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(Chicago, IL – February 2020) – Fiandre, part of the Iris Ceramica Group, debuts new colors and finishes in the Maximum Marmi collection. Initially introduced at Cersaie and Salone, the products are now available in the U.S. market. Agata, Amazonite, White Beauty, Grey Beauty, Calacatta Bellissimo, Arabescato Orobico and Rock Salt are the latest editions in Fiandre’s top-selling Maximum Marmi Italian premium porcelain collection. Roc de Bourgogne and Solida are new color ranges in the Stone Effects category. 

brown gem surface Agata
Agata Maximum

Agata Maximum is the combination of Maximum technology and Fiandre’s expertise and development of sophisticated surfaces. This collection of maxi-gems in porcelain stoneware has a powerful decorative effect. Irregular and concentric shaping filled with contrast and shading gives the slab a sense of depth and recreates the translucent effect typical of agate.

Available in three colors, Agata Black, Agata Atena and Agata Blu, the gem-like surfaces  showcase the dominant shades of black, brown/orange and blue respectively. The expressive power of Agata Maximum makes it the ideal choice to bring both personality and creativity to a room and to create stunning furniture and decorative features.

green amazonite floor

Amazonite is a new slab in the Maximum Marmi collection, the texture of which is inspired by the precious stone of the same name, considered by the Egyptians to be the “stone of hope”.

Teal in color, Amazonite is a very rare mineral with an intense aesthetic, its dense speckled texture ranging from brown to peach tones, with touches of white and grey. A polished finish enhances the surface, for a unique and precious material.

Grey Beauty

The new White Beauty by Maximum Marmi draws inspiration from a refined Asian marble characterized by white, green, grey and black feldspars that create a rich and original design. The polished finish gives depth to the color and beauty to the details of this rare and exotic texture.

Grey Beauty presents an elegant contrast of white and grey shades and a unique design that brings real character to any space or décor. The polished finish gives depth to the color and beauty to the details of this rare and exotic texture.

white marble look surfacing Calacatta Bellissimo
Calacatta Bellissimo

Calacatta Bellissimo enriches the Maximum Marmi collection with refined grey veining that stands out on the white background. Refined grey veining on a white background brings brilliance and elegance to private homes and public or commercial spaces.

Surfaces are enhanced by the two available finishes, polished and semi-polished.

The wide variety of sizes meets the needs of customers and installers. The large 150×300 slabs, the 250×100 cm size, recently introduced along with the 100×100 cm, prevents any cutting waste when cladding. The compact size also allows for the material to be transported in tower buildings and skyscrapers, using lifts or goods hoists.

swirls of grey and brown floor Arabescato Orobico
Arabescato Orobico

Tones of white, combined with varied grey and brown accents and shades of ochre give Arabescato Orobico an intense, sinuous aesthetic. The polished finish highlights the sophisticated surface. Also available in a book match version, Arabescato Orobico is the ideal choice for prestigious architectural projects and interior décor, whether residential or commercial. 

In addition to wall and flooring applications, the material can also be used to customize furniture and architectural details.

Rock Salt Maximum Brown Grey

Fiandre takes inspiration from an essential element—salt, and gives life to Rock Salt Maximum, a sophisticated collection in which the crystallization typical of sea salt is expressed in a wide-ranging color palette—Pink, Grey, White and Brown. The weave of the texture recalls the crystallization of sea salt, its delicate transparency, and contrasting shades. The aesthetic beauty of Rock Salt is enhanced by a polished finish. 

creamy surface Roc de Bourgogne
Roc de Bourgogne

Roc de Bourgogne is inspired by the famous stone of Burgundy, France. The authentic appearance and original texture of this famous stone is perfectly interpreted into a cutting-edge surface that has all the advantages of porcelain tile. The three neutral tones—Beige, Blanc and Gris— in the collection are suitable for various interiors, featuring a “clouding” effect that provides movement and highlights the diversity of the natural material. The wide range includes different sizes, thicknesses and finishes, and offers designers and architects a living surface, for both interiors and exteriors, to use as flooring, cladding or for ventilated façades.

Solida subtle texture

Solida draws inspiration from Northern stone, for spaces that are light and elegant. With an aesthetic characterized by a subtle texture, this harmonious surface adapts to both minimalist and luxurious environments thanks to a formal precision that makes it very versatile.

The well-balanced Solida palette is designed to fit naturally into any context, bringing that sense of well-being that only pure nature can offer.

The six shades (Grey, Anthracite, White, Nut, Brown and Black) allow for the creation of spaces with very different atmospheres. The collection has a rich and detailed appeal- available in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, for interior and exterior applications. 

Debuting for the first time in the U.S., Agata, Rock Salt, Amazonite, White Beauty, Grey Beauty, Calacatta Bellissimo, Arabescato Orobico Roc de Bourgogne and Solida all include the latest in advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities in these new collections of high tech architectural surfaces.

The new colors are now available for the U.S. market through the Fiandre Group’s own distributor, Transceramica as well as through its nationwide network of distributors. The sleek styles and surface solutions are engineered for both commercial and contemporary residential projects. The porcelain products will also soon be on display in Fiandre’s Chicago and NY showrooms.  For more information, visit www.transceramica.com or www.granitifiandre.com

Produced in Italy, the Maximum Marmi 120×60 large format sophisticated slabs are inspired by the fine veins, color variations, and elegant details. Fiandre’s Maximum Marmi collection of large format porcelain wall and floor solutions encourages the most ambitious architectural ideas and enhances the most exclusive furnishing installations for hospitality, commercial and residential settings. Produced in Italy, the Maximum Marmi 120×60 large format sophisticated slabs are inspired by the fine veins, color variations, and elegant details found in very rare marble quarries. The collection is available in the following dimensions, in polished or semi-polished finishes: 120”x60”, 120”x40”, 60”x60”, 60”x40”, 40”x40”, 60”x30”, 30”x30”, and 30”x15”. 

Maximum is recommended for industrial design and custom-made furnishings due to its reduced 6 mm thickness and increased flexibility. Maximum offers a broader surface area, unbroken and free of discontinuities, and therefore recommended for custom made furniture as a layover onto existing materials, such as kitchen countertops, tables and coffee table tops, seating and bathroom furniture.

Sustainability is a key principle of Fiandre’s philosophy

Fiandre’s commitment to environmental issues and its sustainability positioning distinguishes the brand in the global porcelain and ceramic marketplace. The pureness of the raw materials along with the most advanced technology and continuous study of aesthetic design trends ensures long-lasting products. Recognized globally for its environmental commitment and certifications: ISO 1400, EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) and over 250 Fiandre materials are LEED certified.

For more information about the group’s collections, visit www.granitifiandre.com www.irisceramicagroup.com. For sample requests, email [email protected]   

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