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ARDEX grouts: all new colors in 2021

For 2021 ARDEX Americas introduces a refreshed selection of grout colors. Each of the 36 colors,15 of which are new, have been chosen to blend harmoniously with today’s top tile trends.

“The process of updating the grout palette was an exciting undertaking,” said Kim Snyder, Product Category Manager of Tile & Stone Installation Systems for ARDEX Americas. “We’re thrilled to offer our customers a fresh range of colors that will allow them to match and complement all of the tile options out there.”

For convenience, the new colors are divided into five different color palettes, or themes: urban, lakeside, canyon, summit, and shore. Each of the palettes draws inspiration from North America’s native landscapes and natural features.

In conjunction with the release of the new grout colors, ARDEX Americas is launching the grout selector tool. In three steps, website visitors can select type of tile, color of tile and preview each of the new grout colors in a mock-up installation featuring their tile choices.

“Adding this feature to our website is one that we believe our contractors will find helpful, especially in assisting the homeowner to make the right choice in grout color for their installation,” said Kim.

All of the new colors are available for each of the same high-performance ARDEX grouts you’ve come to trust, ARDEX FG-C™, ARDEX FH™, ARDEX FL™ and ARDEX WA™.

For more about the new grout color colors please visit: https://www.ardexamericas.com/grout/

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