July 6, 2015

Bostik Airplane Takes off this June

noname (2)Bostik, Inc. (bostik-us.com), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, has announced the debut of the Bostik-branded Boeing 737-800. This sleek aircraft will begin promoting Bostik brand awareness, flying four times per day to 47 destinations across 20 countries.

Michael Jenkins, Business Director for Bostik’s Consumer & Construction Business Unit – Americas, stated, “Bostik high-performance adhesives are being successfully used worldwide for a diverse variety of applications dependent upon products people use each day.  We believe it’s important that consumers in the Americas know of the global acceptance our products enjoy.  Globalizing the distinct image of our brand is a good ‘step one’ in getting everyday people to become even more familiar with the Bostik name and range of solutions our company provides.”

Bostik is the first company to sign a contract with a European airline, Transavia (a subsidiary of Air France-KLM) to re-brand a Boeing 737-800. This unique project incorporates the aircraft’s exterior brandishing Bostik’s new brand identity, introduced in early 2014.  It includes a prominent image of the Bostik omnipresent gecko on its tail fin. This distinctive initiative is one of many activities designed to globalize the Bostik brand.

Scott Banda, Director of Marketing for Bostik’s Consumer & Construction Business Unit - Americas, added, “This is an out-of-the-box program, which really shows the entire world how Bostik is  aggressively on  the  move, beginning to build its brand. Today, our products are on the shelves of roughly 2,000 retail locations across the Americas. This is just one of many exciting new promotional programs that consumers will be seeing from our company over the years to come!”

It is estimated that 145,000 passengers will travel on the Bostik airplane over the next six months… and, millions of others will have a chance to admire it during takeoffs, layovers or while in-flight.

About Bostik, Inc. 

Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets. For more than a century, they have been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape people’s daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With annual sales of $1.63 billion, the company employs 4,800 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. Bostik is a company of Arkema. Visit bostik-us.com for more information.

MIA/BSI Washington DC Study Tour Set for November

Displaying MIA-BSI-0108- Study Tour ----- Mall_Monument.JPG

Chestertown, NY, and Oberlin, OH, June 9, 2015 – The Building Stone Institute (BSI) and Marble Institute of America (MIA) will jointly host a 2015 study tour with Washington, DC as the backdrop for a 3-day event immersed in its rich heritage of natural stone. Registration is open for this event, with an early bird registration discount available until July 31st.

This is not the first time these two leading stone associations have come together to host a study tour. Both collaborated on a Vermont study tour in 2011, as well as individually leading tours over the past several years to places such as Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, Banff, Alberta (Canada), and Georgia. The study tours offer a unique combination of classroom and field-trip experiences about natural stone.

The Washington, DC event dates (November 15-18, 2015) immediately precede Greenbuild’s Expo which affords stone professionals an opportunity to extend their learning experience and see what other building products are competing with natural stone in the green building marketplace.

Tour highlights include many member-led, open forum workshops; tours of the MLK and FDR memorials and other monuments; a visit to the National Cathedral for a presentation on earthquake repairs and routine restoration efforts; and an interactive “Stone Experience” at Luck Stone Center in Sterling, VA.

Peter Miller, Vice President, Publisher, and General Manger of the Home Group of Active Interest Media (AIM) – whose work serves the information needs of old house owners, architects, contractors, building owners, developers and facilities managers who do residential and non-residential historic preservation and traditional building – will speak on trends in the building and design communities.

Participants will also have an opportunity to attend two MIA “Women in Stone” facilitated programs. The “Stone Experience” Workshops will feature hands-on learning stations including:

·         Thin Veneer Stone

·         Anchored Stone

·         Paving

·         Stone Architectural Carving

·         Stone Letter Carving

·         Care and Maintenance

·         Splitting and Trimming

·         Dry Stone Wall Building

·         Building Stone Geology

·         Stone Tools

Early event sponsors include Custom Building Products, EuroStone Machine USA, Luck Stone Center, Miles Supply, Park Industries, Rock of Ages, and Stone Source. The stone experience workshops are being hosted by Red Leaf Stone Anchors, Manassas Granite & Marble, Coldspring and Northern Stone Supply, Custom Building Products, Tompkins Bluestone, The Stone Store, Rundle Rock Building Stone, and Trow and Holden.

Registration information for this joint MIA-BSI event can be found at: www.buildingstoneinstitute.org/2015-study-tour/ (early bird registration ends July 31st).

About the Marble Institute of America

For over 70 years the Marble Institute of America (MIA) has been the world’s leading information resource and advocate for the natural dimension stone industry. MIA members include marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and other natural stone producers and quarriers, fabricators, installers, distributors, and contractors in over 55 countries around the world. www.marble-institute.com

About the Building Stone Institute
Since 1919, the Building Stone Institute (BSI) has worked on behalf of a diverse membership, representing all aspects of the natural stone industry. BSI provides resources, programs, and services that empower member companies to offer the highest level of quality products and services and to educate the architectural and design communities on the benefits and uses of natural stone. For more information visit www.buildingstoneinstitute.org


By the Book – May 2015


Have you ever bid a project in which the specifications and plans were not clear about what was really required? And yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Obviously your first response is to send in a RFI to get the item clarified. That would be great if you can get your questions answered before bid day. Sometimes these items are small and really don’t affect the bid. Yet others are huge, and you find yourself debating the same question, “What do they really want?”

Yet what they really want – or perhaps what common sense dictates – is not a factor when you submit your price. That’s because every specification has the “get out of jail free” language for the designer. Here’s a typical one.

“In case of a conflict between the contract documents, the Contractor shall 1) provide the better quality or greater quantity of work or 2) comply with the more stringent requirements; either or both in accordance with the Architect’s interpretation.”

Doesn’t that make you sleep well at night?

For this reason there are two small notes added to the Crack Isolation membrane method in the 2015 TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation: F125-Partial-15 and F125-Full-15.

The first note, located in the second bullet point under the Requirement section on page 96, states: “Specifier to identify areas of coverage (partial or full). Unless full coverage is clearly specified, installing contractor’s responsibility is limited to partial coverage.”

The second note is in the first bullet point under the Materials section on page 97, last sentence: “Unless full coverage is clearly specified, installing contractor’s responsibility is limited to partial coverage.”

This new Handbook language is important, because on several projects, I’ve observed that designers have specified method F125, but did not designate if partial or full coverage was required. But before utilizing this new Handbook language and assuming partial coverage is the contractor’s only responsibility if not stated otherwise, some caution is warranted.

Case in point is a project we just bid a few weeks ago. The specifications noted in the execution section stated all floor tile installations to be installed with method F125. My first question is “What version of the TCNA Handbook are they designing around?”

In 2010, the method was called F125 for partial and F125A for full coverage, and was only changed to F125-Partial and F125-Full in 2011. So with that in mind, you might conclude that since the method was F125, only partial crack-isolation coverage was being specified.

However, since no version of the TCNA Handbook was noted, the designer could argue a version from 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 should be used. In this case the “get out of jail free” language could come back and bite you, as you did not bid the “better quality or greater quantity of work” – meaning full coverage in this case – regardless of the TCNA Handbook language.

This was the discussion we had internally on this project and we decided we must bid full coverage, a $60,000 add to the bid. Perhaps now, but still with caution when it is unclear what is required, we have a stronger case to bid partial coverage with the support of these two added sentences in the 2015 TCNA Handbook method F125-Partial-15 and F125-Full-15. For your own safety, know which version of the TCNA Handbook the designer is using, and know that without the 2015 TCNA Handbook specified, the contractors must still bid the greater work.

kevin_foxKevin Fox, President of Fox Ceramic Tile, Inc., is the Kansas State Director of NTCA and a committee member of the NTCA Methods and Standards. Fox Ceramic Tile, Inc. is a NTCA Five Star Contractor. Kevin is a supporter of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation and recognizes the importance of having Certified Tile Installers. All of his tile setters are certified and he has incorporated the certification in their Department of Labor Apprenticeship program as the final step in attaining journeyman status.

WAUSAU TILE rebrands into Tectura Designs and Wausau Made

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.41.55 PM

More than six decades after the nation’s leading manufacturer of concrete, terrazzo and metal architectural products was founded in a two-car garage, it’s time for a fresh start. Industry giant

Wausau Tile is rebranding itself to chart a clear course for its next 60 years to better serve architects, landscape architects and building professionals of all stripes.

Wausau Tile will no longer be a market-facing brand name, making way for its two new architectural products brands, Tectura Designs and Wausau Made. Each brand has a distinct look and unique product portfolio for serving distinct audiences within the architecture and construction industries, but both are synonymous with the impeccable quality and collaborative, responsive service that customers have come to expect from the company Ed Creske founded in 1953.

Tectura Designs (tecturadesigns.com) offers a diverse selection of premier architectural products, including site furnishings, concrete pavers, custom precast concrete, custom precast terrazzo and terrazzo tile. Its stylish, long-lasting products help the world’s leading architects and designers bring their visions to life – and its custom capabilities offer near-endless solutions. The introduction of the Tectura Designs brand includes the launch of a brand-new Collaboration Series, which includes stunning, exclusive site furnishings designed by some of the world’s most innovative and esteemed architectural minds.

Wausau Made (wausaumade.com) offers durable and low-maintenance concrete, metal and plastic site furnishings at unbeatable prices.

“These new brands will carry on Ed’s incredibly high standards for quality products and dedicated customer service, while also better serving the needs of our growing and diverse customer base,” said Bryan Borrell, president of Wausau Tile Inc.,  “After more than 60 years of innovation, we look forward to many more decades of providing the finest American-made concrete, terrazzo and metal architectural products you’ll find anywhere.”

Products for both brands will continue to be proudly made by skilled American craftspeople at the 480,000-sq. ft. facility in central Wisconsin. Tectura Designs and Wausau Made also will carry on Wausau Tile’s legacy of innovation and sustainability, upholding high environmental standards in their cutting-edge operation and also offering environmentally friendly products, including composites made with recycled porcelain and glass.

10 Year-Old Alyssa “Makes Lemonade” to rebuild fire-ravaged house

Alyssa De La Sala of Lutz, Fla., has been in the news and on social media a lot lately. Her family’s Tampa-area house was severely damaged by fire two years ago, and the contractor her family hired to restore it ran off the unfinished job without completing it.

Alyssas lemonade standAlyssa, 10, sister to Damien and daughter of Jenn and Joe De La Sala, didn’t let that get her down. With the attitude, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” she and her brother set up a stand on May 16th to sell lemonade and homemade baked goods to raise money to complete the repairs on their home. After asking a local radio station to advertise her business, people donated baked goods from several counties away and some people paid $500-$1000 for a cup of lemonade to support the cause. Not only did strangers turn out to help, but so did first responders, and local businesses donated supplies. When all was said and done, she raised $15,000 between lemonade stand sales and a GoFundMe site towards the $120,000 goal. Another lemonade event is planned Sunday June 14 from 12 pm – 3 pm at Beef O-Brady’s, 21539 Village Lakes Shopping Center Drive in Land O Lakes, Fla., featuring lemonade, cupcakes and a bounce house.

Interested in helping the cause? Visit http://www.gofundme.com/AlyssasLemonade to make a donation, or visit Alyssa’s Lemonade Stand on Facebook for find out more.

MIA Releases 2015 Awards Program Call for Entries Contact:

Oberlin, OH, May 18, 2015 (MIA0106  ) The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has opened its 2015 Awards Program Call for Entries. The Call for Entries signifies that the MIA is now accepting entries for their various awards. These highly coveted awards honor and recognize natural stone companies, natural stone professionals, and architects from around the globe.

MIA AwardTiffany Aryeh of Amalfi Stone & Masonry, Inc. in Sun Valley, CA commented on the significance of winning a Pinnacle Award. “Being a recipient of the coveted Pinnacle Award is a dream come true. It is such an honor to be amongst so much talent and be part of a group of projects that represents exceptional stone work around the globe.”

The 2015 MIA Awards consists of:

  • Pinnacle Awards - presented to companies whose projects’ beauty, creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship exemplify professional mastery in the use of natural stone in commercial and residential environments. Again this year, with the generous support of Informa Exhibitions, all Pinnacle Award of Excellence and Merit winners have the opportunity to invite an architect from the firm involved in their winning project to StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas 2016. The Pinnacle Awards consist of 6 separate categories:
  • Grande Pinnacle Award – sponsored by Marmomac is presented to the best project across all categories. Again this year Marmomacc will present a Grande Pinnacle Award to an architect from the firm involved in the winning project.
  • Natural Stone Craftsman of the Year Award – sponsored by Polycor, Inc. & TexaStone Quarries singles out one craftsman who has physically performed outstanding stone fabrication and/or installation over a period of many years.
  • Migliore Award for Lifetime Achievement – established to recognize an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to the natural stone industry and the MIA. The award is named for MIA’s long-time Technical Director, the late Vincent R. Migliore, who was its first recipient.
  • Natural Stone Scholarship Award - sponsored by Coldspring provides educational opportunities for aspiring fabricators, installers, or administrative apprentices interested in furthering their careers within the natural stone industry. The scholarship covers travel and registration costs for one or more recipients to StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas, and MIA’s Annual Meeting.
      • Commercial Interior — sponsored by MAPEI
      • Commercial Exterior — sponsored by MAPEI
      • Residential Interior/Exterior — sponsored by GranQuartz
      • Kitchen of the Year (NEW THIS YEAR) sponsored by GranQuartz
      • Bath of the Year (NEW THIS YEAR) sponsored by GranQuartz
      • Renovation/Restoration — sponsored by Coldspring

For information on the Call for Entries, contact Helen Distelhorst at hdistelhorst@marble-institute.com or log on to www.marble-institute.com/awards/awards-overview. Deadlines begin in June. Apply today!


USG Named Innovator of the Year by The Executives’ Club of Chicago

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.43.15 PM

Chicago, IL (May 15, 2014) – USG Corporation (NYSE: USG), a leading building products company, was named Innovator of the Year today by The Executives’ Club of Chicago. The award, which is given to a company whose new product, service, process or business model has resulted in organic growth and measurable economic benefit to the region, was presented to USG for its development of USG Durock™ Brand EcoCap™ Self-Leveling Underlayment, a product that offers a significant reduction in several environmental impacts.

“Innovation is a team sport and it is at the heart of how USG employees develop new products and technologies that positively impact the spaces where people live, work and play,” said Dominic Dannessa, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for USG. “This award celebrates our culture of innovation, which has made USG a leader in moving the construction industry forward for more than 110 years.”

With its breakthrough geopolymer binder technology, USG Durock™ Brand EcoCap™ Self-Leveling Underlayment is a quick-setting, eco-friendly cement-based product for use over concrete subfloors and wood subfloors in interior applications. The technology also brings significant improvement in building environmentally sustainable structures.

“The Executives’ Club of Chicago is the city’s premier networking and business forum. Each year, we recognize the best and brightest leaders in technology, innovation and corporate citizenship,” said Ana Dutra, President and CEO of The EC. “We are excited to share the honor of Innovator of the Year Award with USG and Dr. Veeramasuneni. Their talented team is developing impressive technologies, which will further drive Chicago to the top of the global innovation economy.”

Dr. Srinivas Veeramasuneni, Vice President of the USG Corporate Innovation Center in Libertyville, accepted the award on behalf of the organization at The Executives’ Club Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon, which was attended by leaders in Chicago’s business community. Awardees were chosen based on a nomination process and formal application.

For more information about USG Corporation and its innovative products, visit usg.com.

 About USG Corporation

USG Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-performance building systems through its United States Gypsum Company, USG Interiors, LLC, and L&W Supply Corporation subsidiaries and its USG Boral Building Products joint venture. Headquartered in Chicago, USG’s worldwide operations serve the commercial, residential, and repair and remodel construction markets, enabling our customers to build the outstanding spaces where people live, work and play. USG wall, ceiling, exterior sheathing, flooring underlayment and roofing systems provide leading-edge building solutions, while L&W Supply branch locations efficiently stock and deliver building materials throughout the United States. USG Boral Building Products is a leading plasterboard & ceilings joint venture across Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East. USG and its subsidiaries are proud sponsors of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams and the Canadian Olympic team.

 About The Executives’ Club of Chicago

The Executives’ Club is Chicago’s premier membership and business forum.  For more than one hundred years, The Club has been a valued resource for Chicago’s business leaders – connecting members, and providing opportunities for strategic relationship development, access to intellectual exchange and world class speakers, and enhanced exposure to the global business community. Through its Global Leaders, Women’s Leadership, Chicago CEO Series and other programming, The Club brings together business, civic and academic leaders from all industries to discuss strategies that address challenges and opportunities affecting Chicago and the world. For more information on The Club, visit www.ExecutivesClub.org.




Bethany, CT – LATICRETE, a global manufacturer and leader of premium installation and finishing systems for the building industry, announced the launch of LATICRETE UNIVERSITY. Based on the company’s award-winning Profit Through Knowledge (PTK) technical seminars, this industry-leading e-learning program presents training videos and tests online. LATICRETE UNIVERSITY lessons are developed specifically for distributors, dealers, installers and other professionals interested in vital industry and product information.  LATICRETE UNIVERSITY makes it possible for anyone within the industry to train from the comfort of their home or office.

lati univ_grayshield_312pmsbanner_outline (2)The program can be accessed at the URL http://www.laticreteuniversity.com.

“Effective and proven training is necessary for any company or individual in our industry interested in learning about new products, modern technology, and best practices,” said director of Technical Services Art Mintie.

In a 2013 Tile and Stone Installation Contractor Market Survey from CLEAReport, LATICRETE finished tied for first place among the six manufacturers named in the report for their training programs. LATICRETE UNIVERSITY training segments include tutorial videos followed by a short test that measures the participant’s knowledge retention. Upon the successful completion of a segment, participants can print a certificate or have it emailed to them. Each training segment is based on PTK technical seminars which are  hosted at the LATICRETE headquarters in Bethany, CT. LATICRETE also recently received top marks for service, support and product performance from CLEAReport.

LATICRETE UNIVERSITY segments cover LATICRETE products and important industry topics. Industry-specific topics include lessons on “Understanding Deflection” and “Re-grouting Commercial Kitchens.” Product-specific topics include lessons on the “HYDRO BAN® Waterproofing Membrane” and “LATASILTM Sealant.”

The demand for LATICRETE training has grown tremendously over the past few years as has the need for an online option. And, while the program has grown in popularity, customers have requested an alternative to in-person training. Through LATICRETE UNIVERSITY, participants can learn about new products and industry standards without the delay of waiting for a scheduled event or a representative visit. This is one of the many ways LATICRETE responds to market needs and adds value in support of its customers.

“We have provided training for years, but wanted a system that could reach even more LATICRETE users,” said Associate Technical Services Manager Steven Rampino.  “Through LATICRETE UNIVERSITY, we deliver our program effectively and are confident our customers will be very happy with this cutting-edge approach to training.”


Arley’s 13th Annual Tile & Stone Expo Expected to Surpass Last Year’s Sensation


For Immediate Relearley 13th (2)ase: Arley Wholesale, Inc. (www.arleywholesale.com), a family-owned, third generation wholesale supplier of ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass mosaic tiles and installation material will be hosting its 13th Annual Arley Wholesale Tile & Stone Exposition on Tuesday, June 16th, again at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel in Scranton, Pa. This will conclude the three-day celebration, which will include the well-known Arley Golf Classic.

Entertaining at the Sunday night dinner/gala will be Michael Dean Ester, a nationally recognized comic, well-known for working the college circuit. Ester has been described as a caring humanitarian who, during 2005, created the “Comedy For a Cure Tour,” from which he donated $100 from every show on behalf of sponsoring schools to cancer research, using his unique gift of comedy to save lives.

Arley’s Executive Vice President of Operations, Scott Levy, will give his state-of-the-business speech at the Sunday dinner gala. Then, on Monday afternoon, the event will move to the Glen Oak Country Club for the always-popular golf outing.

arley 13th b (2)“This year’s event will feature many new “’value added’ products,” stated Levy. “The market continues to rebound, especially the builder sector. As a result, Arley will introduce the firm’s new iCat digital catalog.  Our media team will be available to show attendees the amazing, interactive features of iCat. This is just another benefit we are offering our customer base, helping them build their own brand. iCat combined with our recently enhanced Design App, are indications of ongoing investments we are constantly making in our customers.  Anyone with a browser, no matter if on a computer or mobile device will be able to use our iCat digital catalog.  Anyone with an iPad will be able to use our Design App, as well,” added Levy.

As a wholesale-only supplier, Arley has created a strong private label program. Levy pointed out that attendees will find many new products, including a unique mosaic offering making it even easier to build an effective stocking program. “We are finding that more and more dealers are seeking to bundle their overall purchasing with a single wholesale source,” said Levy.  “The efficiencies of this approach have become apparent in building a more profitable business for our customers.  Through a solid private label program, our goal is to make our customer the brand.”

“Additionally, “Levy continued, “the many collections of products we’ll have on display all have been thoroughly vetted by our highly professional research people. This ensures that they will be representing exactly what today’s consumer is looking for!”

Those wishing to attend the trade event should contact Arley’s Terry Ford via phone: 800.233.4107 or email: terryford@arleywholesale.com.



Artistic Tile Opens State-of-the-Art Slab Gallery in Secaucus, N.J., minutes from Manhattan

Artistic Tile, Inc. (www.artistictile.com), a leading luxury tile and stone brand, is proud to announce the opening of their new slab gallery in Secaucus, New Jersey, just minutes from downtown Manhattan.

The 25,000 square-foot gallery  located at 520 Secaucus Road, is an extension of Artistic Tile’s existing headquarters and distribution center. Fully stocked with a unique selection of slabs from around the world, including marble, limestone, quartzite, granite, semi-precious stone and a wide library of commercially-rated porcelain and stone products, the showroom provides a comfortable environment with wide aisles and color-correct lighting for excellent viewing and space to work.

artistic slab_showroom-webWith new slabs arriving every week, this gallery is a top industry resource for exotic and luxurious slab in the New York Metro area. In conjunction with Artistic Tile’s effusive selection of ceramic, porcelain, glass and proprietary waterjet designs, the gallery makes Artistic Tile a one-stop shop for all tile and stone needs. For a glimpse into the daily operations of Artistic Tile’s brand new slab showroom visit http://bit.do/AT-Slab-Showroom.

The Artistic Tile slab gallery is open from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday and from Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. It can be accessed by train via NJ Transit to Secaucus Junction or car via the Lincoln Tunnel and NJ-495 W. Artistic Tile sales representatives or an email to gallery@artistictile.com to schedule an appointment. Saturday hours will be added in the coming weeks.

A trade-only grand opening celebration, featuring a presentation by Houzz, will be held on Wednesday, June 17 beginning at 5:30pm. Members of the trade can RSVP to the Grand Opening event via this link tiny.cc/artisticgrandopening.