Construction Employment Increases in 43 States in Last 12 Months

Florida and Rhode Island Add Most Jobs for the Year; Mississippi Suffers Largest Decrease; Illinois and Alaska Top Monthly List; Mississippi and Virginia Have Biggest Month-to-Month Drops

Forty-three states added construction jobs between February 2016 and February 2017 while 39 states added construction jobs between January and February, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America of Labor Department data released today. Association officials noted that the despite the relatively widespread increase in construction employment, most states are still significantly below peak construction employment levels.

“A combination of solid demand and unseasonably mild weather added to construction employment in more states than usual in February,” said Ken Simonson, chief economist for the association.  “But conditions vary widely. Five states set new records for construction employment, while more than half the states are still at least 10 percent below their all-time highs.”

Florida added the most construction jobs (34,700 jobs, 7.5 percent) during the past year. Other states adding a high number of new construction jobs for the past 12 months include California (16,500 jobs, 2.2 percent); Texas (14,200 jobs, 2.0 percent); and Louisiana (13,500 jobs, 9.6 percent). Rhode Island added the highest percentage of new construction jobs during the past year (12.2 percent, 2,200 jobs), followed by Idaho (10.4 percent, 4,200 jobs); Oregon (10.0 percent, 8,900 jobs) and Louisiana. Five states reached new highs for construction employment: Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, South Dakota and Texas.

Seven states and the District of Columbia shed construction jobs between February 2016 and February 2017. Mississippi lost the highest number and percentage of construction jobs (-4,000 jobs, -8.7 percent). Other locations with steep percentage losses include D.C. (-6.9 percent, -1,100 jobs) and Alaska (-3.0 percent, -500 jobs). Virginia (-1,400 jobs, -0.7 percent) had the second-highest number of job losses over the year, followed by D.C.

Illinois added the most construction jobs between January and February (7,300 jobs, 3.4 percent). Other states adding a high number of construction jobs include Ohio (6,300 jobs, 3.0 percent); California (5,100 jobs, 0.7 percent); Colorado (5,000 jobs, 3.2 percent) and Minnesota (4,500 jobs, 3.8 percent). Alaska added the highest percentage of construction jobs during the past month (7.9 percent, 1,200 jobs), followed by Delaware (4.7 percent, 1,000 jobs); South Dakota (4.2 percent, 1,000 jobs); Minnesota and Vermont (3.8 percent, 600 jobs).

Construction employment declined in 10 states during the past month and was unchanged in D.C. and New Mexico. Virginia shed more construction jobs than any other state (-3,200 jobs, -1.7 percent), followed by South Carolina (-2,600 jobs, -2.6 percent) and Mississippi (-1,600 jobs, -3.7 percent). Mississippi lost the highest percentage of construction jobs between January and February, followed by South Carolina and Virginia.

Association officials said that many firms continue to face shortages of available qualified workers as they try to keep pace with growing demand.  They urged federal, state and local officials to act on measures outlined in the association’s Workforce Development plan to increase career and technical education opportunities, especially for high school students.

“More high school students should know that there are multiple paths to successful careers, and often those paths lead to construction,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer.  “If we want construction firms to continue expanding, we need to make sure there are enough qualified workers available to do the job.” 

View the state employment data by rank and state. View the state employment map.


“Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) Verification” Course has been Updated

San Diego, CA, March 23, 2017 – The University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (UofCTS) just released an updated version of the popular Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) Verification course.  Both the USA version and the Canadian version of this course were updated, as well as the Spanish version. 

The updated course offers a comprehensive review of the current industry installation standards, methods, and practices for ceramic tile, porcelain tiles, glass tile, concrete tiles, and natural stone tiles.  

The intent of the course is to teach tile installers, and others, the current installation standards, methods, and practices so we can avoid installation problems and failures.  Industry consensus groups create the standards so that we can avoid reoccurring problems known to the industry.  It is critical that tile installers know the standards, so they can avoid the potential problems and the negative advertising consequences that problems bring to our industry and reputations. 

With the Floor Covering Industry’s growing concern with the shortage of qualified installers, the UofCTS ITS Verification course is an effective and practical solution to being able to train tile installers in a short amount of time.

Besides the industry standards being updated, the updated ITS Verification course has two new lessons and other expanded sections.  

There is a new lesson on Special Tile Applications that includes a detailed section on How to Install the Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels; known as Thin Tile Panels.  The lesson thoroughly reviews the product characteristics, the tools and substrated conditions needed for installing these large tile panels, and the methods for installing these tile panels for both floor and wall applications.  It is loaded with photos, video clips and animations demonstrating how to properly install Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels. 

The Special Tile Application lesson also includes a section on How to Construct Tile Showers that includes Shower pans, Curbless Showers, and Steam Showers.  There is an expanded section on How to Install Glass Tile and Mosaics, and a section on How to Install Tile in Swimming Pools and other Water Features.

There is a new section added to the Preparing Substrates lesson that covers the Tile Layout Process and options.  There is a new section in the Tile Installation Methods lesson that reviews the Types of Tools Used and Needed in a tile installation.

There is a new lesson on Grouting. It covers the types of grout and how to install them, which include cementitious grouts, pre-mixed grouts, and epoxy grouts.  It also shows the different grouting methods from using rubber floats to grout bags. 

The UofCTS ITS Verification course takes about 5 hours to complete.  Students have 24/7 access and can come and go as they please during their 14 days of access.  Tile Installers who complete and pass the course can use the acronym ITS alongside their name designating them as ITS Verified.  This verification is good for two years, at which time they need to take the updated ITS Verification course to continue to be up-to-date on the industry standards and practices, and to continue being ITS Verified.  Like in any other legitimate profession, tile installers need continued education in order to stay current with changes in the industry, and with the changes in industry standards. 

The updated course was created with the latest HTML5 Technology that allows students to access the courses with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

UofCTS also offers two other courses that will educate your employees on tile and stone.  Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile and Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone.  Both courses teach the basics in terms of terminology, uses, applications, selection, maintenance, and avoiding problems. But they also have a sales emphasis teaching the employee how to professionally interact with their clients.  This course is good for showroom or sales reps.  It is also good for installers, project managers, or architects and designers.

UofCTS Online courses are available through many key organizations in the tile and stone industry, where members receive special discounts.  Courses can be purchased through CTDA at, through Fuse Alliance at, through Local 18 Tile Union at, through NTCA at, through TTMAC at, through WWCA at for member rebates, or at the UofCTS website at

As is clearly understood by successful businesses, the fastest way to increase profits and avoid problems is through education. Once installers or employees are trained, they will become more confident, credible, and effective in their jobs.  With proper training, there will be less costly failures and problems, resulting in more profit and repeat business.  The return on your investment is never ending. 

To see video previews of each of the courses visit the website at

Students have 14 days to complete the course which is accessible online, 24/7. Students can print a personalized certificate when they have passed all lesson assessments with a score of 80% or better.  Upon passing the course the student is provided a link to download a student reference guide that contains all of the key information from that respective course.  Volume discounts are available.

The UofCTS is the training division of Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants (CTaSC) and is committed to developing training programs for the ceramic tile and stone industry utilizing the latest and most effective technology and learning methodologies. Launched in 2003, UofCTS has enjoyed many years of success with trade and design professionals and is the leading online training University for the Tile and Stone Industry.


Funds Carbon Emission Reduction Projects through Emerald System

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – March 22, 2017Custom® Building Products, the leading provider of flooring preparation products and tile and stone installation systems, continues its long-standing commitment to sustainability by purchasing carbon offset credits from TerraPass, which fund programs that eliminate 1,200 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. During the past 15 years, CUSTOM® has partnered with TerraPass to provide sustainable carbon emission solutions that help reduce the environmental impact of residential and commercial projects across the country.

The production of Portland cement, a primary ingredient in various tile and stone installation products, is a major contributor to carbon dioxide, which is a primary element in harmful greenhouse gases. The purchase of carbon offset credits allows TerraPass to fund carbon emissions reduction projects that eliminate undesirable greenhouse gases while producing renewable energy like wind and solar. The result is a cleaner, safer environment for everyone.

Custom Building Products passes along TerraPass carbon offset credits to projects using its Emerald System™, which features environmentally-friendly underlayments, thin-set mortars and grouts in the installation of stone and tile. Since 2011, the Emerald System has offset more than 13.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide or the equivalent to emissions from 675,145 gallons of gasoline by funding greenhouse gas reduction projects. In addition to contributing to carbon offsets, the Emerald System along with more than 100 Build Green® products from Custom Building Products, contribute to U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification and are compliant with other standard green building standards. For more information on Custom Building Products sustainability efforts,

Motawi Tileworks to Host Tile Glazing Workshops

Ann Arbor, MI – Motawi Tileworks has announced it will offer three tile glazing workshops in the Spring. On April 8, May 13, and June 10, guests will be invited to hand-glaze a tile using the bulb-glazing technique that Motawi has been using since its inception. Workshop sessions are two hours and participants may keep the tiles they glaze. The tiles will be pre-selected by the 25-year old company, and instruction will be given throughout each class. Motawi will provide all tools and supplies needed, and will fire each piece in one of its twelve kilns. There are eight available spots per session. Registration information may be found on the company website


Motawi Tileworks is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based art tile company that was founded in 1992 by Nawal Motawi. Motawi can be found in more than 300 galleries, showrooms, and museum shops across the U.S., including the National Gallery of Art and The Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Fuse Alliance Recognizes Network Members and Suppliers Winners of Spark Awards Announced

Fuse Designer Panel

Laguna Niguel, CA [March 15, 2017] – Fuse Alliance, a Member-owned organization of professional, commercial flooring contractors, today announced the recipients of the network’s Member and Supplier Awards, which were recognized at the organization’s 2017 annual conference. Fuse Alliance also announced the winners of its inaugural Spark Awards, presented to network members only. With a record attendance of nearly 275 attendees from the United States and Canada, the Fuse Alliance annual conference was held in Austin, Texas and focused on connecting the architecture and design community with the network’s flooring experts.

There is nothing more inspiring than connecting face-to-face with industry peers and recognizing the talent and expertise in our industry,” said Geoff Gordon, executive director for Fuse Alliance. “In addition to honoring our Members and Suppliers, we were thrilled to recognize our Members for extraordinary project installations through our Spark Awards, which is the first of its kind for our network and generated a large number of entries.”

Member Awards

Fuse Alliance’s Geoff Gordon and Mike Hutton

Fuse Alliance network members were recognized for excellence in Communication, Reporting and Follow Up, Loyalty, Sustainability and Spirit. Members received awards during a presentation, which was held on Tuesday during the network’s annual conference.

Member Awards were presented to seven network businesses. OEC, based in Boise, Idaho, captured Excellence in Communication; Division 9, based in the Seattle area and Christian Brothers, based in the San Diego area both took home Excellence in Reporting and Follow-Up; three network members received Excellence in Loyalty, which included StarFloors of Dallas, Texan Floor Service of Houston and Franklin Flooring in Pennsylvania. Re:Source Floors Inc., based in San Diego, was recognized for its contribution to Ecollect™, Fuse Alliance’s reclamation program. Finally, Resource 4 Floors, based in Ft. Lauderdale, received the Spirit Award.

Supplier Awards

Supplier Awards were presented to four of the network’s preferred suppliers. Johnsonite received Best Product, Armstrong Flooring received Best Service, and Schönox received Best Support. Ardex Americas captured Supplier of the Year. Fuse Alliance conducts an annual member survey for the Supplier Awards. The results are tallied and presented at the organization’s annual conference.

Spark Awards

Fuse Member Group

A new program offered to network members only, the Spark Awards celebrate excellence in project design installed by its network members and is centered on flooring. Based on originality, quality of installation and design innovation, the awards represent outstanding craftsmanship, skill and expertise in the flooring industry. The awards were judged by an outside panel of notable leaders in the design and flooring industry: Lendlease Executive Vice President, Project Management & Construction, David MacDonald; leading technical flooring expert, Lew Migliore, founder of LGM and Associates; and Susanne Molina, FIIDA, CID, LEED AP, principal of the Los Angeles-based interior design firm One Design Collective.

Butler Flooring Services, based in Louisville, Kentucky captured three Spark Awards including Best Branded Environment and Best in Show for Turf Club & Stakes Tavern Renovation at Kentucky Derby and Most Maximized Budget for Frazier Rehab 8th Floor Renovation. Commercial Interior Resources (CIR), based in Orange County, California, captured the Greatest Space Challenge for a theater renovation project (project unnamed). Floorz, based in Denver, captured two Spark Awards including The Most Aggressive Timeline/Schedule for Halcyon Hotel and the Best Flooring Solution for the Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport. Signature Commercial Floor Covering received the Toughest Site Conditions for LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal Renovation.

About Fuse Alliance

Fuse Alliance is a member-owned organization of professional, commercial flooring contractors. With 94 companies in 154 locations across the United States and Canada, the organization’s member businesses represent approximately $1.2 billion in sales and services. Fuse Alliance is made up of a unique network of flooring experts with a combined experience that spans across flooring product knowledge, installation expertise, and a keen understanding of meeting the environmental requirements of today’s market. Fuse Alliance’s governing body is an executive Board of Directors made up of 12 member business owners. Through its member network, Fuse Alliance is dedicated to serving the North American market and member businesses can be found throughout the United States and Canada.

Bostik Sending Two to Paris

Bostik and Artaic continue to make a serious media splash in the architectural and design communities with the Design ‘N Gather Mosaic Design Competition. Just as in 2016, competing designers will vie for their chance in the spotlight, amazing media attention, and a trip for two to Paris!

Design ‘N Gather, the annual global tile mosaic design competition created by Artaic Innovative Mosaic and sponsored by Bostik is now accepting submissions for the 2017 edition. Forward-thinking architects, designers, artists, and mosaic design enthusiasts are invited to submit designs “beyond the threshold of imagination” for a larger-than life, backlit, tile mosaic mural to be permanently installed at the spectacular “Height of Decadence,” Hyde Bellagio nightclub overlooking the iconic Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Hyde Bellagio is transforming a space into a beautiful selfie studio outfitted with an one-of-a-kind tile mosaic. According to Scott Banda, Director of Marketing & Business Development for Bostik, “It’s going to be one of the most photographed mosaics in the world.” Entrants will qualify to win various prizes including the Grand Prize, an all expenses-paid, trip for two to Paris, France!

The competition welcomes designers and collaborative groups from all disciplines to design on Artaic’s mosaic software, Tylist™. Based on the amazing success of this past event, Bostik, Artaic, and MGM Resorts are vigorously working together to make Design ‘N Gather 2-17 to an even higher, more globally-focal level. As an architectural designer, you are invited to share in this excitement. And in doing so, have your unique design creation permanently recognized on one of the world’s great new stages.

DNG 2017 is quick, easy and FREE to enter. Registration is required, and participation is open to applicants from all design backgrounds including professionals, students and design enthusiasts. All submissions must be received no later than March 24, 2017. An esteemed panel of industry experts will select the ten finalists and ultimately, the Grand Prize Winner. The winning design will be announced at HD Expo in Las Vegas the first week in May.

For more information on the event, please visit

Design ’N Gather 2017 is sponsored by Bostik, Artaic Innovative Mosaic, MGM Resorts International and Interior Design Magazine.


an easy to use cutter with improved performance

The updated RUBI SPEED-N tile cutter is a very easy to use machine that has been improved in its most important features, including its image and performance, according to the current market trends.

The new breaker has increased distance between the axes and improved dimensioning of its components, which achieve more steady scoring and greater breaking power. It has a multipoint breaking system and large pressure pad to aid diagonal cutting of the tile.

Our R&D department also redesigned the new guide supports. The improved geometry increases the resistance to bending and the toughness of the machine itself. The guides of the SPEED-N range are solid and have 3/4″ in diameter to match the performance of the tile cutter.

The SPEED-N tile cutter keeps the solid aluminium base from older versions, which is highly resistant to bending. The available sizes range from 24 to 36 inches of rip cutting capacity. They are also available to carry in a box or handy transport case.

RUBI Tools is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of premium tile installation tools, including tile cutters, tile saws, diamond blades, mortar mixers, tile leveling systems, drill bits, and related construction tools.

Coverings 2017 Engages Industry Leaders for Comprehensive Schedule of Conference Programming

(ARLINGTON, VA – March 17 2017) Coverings, the largest international tile & stone exhibition in North America, will feature over 65 sessions in the 2017 conference program. Distinguished speakers will share their knowledge and cutting-edge industry information with Coverings attendees. The conference program will highlight the most pressing topics for the tile and stone industry throughout the show from April 4-7, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The conference sessions build upon Coverings’ dedication to providing world-class education with content tailored to each attendee segment: architects, builders/remodelers, designers, distributors, fabricators, installers, retailers, and Spanish-speaking attendees. New for 2017, Coverings will offer contractor advanced business topics, contractor beginner-intermediate and the thin tile mini-track. The conference is open to all attendees and, with many CEU credits available, these sessions continue to bring unmatched and invaluable free education to the show.

Coverings 2017 will present 10 featured sessions highlighting various topics from industry leaders. To learn about the full range of conference sessions at coverings visit

Lackmond Products, Inc. Appoints Steve Leeper as President

Marietta, GA. Lackmond Products, Inc., a leading supplier of diamond tools, carbide tools and equipment, has named Steve Leeper as President, overseeing the Lackmond Products and Lackmond Stone’s divisions in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Mr. Cliff Sallis, CEO and Owner of Lackmond Products. Inc., commented, “We are excited to have Steve take on the role as President. His leadership and extensive experience in sales, business development, finance and operations will help continue our growth for Lackmond Products and Lackmond Stone in North America.”

Steve Leeper brings over 41 years of experience in the construction industry providing products and services through distribution to the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Throughout Steve’s career he has worked directly with contractors, wholesale distributors and design professionals in providing these services.

Mr. Leeper joined Lackmond in 2007 as Vice President, with his most recent role as Senior Vice President. Steve has played a key role in expanding into the Canada and Mexico markets, launching a new division in Lackmond Stone, creating the Beast Brand, and much more.

This position is truly a unique opportunity for me to continue to grow Lackmond Products and Lackmond Stone and establish us as industry leaders. We will continue to focus on accelerating the growth of Lackmond Products and Lackmond Stone through expansion of our product offering and partnerships with both our current and future customers”, said Steve.

Steve and his wife, Judy, enjoy traveling and spending time with their three grandchildren. During Steve’s spare time, he plays golf, reads and continues to tackle do-it-yourself projects at home.

Lackmond Products, Inc., based in Marietta, GA, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of diamond tools, carbide tools and equipment, for the tile, stone and construction markets. The company has been serving professional construction and plant maintenance markets for over twenty years, with seven warehouses in the United States as well as international locations in Canada and Latin America. For more information, visit or call 1-800-850-2044.

Blustyle Launches in the U.S. at Coverings 2017

Italian Ceramic Brand Enters the Market
Expansive Collection of Beautiful, Technologically Advanced,
Eco-Friendly Tiles with 20-Year Guarantee
Orlando, Florida – April 4-7, 2017

(New York, NY – March 8, 2017) Attendees at Coverings 2017 will be the first to experience the North American launch of a Blustyle, the newest Panariagroup brand to enter the US market. Panariagroup, a leading Italian manufacturer of porcelain floor and wall tiles, has been at the forefront of manufacturing and design for over four decades. The Blustyle brand will exhibit in the Ceramics of Italy Pavilion (Booth #1435) showing a robust offering of contemporary Italian ceramics for commercial and residential settings in different finishes, colors and formats. The state-of-the-art products on display will include highlights from the 12 new Blustyle collections that are in step with the trends such as rustic and refined wood looks, concrete finishes, oversized stone looks and distinctive marbles in a range of thicknesses from 9mm to 11mm and even 20mm. The entire collection comes with a guarantee for up to 20 years – underscoring the quality and durability of tiles.

According to Panaria CEO, Paolo Mussini, “Blustyle is a brand that leverages the experience and qualities of sister company, Cotto D’Este and the whole Panariagroup. The brand offers Made-in-Italy, porcelain solutions at traditional thicknesses, taking advantage of the latest technology, the best raw materials, distinctive aesthetics and the production team’s deep respect for the environment.”

In sync with its parent company’s deep commitment to responsible production methods, Blustyle has already secured eco-focused certifications (EMAS, ISO, Eco-Label) that cover its eco-compatible production that recycles, reduces the waste of all raw materials, manages the plant at its highest efficiency and uses renewable energy.

Paolo Mussini continues, “We created Blustyle to bring an additional range of innovative products of superior quality to the market. We are very proud that the very best porcelain products are now available to the US market, and that our porcelains come with guarantee for up to 20 years – which shows our focus on the finest production methods in the industry.”

To accompany the new brand, the Blustyle team has created a range of tools and materials to help with the specification and installation process. A dedicated website and brochure lays out all of the details on the guarantee for up to 20 years and includes technical specs to assist with layout ideas.

The collections in the Blustyle catalogue are the following:

Arborea:  A versatile range of elegant wood-looks in five colors (Aura, Cloe, Danae, Vesta, Talia) and unique layouts such as chevron and parquet. Available in two sizes and thicknesses (8”x48” / 10.5mm, 4”x24” / 10mm).

Barrique: Warm wood-look planks in four colors (Loire Cru, Rhone Cru, Alsace Cuvée, Provence Cuvée) in 8”x36” (10mm).

Bourgogne: A soft palette of traditional ceramic looks in three colors (Clair, Doré, Gris) in 24”x24” and 12”x24” (10mm). Available with rectified edges and two surface finishes.

Château Royal: A classic stone-look tile available in two colors (Amboise and Fontainebleau) with a multi-formatted layout including four sizes (24”x24”, 16”x24”, 16”x16”, and 8”x16”) in 10mm thickness. For indoor or outdoor use in natural and honed finishes with rectified edges.

Concrete Jungle: A versatile cement look that creates an industrial yet modern vibe to any space. Available in four colors (Atelier-25, Factory-56, Store-18, Pub-49) in 36”x36” (11mm), 24”x24” (10mm) and 12”x24” (10mm) formats and natural and honed finishes.

Country: A rustic take on the wood look available in three classic, multi-colored hues (Aspen, Creek, Vermont) in 8”x48” (10.5mm) planks and a natural finish.

Geotech: This collection has the classic look of natural limestone and comes in three colors (Ivory, Grey, Dark) and two sizes (24”x24, 12x”x24” / 10mm) with rectified edges and honed finish.

Living Stones: A collection of natural styled stones for indoor and outdoor use. Available in four colors (Light Cream, Stone Beach, Basalt Grey, Blue Origin) in 36”x36” (11mm), 18”x36” (11mm) and 24”x24” (10mm) and two finishes (Natural and Honed). Available in 24”x24” (20mm) in Grip finish too.

Marmoris: An elegant collection that captures the subtleties of marble with the technological and low maintenance properties of porcelain. Available in four colors (Carrara, Palissandro, Sierra, Emperador) in 30″x30”, 29”x29”, 15”x30”, 14 ½”x29” (11mm) and Glossy and Silk finishes.

Quartzite: This classic stone material is available in two colors (Antares, Sirio) in 24”x24”, 12”x24” (10mm) formats, rectified edges and an outdoor finish.

Sandstone: A versatile stone look that recalls the American West in two colors (Arizona, Colorado) in 24”x24” and 12×24” (10mm). Available in rectified and outdoor finishes.

Toscana: A rich traditional cotto look available in two colors (Camaldoli, Capalbio) in 12”x12” and 6”x12” (9mm) with a natural finish.

At Coverings, professional guests will be treated to complimentary, authentic gelato at the Blustyle booth (#1435) from 2-5 PM during the first three afternoons of the show (April 4-6, 2017). For more information on Blustyle, visit


Blustyle is the Panariagroup brand that offers the quality of Cotto d’Este solutions, in standard thicknesses, in which attention to detail, high quality raw materials, a distinctive aesthetic appeal and respect for the environment are fundamental ingredients.

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Panariagroup is a global leader in the manufacturing of floor and wall tiles made from high-end, ultra-thin laminated stoneware and porcelain stoneware. For years, the company has consistently been at the forefront of the industry for its ability to create collections that beauty, quality and sustainability, and demonstrating its ability to excel in the search of the best residential and commercial solutions. Panariagroup is an international company, present for over 40 years on the market, with facilities in Italy, Portugal, the United States, India and an extensive sales network in over 100 countries all over the world. It operates through 9 brands: Panaria, Lea, Cotto d’Este, Fiordo, Margres, Love tiles, Florida Tile, Blustyle, and Bellissimo. Its 9,000 customers, 1,600 employees, 6 production plants, and a highly specialized research center, are all proof of a desire to meet the needs of clients who are increasingly engaged and diversified worldwide. Panariagroup creations are always well received by designers, architects, end-consumers and planners around the world that all choose the group’s brands for their spaces. Web: | Social:

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