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Monday, April 1, 2024

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Our Mission

TileLetter delivers superior insight for the tile and stone industry internationally, conveying the thoughts and opinions of leaders and experts on the industry’s latest initiatives, innovations, technologies and trends. At TileLetter, our goal is to enhance the tile and stone industry media landscape with expert knowledge of the latest methods, standards, business practices and trending news. It is our intent to engage the reader visually as well as intellectually, with informative articles, critical insight and compelling case studies.

TileLetter is the industry’s leading tile installation magazine. TileLetter provides a medium for expressing views and opinions without approving, disapproving, or guaranteeing the validity or accuracy of any data, claim or opinion appearing under a byline, or obtained or quoted from an acknowledged source. Statements of fact and opinion are made on the responsibility of the authors alone, and do not imply an opinion or reflect the official position of NTCA.