August 30, 2014

Bostik’s “SELFIE SWEEPSTAKES” offer Free Premium Installation Materials!

Bostik, Inc. (, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, has announced an industry-first: “BOSTIK SELFIE SWEEPSTAKES.” People from all 50 states and most parts of Canada are asked to take a shot of themselves in front of an actual project  with its finished surfacing installed using Bostik materials. This North American drawing will be open through September 23rd of this year. Specifics on exactly how to enter, along with official rules and an online entry form, may easily be accessed by clicking on:

Chris Eichman, Bostik’s Marketing Communications Manager, Consumer & Construction Business Unit stated, “Selfies have become a new worldwide craze, and we’re willing to give away up to $700 worth of free quantities of our Dimension™ RapidCure™ grout and Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™ to various individuals whose selfies have been selected.

“By this time, most people know what a selfie is, but just to clarify,” continued Eichman, “the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, states that a  ‘selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as FacebookGoogle+InstagramSnapchatTumblr and Twitter. They are usually flattering and made to appear casual. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self-timer.’

Ultra-Set® SingleStep2™  combines high strength adhesive, industry-leading moisture barrier, and sound abatement underlayment technologies all in one dynamic, space-age formulation. Additionally, it contains Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology, a proprietary feature ensuring the ideal membrane thickness between the substrate and hardwood flooring is maintained.

Dimension™ RapidCure™ Glass-Filled, Pre-Mixed, Urethane Grout is a patented, reflective, water-based material containing  micro-glass beads and a translucent  binder that both reflect light and allow it to pass through. This adds an illuminating sparkle,  creating one-of-a-kind, 3-dimensional effects within glass tile installations.

” Not only does Bostik have great products;  they function as tools our customers use to create outstanding projects. Because they invest so much time honing their craft, we always feel obliged to give their final work well-deserved recognition,” concluded Eichman. “Frankly, we think it will be a lot of fun visually promoting these projects via today’s state-of-the-art technology. Once Bostik Selfie Sweepstakes’ winners are named, we will post their respective selfies via various creative methods using both traditional and today’s electronic media. Please stay tuned!”


About Bostik, Inc. Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets. For more than a century, they have been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape people’s daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With annual sales in excess of $2 billion, the company employs 4,800 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. Bostik is a company of Total. Visit for more information.

Contact information
Chris Eichman
Marketing Communications Manager, Consumer & Construction Business Unit
Phone: 414-607-1265  Email: [email protected]

Ceramic Tool is 30 years old!

ceramic tool30Ceramic Tool is celebrating 30 years of success in the flooring industry.  Their high quality metal trims and pre molded expansion joints have been the
flooring installation solution for professional tile setters, architects and contractors worldwide.

Ceramic Tool’s President Peggy Heuler, has led the company for 30 years. “We began with an idea, to provide Tile Racks for the flooring industry. While serving the needs of our customers our product line expanded with METAL TRIMS and

Celebrating 30 years of solid growth, CTC Trims are well known as dependable, cost effective solutions for quality installations in the tile and stone ceramic toolsindustry. Ceramic Tool has become an international supplier of EXPANSION JOINT and METAL TRIM with projects in Oman, Columbia, St. Kitt’s, and the Dominican Republic. The Mall of America in Minneapolis has been one of Ceramic Tools largest domestic projects.

10 years ago, the Buffalo Natural Stone Shower Basin was added to the product line. The granite, marble and quartz shower basins are an exquisite shower floor option for residential and hotel installations.

President Peggy Heuler credits Ceramic Tools growth and consistent sales success to a clear and consistent vision, “Know your customer, meet their needs and exceed their expectations every time on every project.”

Entering its 31st year with the same energy and service orientation that fueled the first 30 years, Ceramic Tool is looking forward to creating new relationships, introducing innovative products and committing their experience to every project they are involved with.
Contact Ceramic Tool at: 800-236-5230 OR [email protected]

International Trade of Ceramic Tile at Stake as ISO Delegates Meet at TCNA Headquarters and Clemson University

International trade and standards for ceramic tile were the focus of discussions as delegates from 15 countries met in Clemson, South Carolina, home to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), to develop new standards for ceramic tiles. Decisions made during the meetings are expected to influence the global tile business at a time when the U.S. industry is bouncing back after years of increasing imports and offshore production.

Delegates considered several crucial questions about technologically advanced ceramic tiles that experts see as the future of construction; some tiles fight smog by breaking down nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to produce a cleaner atmosphere, others hinder microorganism growth to create an antiseptic environment. The agenda also included discussions of what standards ought to be met for a tile to be labeled as “sustainable,” potentially affecting tax incentives for green construction and certification for using sustainable materials. Water absorption testing, rectified tile tolerances, performance standards for “thin tile,” and myriad other technical topics were also covered in the three-day meeting of the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee 189, the standards body that presides over international standards for ceramic tile and tile installation materials. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, ISO has scores of technical committees that set standards for a variety of industries, ranging from screw threads to fire safety. “The standards we develop are used to level the playing field,” said Committee Secretary Dr. John Sanders. “They facilitate international trade in this type of commodity.”

Proposals and standards developed by ISO, such as those discussed in Clemson, are voted on by 28 participating countries, Sanders said, with at least 75 percent required to adopt it. Attending were delegates from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. “These meetings are a boost to the industry and get decision-makers together talking about standards that are relevant to where the industry is going,” said Eric Astrachan, TCNA’s Executive Director and head of the U.S. delegation.

Ceramic tiles are tested for the industry in the Bishop Materials Laboratory and the TCNA Product Performance Testing Laboratory in a facility in the Clemson Research Park that is shared by the National Brick Research Center and the Tile Council, through a joint industry-university partnership. The National Brick Research Center is part of Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science. The dean, Anand Gramopadhye, welcomed the delegates, adding, “They will have an opportunity to see one of Clemson’s world-class facilities. Our partnership with the Tile Council of North America enables us to provide crucial testing and research services to the industry. The technology we employ here can help inform decisions that have a global impact.”

“We felt it was important for Committee members to see these research facilities,” said Eric Astrachan. “When people have questions or bring up alternative ideas in the discussion of standards, we can check those out in the lab.” Tile standards are mandatory in the European Union, Sanders said. Although voluntary in the United States, many companies comply with standards because failing to do so would make it tougher to sell in the United States and harder to export goods, he added.

U.S. demand for tiles is rising as the housing market recovers. While about 70 percent of the nation’s tiles are imported, the domestic industry is making a comeback, Astrachan said, adding that the availability of natural gas has lowered costs to run factories. The United States also has the advantage of plentiful raw materials, highly skilled workers and lower labor costs than Europe, he said. “We are seeing the largest increase in the number of factories in recent memory,” Astrachan said. “A lot of those are being built in Tennessee and Texas.”

For photos from the meetings and related networking events, visit

Slim Inalco countertop tile wins KBCulture Honorable Mention

Tile of Spain manufacturer Inalco won an honorable mention in the 2014 KBCULTURE Awards Surfacing category for Slimmker tile.


Slimmker by Inalco is a half-inch-thick porcelain slab comes in sheets that measure approximately 5×10 feet. It makes countertop installations seamless. According to KBCULTURE:

The most difficult part of the job might be selecting which of the ten colors and two finishes to use.

KBCULTURE is a highly regarded and selective online review of international products, places and perspectives central to kitchen and bath design, produced by Leslie Clagett, a well-known industry editor and author. This is Tile of Spain’s fourth KBCULTURE win.

About Slimmker: For the kitchen and bath, there are always exciting new products to share. In 2012, Inalco was the first company in the world to bring textures and relief patterns to its large-format slimline Slimmker tiles. These slim tiles allowed greater flexibility for walls, backsplashes and countertops in porcelain. At CEVISAMA 2014, Inalco launched a 12mm (1/2”) thick ceramic slab measuring 1500x3000mm (4.9’x9.8’). Available in 10 colors with a natural or bush-hammered finish, it’s a step forward for thin tile countertop ceramic surfaces.

The new size allows for better utilization of the surface, as well as reduced waste. For instance, one large slab can be utilized for two full countertops.

Tile is an exceptional counter surface material as it is 100 percent natural and recyclable. Porcelain has near-zero porosity, making the product hygienic, stain resistant, easy-to-clean and impervious to chemicals. The product is also wear, scratch, heat resistant and its all-natural colors do not vary when exposed to UV rays. Additionally, the thin product is lightweight and easy to install, making it suitable for virtually every indoor and outdoor home surface.

Learn more at the Inalco website, and through this video.

- See more at:

tile of s


Anaheim, CA — August 7, 2014 - Parex USA, Inc., a leading building material manufacturer which markets its product under the brands of; Parex, LaHabra, Merkrete, Teifs and El Rey, announced the sale and ownership change of its parent company, ParexGroup, to CVC Capital Partners.

ParexGroup, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals and ready-to-use mortars for the construction industry, was founded in France by Lafarge in 1978. Since 2001, ParexGroup was one of four companies owned by Materis, a French corporation. Under the new ownership structure, ParexGroup will operate independently and will no longer be affiliated with Materis or its subsidiaries.

ParexGroup has grown significantly with a business model based on specialization, international development, organic growth and selective acquisitions. The sale offers an improved financial structure that will give the company flexibility to accelerate its development on a worldwide level.

“We are now an independent company with a new shareholder, who is strongly motivated to support us with ambition in this new phase of our development,” says Richard Séguin, Chief Executive Officer of ParexGroup. “CVC is one of the largest and most respected financial investors in the world.”

About Parex USA
Parex USA, Inc., a California Corporation, is a subsidiary of the ParexGroup, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals and ready-to-use mortars for the construction industry. With over 61 manufacturing sites and 9 R&D centers in 21 countries, the ParexGroup employs more than 3,550 industry professionals who are the corner stone of this thriving global organization. For more information regarding Parex USA, Inc. visit

Bostik Dimension™ RapidCure™ Grout Shines New Light on an Historic Mural

When the ancient Rustaq fort in Oman was recently restored to its original condition, it caught the eye of architect Saud al Sarji, who designs buildings for the government of Oman in the capital city of Muscat. A large wall mural of the famous fort, he felt, would make the perfect architectural accent for the government, military and public facilities that he designs.


As the second oldest historic fort in Oman, the Rustaq Fort is an important landmark for this stable, oil-rich country that is home to a US naval base strategically located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf.

Saud al Sarji wanted these murals to be made of the highest-quality, most durable material possible. He knew that the fort itself had lasted centuries because it was made of stone, and the thought occurred to him: why not make the mural out of long-lasting marble stone that evoked the sandstone walls of the fort itself?

Creating such an intricate mural out of stone would have been an impossibility just 30 years ago, but with the advent of waterjet technology in the 1980s, brittle materials such as stone and marble can now be cut into pieces as small as 1/8” with the precision of a laser.

Yet Saud al Sarji knew that choosing the right waterjet company would make all the difference, as he wanted the finished product to represent the beauty and grandeur of the ancient fort itself.

“I found out that Creative Edge was creating luxury floors and murals for the wealthiest clients in the world, and that gave me confidence that they would have the skills to turn the photograph of the fort into a work of art,” says al Sarji.

He commissioned a single mural of 7 X10 feet in 3/8”-thick marble stone, with the understanding that it would be reproduced many times for subsequent buildings.

Painting in Stone

“Basically, we’re painting in stone,” says Harri Aalto, co-founder and head designer at Creative Edge. A sculptor and fine artist who turned his talent to waterjet design 25 years ago.

Using a tattered 3X5” color photo of the fort as his only reference, Aalto first drew the fort on his Waucon computer tablet using a stylus. At that point, the drawing looked like a paint-by-number painting. Then he “colored” in each shape using his computer palette of 52 marbles and limestones.

“I had to find new colors of marble that made the walls of the fort look like ancient sandstone quarried in the desert,” says Aalto. The final design involved over 50 pieces and 15 stones, including Thassos, Saffron gold, San Laurent, Indus gold, Emperador dark, Giallo realle, Café Rosita from Greece, Italy, Spain, and Egypt. With the design approved, the production process began.

Waterjet Precision

Aalto sent his design to the autocad team at Creative Edge, who converted it to a computerized program and sent it to one of the 14 waterjet machines in Creative Edge’s busy 125,000-square-foot workshop.  As each piece was cut by the waterjet machine, the assembly team numbered it and placed it face down on a full-size mylar map of the mural, matching the shape and number on the stone with the shape and number on the sheet.

bostikPreassembly Using Bostik Dimension™ RapidCure™ Grout

At this point the smaller pieces of the painting were pre-assembled into 2-foot sections. An epoxy-based backing material was sprayed over the back to hold the pieces together. Each of these bigger pre-assembly sections was numbered with a new number. Creative Edge workers then applied the grout between each piece in the larger preassembly sections, using Bostik’s Dimension™ RapidCure™ grout.

“We started using Bostik grouts only three or four months ago,” says Aalto. “We found it works beautifully on stones that have a crystalline structure, such as marble and precious stones.  With its embedded glass beads, light is reflected to such a degree that the grout joints, which are thin to begin with, become almost invisible. The joint then visually becomes part of the bright, polished stone.”

Aalto had known that that the Dimension™ RapidCure™ grout was ideal for working with glass tiles in both large format and tiny mosaics, as it “gives even more life” to the material, continually enhancing the tile as light sources move. “But we had no idea it would work so well with some of the most beautiful stone materials nature has to offer,” says Aalto. “Finding that out was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.”

While Creative Edge is known for their precision work, leaving a tiny gap between the stones, Aalto says, “Even if there’s a small gap, this Dimension™ RapidCure™ grout makes it look like no gap at all. It made the stone look like it was totally amalgamated.”

Shipping and Installation

The last step before shipping the mural to Oman was to assemble all of the sections on the floor as a completed mural.

“At this point we did a final quality control check,” says Aalto. The inspection completed, the Creative Edge team shrink-wrapped each pre-assembled section and packaged it in cardboard. The sections were stacked vertically in sturdy aluminum munitions crates instead of being laid flat, to protect the marble from breakage.

To assist the installation team in Oman, drawings and diagrams were included in the crate, complete with the full-size map with each section numbered.

“Installation is simple, a bit like assembling a puzzle,” says Aalto. “And of course Creative Edge is available to assist throughout the installation process.”

Creative Edge included a container of the Bostik Dimension™ RapidCure™ grout in the shipping container, so the installer in Oman could use the same transparent grout to fuse the sub-assembled pieces together.

“I think the contractor will be pleased with the Bostik grout,” says Aalto, “Because it is easy to use just by following the instructions on the package, and it’s easy to clean off the stone, leaving behind only a beautiful effect.

“On top of that,” Aalto concludes,  “it is extremely durable and has incredible bonding strength. We are using it in all our mural work, and will continue to do so in the future.”


E. CANTON, OH (July 16, 2014) –  Five members of the tile industry donated tile and installation materials to tile three Habitat for Humanity homes in Woodland Park, Colorado, in April.

Daltile, Capco Tile & Stone, and Marino Tile and Marble all donated tile. Merkrete, a division of Parex USA, donated thinset mortar and grout and Tile Traders donated USG Durock® Brand Cement Board. All of the companies donated from their facilities in Colorado Springs, which is a short distance from the Habitat project site.

Daltile, CapcoTile & Stone, and MarinoTile & Marble all donated tile for Habitat homes in Woodland Park, Co.

Daltile, CapcoTile & Stone, and MarinoTile & Marble all donated tile for Habitat homes in Woodland Park, Co.

The homes completed a six-family project, which includes one family that fosters special needs children. Habitat adapted the house plans to make the home ADA compliant and said the donation of tile floors and walls helped them meet those requirements and reduce the overall cost to the family. The project was also part of a Habitat initiative known as Women Build, in which women make up the entire volunteer force. Under the leadership of Habitat construction supervisors, the women also handled the tile installation!

Tile Partners for Humanity represents the partnership of tile industry members working to support nonprofit partners like Habitat for Humanity and community outreach centers through donations of tile materials and labor. TPFH coordinated the donations on behalf of Habitat in Teller County.

The donors included members of longtime TPFH supporters Ceramic Tile Distributors Association and National Tile Contractors Association. Merkrete, Marino Tile and Marble, and Tile Traders are members of CTDA and Capco Tile & Stone, Merkrete and Marino Tile & Stone are members of NTCA. Daltile is a member of both CTDA and NTCA and is also a national corporate sponsor of Habitat for Humanity.

Jamie Caperton, executive director of Teller County Habitat for Humanity, said it was an incredible experience for both volunteers and families. “What a delight it was to work with such generous partners like these to provide such a warm and welcoming home for our families during the Women Build Week. The ladies had tons of fun laying tile and totally look forward to next year!”

An all-female volunteer crew installed tile in three Habitat homes in Woodland Park, Co.

An all-female volunteer crew installed tile in three Habitat homes in Woodland Park, Co.

For Derek Richardson of Capco Tile & Stone, it was a chance to show appreciation to the community. “Capco Tile & Stone was happy to make a contribution to support Habitat for Humanity and the local community. As a long time local small business in Colorado Springs we feel it is important to give back to the community that has for so long supported us. Thank you Colorado Springs!”

Luciano Tavares of Merkrete said they were happy to participate. “Parex USA as a company, represented in this case by our tile and setting materials brand Merkrete, was proud to be part of the Habitat for Humanity project in Woodland Park, CO. Our facility in Colorado Springs was convenient and practical by supplying the right setting material for the size of the tile used in the project, including Merkrete 720 Marble Pro and Merkrete Integra for the installation of the glass tile. We liked that our facility was able to assist on a local level and knew that our donation was going to be used for a good cause.”

Merkrete donated thin-set mortar and grout for three Habitat homes in Woodland Park, Co.

Merkrete donated thin-set mortar and grout for three Habitat homes in Woodland Park, Co.

Herb Miller, Executive Director of TPFH and its parent organization, Mountain Re-Source Center, said the project could not have come together without the support of so many members of the tile industry. “It’s only through generous partners and their desire to improve their communities that we’re able to support the work of our nonprofit partners. Three families now know the joy of home ownership and the value of beautiful tile floors in their homes. Thank you for your partnership!”

About Tile Partners for Humanity/Mountain Re-Source Center

Tile Partners for Humanity represents a partnership of tile industry members supporting Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit organizations. TPFH is part of MRC, which welcomes donations of all types of building materials as well as disaster relief supplies, educational resources, household necessities, and medical supplies. To donate or for more information on MRC or TPFH, contact MRC Executive Director Herb Miller at 304-678-4229/ [email protected] or Networking Director Ally Venugopal at 425-429-6188/ [email protected]. MRC provides a donation receipt for tax purposes. For more information, visit or

Call for Entries: 13th Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Design

MIAMI, July 2014 - Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER), is announces an open call for the 13th Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture and Interior Design competition. The awards honor international excellence in projects with Spanish ceramic tile in three categories: Architecture, Interior Design and Degree Project in Architecture.

 TOS Design competitionPresiding over the panel of judges is architect Emilio Tuñón, who, together with the sadly late Luis Moreno Mansilla, founded a studio that has received many prestigious prizes including the Mies van der Rohe Award and the Spanish National Architecture Award. The remainder of the panel of judges is made up of the Italian architect Cino Zucchi; the executive director of the Pritzker Awards Martha Thorne; the Indian-born architect Anupama Kundoo; the young architect José María Sánchez, recent winner of the BSI Swiss Architectural Award which honors architects under 50 years of age whose work has contributed to improving theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary architecture; Fernando Márquez Cecilia, editor and director of El Croquis architecture journal; and the Castellón-based architect Ramón Monfort.

Registration is open and the deadline for submitting entries October 28, 2014. To enter, visit The Awards have a prize fund of approximately $53,000 divided into three categories. The two main categories are Architecture and Interior Design, each one is awarded $23,000 (17,000 Euros). The main requirement to participate is that the projects use ceramic tiles made in Spain. The third category is Degree Project, which is aimed to students of Architecture and it is awarded $6,800 (5,000 Euros). The jury may give two special mentions in each category as it reviews the contest entries.

The rules for the competition and the application form for registration can be found at Information about previous winning projects is also available on the website.

The best architects take part in the Tile of Spain Awards

In previous editions distinguished professionals have been part of the jury like Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Alberto Campo Baeza, William J.R. Curtis, Terence Riley, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Carlos Ferrater, Luís Moreno Mansilla, Patxi Mangado, Manuel Gallego, Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Mathías Klotz and Benedetta Tagliabue.

There is an increasing bias towards the use of ceramics in architecture and interior design. More and more often, acclaimed professionals choose ceramic tiles in in some of their most significant works.

In recent years the competition has awarded a wide range of projects, recognizing the versatility of this material. Last year prizes went to the “Remodelling Work on la Riera de la Salut” and “Casa Luz. A single family home in Cilleros”.

Other awarded projects in previous editions were: Catering School in a Former Abattoir, Granada’s Teacher Training College, MUCA (Auditorium and Music House); Casa Collage in Girona; a residential building project in Barcelona by Bach arquitectes; the Benidorm West Beach Promenade; the rehabilitation of Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona by Miralles-Tagliabue; the Spanish Pavilion in Expo Zaragoza (2008) and in the Aichi Expo in Japan (2005).


USG Corp. Joins Daytona International Speedway’s DAYTONA Rising Redevelopment Project

CHICAGO and DAYTONA BEACH, July 14, 2014 – USG Corporation (NYSE:USG),  a leading building products company, is the newest “We Built Daytona” partner at the Daytona International Speedway (DIS) – part of the $400 million DAYTONA Rising redevelopment project. DAYTONA Rising encompasses the Speedway’s nearly one-mile long frontstretch that, upon completion in January 2016, will create a facility that delivers an exceptional experience for fans, sponsors and guests.

daytona rising (2)A variety of USG Brand products (Sheetrock®, Durock®, Fiberock® and USG Ceiling Solutions) will be used in the interior construction of the new DIS frontstretch, and USG Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing will be prominent around the exterior of the project.

“USG is honored to be a partner in the transformation of this iconic racing venue. DAYTONA Rising is all about reimagining DIS and the fan experience, and we see strong similarities in the way USG is reinventing itself with a new brand, new energy and new focus on innovation,” said Greg Salah, General Manager, Wallboard & Surfaces, USG Corp. “With shared values of high performance, leadership, teamwork and excellence, we look forward to having USG products be a part of the new DIS.”

In addition to USG, other “We Built Daytona” partners include Sherwin-Williams, Big Ass Fans, ROSSETTI, Walter P. Moore, M-E Engineers and Kingspan.“We’re excited to welcome these partners as part of our ‘We Built Daytona’ platform,” said DIS President Joie Chitwood III. “As leaders in their respected industries, we are proud to have the best products, and the best manufacturers and companies, featured throughout what will be the first motorsports stadium anywhere in the world.”


July 14, 2014. LATICRETE is proud to report that Joey Ternullo has won his first Legend Car race of the season at Waterford Speedbowl’s Wild N Wacky Wednesday race program on June 18th.

“Joey has been doing fantastic so far this season,” reports Jennifer, him mom.  “Joey has finished in the top three almost every week in Waterford and Stafford Springs.  He came in first place the other night and had a huge crowd cheering him on!”

Ternullo Joey survived a shot to his rear bumper in turn three of the final lap before powering to his first victory of the season. Through six races so far this year, Joey is currently in second place with 277 points, just 21 points away from the leader at Waterford Speedbowl Wednesday races. For the Saturday races at Waterford, Joey is currently in ninth place with 154 points.

Joey is in sixth place after just two races at Stafford Motor Speedway. He has 78 points, just 20 away from the leader.

Joey is the son of Joe Ternullo of Middletown Ceramic Tile Company, a firm that has been using LATICRETEmaterials and methods for over 50 years.

LATICRETE has sponsored Joey in his Legend’s Car for the past few years. A Legend car is a five-eighths scale replica of pre-World War II coupe car that can reach 80 miles per hour.