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Monday, May 20, 2024

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American Olean showcasing new tile collections at Coverings

Dallas, TX – April 22, 2024 – American Olean, a proven tile brand that celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, is featuring several of its newest tile collections as well as soon-to-launch products during the Coverings 2024 tradeshow in Atlanta, Georgia, April 22-25 in meeting room #245. 

“American Olean tile is always grounded in fashion,” said Shelly Halbert, director of product design for Dal-Tile LLC, parent company of American Olean.  “As American Olean’s director of product design, I am keenly focused on the latest trends in the worlds of interior design, home furnishings, and tile.  My overriding goal is to create world-class tile products that incorporate the height of design and style into every offering.”

(All of the products in this press release will be shown by American Olean during Coverings.)

Reservorio  (Launching in May)
Drawing inspiration from the organic design of travertine stone, Reservorio envelops your space with a natural color palette and authentic veining, creating an environment of serene beauty that blends into any setting. A canvas for elegance, the large format 24×48 lends to a seamless design, while the 12×24 fluted tile introduces depth and intrigue to your interior. Reservorio makes a statement while preserving the tranquil ambiance of a natural stone look.  ColorBody porcelain floor and mosaic as well as glazed ceramic wall tile.  Suitable for floor, wall, countertop, and shower floor applications.  Proudly Made In The USA.

Urban Essence  (Launching in May)
Urban Essence is thoughtfully crafted to capture the vibrancy of urban living. A unique spin on concrete-look tile, Urban Essence seamlessly blends high variation and authentic graphics to create an industrial retreat. Offering sought-after sizes in five neutral tones to meet your distinctive design requirements, the 15×30 lays the groundwork for a bold statement while the 1×6 mosaic draws interest with its linear shape. Elevate your space with Urban Essence – where contemporary design meets urban sophistication.  Glazed porcelain floor and mosaic tile.  Suitable for floor, wall, countertop, and shower floor applications.  Proudly Made In The USA.

Color Story Pinstripes  (Launching in May)
Take the classic Color Story shades to new dimensions with the 2×8 Fluted and Wave Crest tiles. These innovative additions offer an array of possibilities, breathing fresh life into your space. The synergy of the linear and structural designs allows for an entirely new and playful display, where the stripes and waves harmoniously coexist. This artistic inspiration in a beloved color palette, creates a visual narrative that’s exclusive to your style, telling a story that’s uniquely yours.  Glazed ceramic wall tile.  Suitable for wall application. 

A perfect example of American Olean’s fashion-driven aesthetic is the Clarasea collection of glazed porcelain floor tile and glazed ceramic mosaics.  Clarasea celebrates the spirit of Art Deco that rose to prominence during the roaring 1920s.  Inspired by the lavish lifestyle era, Clarasea offers geometric designs drizzled with metallic accents on 8×8 porcelain floor tile.  The collection expertly represent three different iconic design styles.  All three feature black and white marble visuals, while sporting unique accents and styling.  Clarasea’s Metropolitan emulates traditional design that typically included gold or brass and satin nickel inlays.  Clarasea’s Belmont is a modern take on past designs featuring satin nickel inlays, while Clarasea’s Couture celebrates the spirit of stylish indulgence and a zest for living life to the fullest.  Perfect for floor, wall, countertop, and shower floor applications.  Available nationwide.

Debonair Estate
Debonair Estate takes a sophisticated approach to the natural essence of wood. The ColorBody porcelain tile, available in an 8×48 plank and an ultra-modern 1×24 mosaic, was inspired by Nordic minimalist design.  These wood look tiles are crafted using RevealSync 3D, AO’s new glazing technology that synchronizes the wood graphic and the surface structure for a truly authentic design. Debonair Estate achieves the timeless style of natural hardwood without the upkeep.  Suitable for floor, wall, and countertop installations.  Proudly Made In The USA.  Available nationwide.

Foyer brings to life two of this year’s hottest interior fashion trends — the need for sumptuous, luxurious design and then conversely, the affinity for materials that come from nature, such as Foyer’s marble looks.  Foyer features bold veining in three different marble designs, each with their own unique character and color palette.  The collection’s 12×24 and 24×48 tiles can be used alone to create a strikingly grand marble visual or may be coordinated in the same space with matching mosaics.  Each of Foyer’s three different marble designs have matching 3” hexagon mosaics as well as a 3” mixed mosaics.  These mosaics are stunning as an accent, shower floor, or even as an entire bathroom floor.  This collection combines the beauty of marble visuals with the durability of ColorBody porcelain.  Proudly Made In The USA.  Available nationwide. 

Subtle Strands
Soft, woven movements mark this minimalist concrete look tile. Ready to withstand heavy foot traffic, Subtle Strands is a ColorBody porcelain tile available in a variety of neutral shades and popular sizes.  The “barely there” visual adds interest and depth while the calming color selection creates a unified space. Your design project is complete with Subtle Strands.  Proudly Made In The USA.  Available nationwide.

“Minimalist design many times uses texture and format to provide visual interest, as opposed to vivacious color or pattern,” said Halbert.  “By realistically mimicking the warp and weft yarns in a sophisticated weave structure, Subtle Strands embodies the organic elements of woven materials, providing the illusion of texture.” 


About American Olean
Since 1923, American Olean has provided an extensive array of quality tile products. Through an appealing selection and a trusted network of industry professionals, American Olean empowers the creative visions of residential and commercial design and construction. For more information, visit americanolean.com and follow American Olean on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.

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