S DAY featured speeches by Antonio Carlos Kieling, superintendent of ANFACER and president of EXPO REVESTIR and the FORUM; Rene Agostinho, CEO of Editora Pini; and Jorge Batlouni, vice-president of SIDUSCON-SP.

The audience was surprised by Antonio Carlos Kieling who paid tribute to the partners of the events, in an inspiring overview of 15 years. The honorees were Jorge Batlouni from Sinduscon/SP, Rene Agostinho from Pini and Daniel Vanpré from Rochas de Qualidade.

Four ceramic companies were also honored as the only participants in all the 15 editions of EXPO REVESTIR as exhibitors: Portobello (represented by José Rodrigues Junior); Incefra (by Bianca Fragnani); Porto Ferreira (by Nilton Arnoni) and Portinari/Cecrisa (by José Zimmermann Júnior). The lectures that were part of the program, revolved around important themes for civil construction.

The first panel, “Constructions in Brazil 2011-2016 – Profile of Projects”, was led by Cristina Della Penna, director of Neoway and followed by panel 2, with the theme “Are We Building What People Want?” With Marcelo Dadian, director of Sua House/Viva Real.

Continuing the programming, the debate “Are We Building What People Want?” was mediated by Julia Zaremba (Journalist of the Caderno Morar of Folha de SP), with the participation of Cristina Della Penna and Marcelo Dadian.

To end the afternoon of knowledge, the themes “The Architecture that Sells Real Estate: Presenting Cases of Success from North to South of Brazil” and “Singular Building: Practical Results in Salvador (BA) and Lisbon (Portugal)”, were presented by Antônio Medrado (CEO of Dona Incorporadora). Also presented was Case 2, Turn Key Contracts of “Construction+Interiors”: Case of Geo Berrini and Jazz Pinheiros – Eudóxios Anastassiadis (CEO of Be Home and director of Alfa Reality).


To mark the morning of the third day, the Accessibility Workshop – there was a review of the NBR 9050 Standard applied to the bathroom. Held with with Deca, the meeting offered panels mediated by Eng. Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira Jr, from Deca’s Application Engineering, attended by specialists.

Among the invited professionals were Silvana Cambiaghi, architect and president of the Permanent Commission of Accessibility of São Paulo; Renato Baena, doctor, Antonio Sergio Nunes Rosa, engineer of Cerâmica Portinari and Laura Paiva, representative of ANFACER Quality Department.

The debates discussed the revision of the Brazilian standard applied to accessibility for bathrooms, products, procedures and ducts that fully meet the needs of the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The guests then took part in a guided visit to the model-toilets at the Deca booth, located at the fair.


Between visits from one booth to another, the public was surprised by the exhibition EXPO REVESTIR 15 YEARS: DOORS FOR THE FUTURE. The action, carried out by ANFACER, is sponsored by Pormade, a creation signed by Marton Estúdio and content of the French trend agency NellyRodi. The artistic intervention inspired many EXPO REVESTIR visitors who were surprised by the experiences extracted from the research “Life and Style 2018-2019” carried out by the company NellyRodi, that show the trends for the future of 15 pillars of human behavior.


Designer Sérgio Matos, presented his story about authorial and genuinely regional design. The meeting is part of the programming of Espaço High Design, created to present the convergence between the coverings,architecture and decoration projects, which also included the designer Mauricio Lamosa, from Estudiobola and Guto Indio da Costa. The agenda follows tomorrow, Friday, the last day of the fair, with the architect Alexandre Brunato (12 pm); and professionals Adriana Helú, Carolina Oliveira, Marina Torre, of Triplex Architecture (2 pm); and the talks cycle ends with Marcelo Carvalho from Group K1/Idelli/Kapppesberg (5 pm).


The colored metals also emerged as a trend. In addition to the bronze, copper and gold tones, which complement the stainless steel finishes, the options that include colorful silicone pieces in the body of the piece collected admirers. The range goes from the sober shades of black and gray to bolder options such as green, wine and yellow.


New introductions that feature three-dimensional effects were present in new collections of most exhibitors of EXPO REVESTIR 2017. Effects include Reliefs, games of shadows caused by the gap between high and low, and geometric prints.


The Monolito magazine received the architect Carol Bueno, partner of the French-Brazilian office Triptyque, for a conversation about the relation of the office of international vocation with the projects executed in Brazil. “Our discovery of the Brazilian architecture happened after we graduated, when we settled in the country,” Bueno said. “Burle Marx and Athos Bulcão are great influencers of our work.”


On the second day of the Green Talks, the agenda revolved around energy efficiency. In the morning, participants discussed the certification of homes and condominiums. In the afternoon, the meeting continued with the debate on the use of solar control films and ended with strategies for reducing water consumption in hospitals and reverse logistics of sanitary ware.


On the last day of EXPO REVESTIR, the attractions will be sensational. Besides the stands with the main national and international companies, showing their introductions and trends, the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION has scheduled great attractions like the Unprecedented Meeting of Generations that will unite — for the first time — offices of architecture to make a beautiful overview of the four decades. The theme celebrates, still, the 40 years of the Projeto Magazine and the 15 years of EXPO REVESTIR.

15th Expo Revestir: Day Two Main events


At the Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting of ANFACER (Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products), Heitor Almeida, president of Cerâmica Almeida, was re-elected  as president of the Board of Directors of the entity, composed of the following members:

Michael Rumpf Gail (Gail), Benjamin Ferreira Neto (Alfagres), Maria Esther Paraluppi (Embramaco), Heitor Ribeiro de Almeida Neto (Almeida), Sérgio Magalhães (Vidro Real), Luiz Antonio Ortigosa (Delta), Celso Luiz Cavalli (Incepa), Cesar Gomes Junior (Portobello), Paulo César Benetton (Cecrisa), Renato Antonio Casagrande (Casagrande), Gilmar Menegon (Ceusa), José Nilson Crispim Junior (Elizabeth), Sadi Paulo Castiel Gitz (Escurial), Raul Penteado de Oliveira Neto (Deca), Edson Gaidzinski Júnior (Eliane), Ana Lucia Bastos Mota (Cerbras), Luis Antonio Lanzi (Lanzi), Itamar Arraias Fior (Cecafi), Darks Cesar Cassotti (Biancogrês), Murilo Ghisoni Bortoluzzi (Itagres) and Marconi Leonardo Pascoal (Angelgres).


Known as the RETAILER’S DAY, the Forum of Leaders of the Retail and Construction Material Industry was conducted by ANFACER; EXPO REVESTIR; Brazilian Association of the Construction Materials (Abramat); and Grau 10 Editora – Anamaco Magazine. The event was sponsored by Weber Saint-Gobain.

Representing the organization of the event, ANFACER’s Antonio Carlos Kieling paid tribute to partners participating in EXPO REVESTIR since the first edition, 15 years ago. Beth Bridi (Anamaco Magazine), Marcos Atchabahian (Anamaco), Michael Rumpf Gail (Gail), Edson Gaidzinsnki Jr. (Eliane), Adriano Lima (Gyotoku), Heitor Almeida (Cerâmica Almeida) and Cesar Gomes Jr. (Portobello) received a commemorative plaque to mark the celebration.

To conclude, economist Ricardo Amorim spoke to an audience of more than 400 people and talked about the prospects for the economy in the coming years. Among the highlights, he showed the conviction that the worst of the crisis is behind us and captivated the audience when proving his theses with graphics that show the great Brazilian economic cycles. After the speech by Ricardo Amorim, there was a awards presentation of the resellers from all over Brazil. The criteria was take into account the products, the quality of the customer service and the partnership with the industry.


The Retailer’s Day event concluded with the presentation of the EXPO REVESTIR HIGHLIGHT AWARD – ANAMACO MAGAZINE 2017, honoring the main resellers of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware of the Country. As a criterion, they took into account the exposure of the products, the quality of the service to the consumer and partnership with industry.


SÃO PAULO (CAPITAL AND GREATER SÃO PAULO): Dicico/Sodimac, Leroy Merlin, Telhanorte and C&C Casa & Construção.

SÃO PAULO (INTERIOR AND COASTAL AREA):Casa dos Construtores, Bandini Lar & Construção, Casa Nova Campinas and Construmarques.

RIO DE JANEIRO/ MINAS GERAIS/ ESPÍRITO SANTO: Santa Cruz Acabamentos, Grupo Amoedo, ABC Atacado Brasileiro, Vilarejo Acabamentos and C&C Casa & Construção.

MID-WEST: São Geraldo Acabamentos, São Jorge Shopping da Construção, Sebba and Todimo.

NORTH: Agroboi, Comac Importação e Exportação, Dicasa and Importadora Oplima.

NORTHEAST: Tupan, Potiguar, Normatel Home Center, Carajás and Ferreira Costa.

SOUTH: Balaroti, Casas Da Água,Cassol and Tumelero.


The contemporary is versatile and presents numerous possibilities, as was seen in the 15th edition of EXPO REVESTIR. Trends included the look of the future, collections signed by designers, and lines that excel by the artisanal touch.


The programming of the Design Meeting presented varied and important themes when the subject is trend and consumption. Among the themes, Ideal sales process, with Flávia Mardegan, interior designer and administrator; Architecture in Transformation, by Lourenço Gimenes, from FGMF; The Colors and Transformations, with Blanca Liane, of Pantone Brasil; Transforming Corporate Spaces into Experiences, with architect Consuelo Jorge; Processing Colors in the Interiors, by Adriana Fontana, interior designer, and Communicate Your Brand with the Market, with Danilo Costa, director of DC33 Comunicação.


To welcome visitors from the retail of building materials, Anamaco Magazine and EXPO REVESTIR created the Reseller Lounge. The goal is to have a meeting point for professionals of the industry, with fast track for the entrance to the fair, network and a pit stop after checking all the news of the event. The space, located at Pavilion F, in front of the accreditation, is signed by the Studio Brunato. Tomorrow, on the 9th, there will be a chat with the retailers, which will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of Anamaco Magazine, entitled “Design Meeting: panels on consumption and ways to win.”


In the early afternoon was a trend discussion with a strong team. Nina Giglio, from WGSN bureau, architect Marina Torres, architect Olegário de Sá, designer Gil Cioni and Valeria Beraldin, of the Emporium Beraldin, talked about what is coming in the design universe and deserves our attention. The mediation was in charge of Ricardo Gaiozo, in the space of the Kaza magazine.


The Greentalks began, a series of lectures with experts on current issues directly related to sustainability and its relation to construction, energy efficiency and technology. Promoted by Greenbuilding Brasil International Conference and Expo, in an unprecedented partnership with EXPO REVESTIR, the meetings covered the following topics: Sustainable construction, a sector that grows independent of economic fluctuations. Reasons and Opportunities; and Success Cases in Green Buildings. The afternoon program included topics such as Technology and Business Models and Transparent Communication: Ceramics for Sustainable Construction and ANFACER Sector Sustainability Program, with guest speaker Paulo A. Zanardi Júnior of GSS and Adriana Hansen of CTE.

The program continues  March 9th, with themes: Smart Construction, about the CASA certification for Residency and Condominium; 4 Steps to Obtain Actual Energy Efficiency; Energy Efficiency through Solar Control Film and,  Reduction of Water Consumption in Hospitals and Reverse Logistics of Sanitary Ware. Registration is free, with limited seating and the programming is subject to change. The events take place at Room 14, located on the Mezzanine.


Today, during the EXPO REVESTIR, the General Assembly of the Federation of ACOMACs (Association of Traders of Building Materials) took place today. The event was organized by Natal Destro, president of ACOMAC-SP.


The 15th edition of EXPO REVESTIR and the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION began on Tuesday, March 7 at the Transamerica Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It celebrates the value of the past,  importance of enjoying the present, and looking to the future as it marks the iconic 15 years of the events.

The official opening was attended by state representative Itamar Borges; the assistant secretary for Housing Nelson Luiz Bareta Neves Filho, representing the Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin; From the state representative João Caramez; the superintendent of Abrafat Dilson Ferreira; chairman of the Board of Directors of ANFACER, Heitor Almeida; the Mining Undersecretary, José Jaime Sznelwar, representing the Mining Secretary João Carlos Souza Meireles; From the president of Cerâmica Alfagrês, Benjamin Ferreira Neto; the councilman Rodrigo Goulart; the general director of Deca, Raul Penteado and the superintendent of ANFACER and president of EXPO REVESTIR and FORUM , Antonio Carlos Kieling and Lauro Andrade Filho, director of events.

After the official opening ceremony, the organizers, the authorities and the businessmen present, together with the president of ANFACER’s Board of Directors, Heitor Almeida, walked the pavilions welcoming the more than 240 exhibitors. Promoted by the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products (ANFACER), EXPO REVESTIR is already consolidated as one of the main events in the world of solutions in coverings, sanitary ware and metals.


Exhibits filled 40 thousand square meters, distributed in seven pavilions, showing ceramics for coverings, sanitary ware, metals for kitchen and bathroom, ornamental stones, mosaics, wood, laminates, cement, vitreous and other solutions for architectural projects and interior design.

Besides the main national brands, the event features the international presence of exhibitors from Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Spain, the United States, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the Czech Republic.


With the support of Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) through the strategic partnership built with ANFACER, a meeting of the Buyer Project and Image was held today, with the objective of generating business, considering that the fair is the enabling environment for closer trade relations with the international market.

Buyers were invited from the following countries: Aruba, Australia, Bahrain, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, El Salvador, Grenada, Guyana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Peru, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago. The meeting was attended by journalists and opinion leaders from South Africa, Argentina, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Paraguay and the United Kingdom.


The expectation was high for the opening ceremony of the first day of the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION, which began with the pronouncement of the chairman of ANFACER Antonio Carlos Kieling, followed by a brief speech by Eliana Sanches, from Grupo Abril and Noura Van Dijk, acting chairman of the Association of Interior Designers (ABD).

Antonio Carlos Kieling asked for permission to break the protocol and to pay an emotional tribute to the partners of EXPO REVESTIR and the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION in this inspiring trajectory of 15 years. They are partners who have helped build the success of events.  Brunete Fraccaroli, Roberto Negreti, Carolina Szabó, Noura van Dijk and Renata Amaral. Angelo Derenze of D&D and Eliana Sanches of Casa Claudia were also honored with the award.

The program of the INTERIOR DESIGNER DAY continued with the ABD Panel, which discussed the theme “After All, What Changes with the Recognition of the Interior Designer Profession?” The debate, led by Noura van Dijk, president-in-office of Brazilian ABD, was mediated by Victor Megido, Director of the European Institute of Design (IED), and attended by Renata Amaral, President of ABD (2013 – 2017), Ricardo Izar – federal deputy and author of Law 13.369 and Walter Vittar, Political Consultant.

“It has been 18 years since the last profession regulation in Brazil. The change in the presidency has contributed to the sanction of the project, which is so important that took only four years to materialize – normally such a process takes more than 10 years,” said Ricardo Izar, federal deputy.

With the theme “The Practice of the Interior Designer’s Profession and the Forms of Negotiation in the US,” Charrisse Johnston, President of the National Board of Directors of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), gave an overview of how the profession works in the United States. Charrisse holds a degree of Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA in Management and Marketing from Columbia University, and is a Certified Professional in the Interior Design Extension Program at the University of California (UCLA).

To end the electrifying schedule,  Frenchman Vincent Gregorie grabbed the attention of the qualified public that attends the Forum to talk about trends. Vincent holds a degree in Interior and Industrial Design from Ecole Camondo in Paris and is the Creative Director at NellyRodi, a trend research agency in 16 countries with correspondents across the globe to anticipate and decode consumer behavior. The trendsetter talked about Design Trends, Decoration and Style for 2018/19.


Casa Vogue magazine celebrated its participation in the 15th edition of EXPO REVESTIR with the Rooftop Casa Vogue environment. Trendy, the space presented a collection of surface design signed by the stylist Glória Coelho for DellAnno.


A series with big names in design, architecture, lighting and interior design marks the fantastic talks that take place during the 15th edition of EXPO REVESTIR. The purpose of the meetings is to present the convergence between the coverings with everything that composes and finishes the architecture and decoration projects. Therefore, the stage of lectures of High Design Space received the architect Camila Klein, who talked about the trends and what currently involves the world of architecture.

At the end of the afternoon, a lecture was given by interior designer Joia Bergamo. Through the end of the Architecture and Construction Fashion Week, the High Design – Home & Office Expo booth receives professionals such as Light Designer Maneco Quinderé, who will talk tomorrow (March 8th, 2pm). At 5 pm, Bruno Freitas, from Lilliput Maquetes will speak and on the 9th,  designer Sérgio Matos comes on stage at 12pm, followed by Maurício Lamosa, from Estudiobola. The last one to present will be the designer Guto Indio da Costa. The High Design Space is located at booth 950.


The main trends star in the 15th edition of ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION FASHION WEEK — coverings that propose three-dimensionality and the well-worn industrial look stand out. The universe of colors is also present in the main introductions. The event will take place until March 10th at the Transamerica Expo Center.

D&B Tile Distributors to offer reimbursement for CTI test and hotel fees at Coverings



Due to D&B Tile Distributors’ commitment to professional installation and the industry-recognized Certified Tile Installer (CTI) exam that validates tile installers’ skills, the Florida-based distributor will support its customers who are looking to take the exam at the Coverings show, to be held April 4-7 in Orlando, Fla.The distributor will pay the $295 registration fee for the test and one-night’s stay in a hotel for the installer.

The fee is usually $495 to take the test, but due to a NTCA sponsorship, the fee is $295 for anyone taking the exam at Coverings.

D&B urges its installer customers to take the CTI exam to get the recognition they deserve, and demonstrate to customers that their companies can deliver high-quality tile work correctly the first time. The exam consists of a written test that can be taken online at home and the hands-on test that being offered close to home at Coverings  in Orlando, Fla.,  When both are passed, the installer becomes a CTI and receives a nationally-recognized, industry-backed certificate that consumers trust when selecting a tile installer, as well as a CTI wallet card and logos to use in marketing and signage on trucks, hats, shirts, email and more.

In addition to the distinction of being a CTI, those who pass the exams receive $1,500 in manufacturer’s coupons and are prominently listed and hot-linked on the CTEF website by city and state, and are listed as a CTI in their distributor’s showroom list. CTEF also provides customer brochures that demonstrate the value of hiring a CTI.

Installers can take the CTI exam if they have a minimum of two years experience as a full-time lead installer doing better quality work, and the ability to review written plans, do prep, layout, cutting and fitting, installation, sealant and detail the project without assistance.

To register for the test taking place during Coverings ’17 from April 4-7 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., visit www.ceramictilefoundation.org.

For more information on D&B’s reimbursement program for its customers who are taking the CTI exam, visit http://bit.ly/2lEVSZW or www.dbtile.com.

D&B Tile Distributor president Harold Yarborough is intent on doing all he can to facilitate the taking of the test for his customers, by reimbursing registration fee and one-night hotel room charges . “They don’t have to pass —  they just need to take the test!” he said, making it a nearly risk-free proposition for interested installers. To file for reimbursements, just email hotel and registration receipts to Yarborough at [email protected]

LATICRETE Launches First-in-Industry Live Chat Online Technical Service


March 6, 2017, Bethany, Conn. — LATICRETE, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the tile and stone industry, has launched the installation material industry’s first Live Chat online technical service functionality of its kind, allowing customers to connect directly with a LATICRETE Technical Services representative via web chat, email or phone call. Agents are available daily, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.

“Live Chat raises the bar for the entire industry, with LATICRETE leading the way. We’ll be able to provide instant, easy-to-access, five-star service to our customers across the globe by whichever means is most convenient for them,” said Mitch Hawkins, Technical Services manager at LATICRETE.

LATICRETE Live Chat, which is available on every page of the company’s website, can be accessed through computers, tablets and smartphones, without having to download an app.

Live Chat allows the technical services team to instantly address the current situation at hand while providing customers with instant access to information and assistance wherever they might be.

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LATICRETE is a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry. LATICRETE offers a broad range of products and systems covering tile & stone installation and care, masonry installation and care, resinous and decorative floor finishes, concrete construction chemicals, and concrete restoration and care including the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® System. For 60 years, LATICRETE has been committed to research and development of innovative installation products, building a reputation for superior quality, performance and customer service. LATICRETE methods, materials, and technology have been field and laboratory proven by Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners. Offering an array of low VOC and sustainable products, LATICRETE products contribute to LEED certification, exceed commercial/residential VOC building requirements, and are backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. For more information, visit laticrete.com.


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