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Friday, July 19, 2024

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Fireclay Tile introduces USA-Made Glass Tile

March 19, 2024 – Spokane, WA — In a significant step for American craftsmanship, Fireclay Tile proudly announces the reintroduction of its Glass Tile product line, now produced in the newly established, state-of-the-art Glass Factory in Spokane, Washington. This strategic move marks a major milestone for Fireclay Tile, a Certified B Corp handmade tile manufacturer and retailer, as it brings its Glass Tile production in-house, affirming that 100% of its products are responsibly made in the USA.

The path to crafting Glass Tile in Fireclay’s Washington Factory was anything but linear. From the early days of recognizing the potential in Glass Tile for both its aesthetic and environmental impact, through the challenges of finding a partner who aligned with our values, to the triumphant relocation of production to the Washington facility, every step has been driven by Fireclay’s commitment to quality, innovation, and responsibility. This tale is not just about tile–it’s about people, passion, and principles.

“We first introduced our Glass Tile offering in 2018 in collaboration with a manufacturing partner in Canada,” shares Jamie Chappell, VP of Brand & Marketing at Fireclay. “That factory has since closed its doors which opened up a new challenge and opportunity for us to bring manufacturing in-house. Thanks to the dedication and “GANAS” (Spanish for Desire) of our production teams we’ve been able to successfully build out the Glass Tile manufacturing operation at our Spokane, WA factory which we acquired in 2022. While the product retains all the same characteristics our customers know and love, we’re able to introduce higher levels of control, quality and new product innovation by bringing this process in-house. We’re also proud to share that with this move 100% of Fireclay Tile products are made in the United States.”

Fireclay’s commitment to American manufacturing is a cornerstone of its operations. Uniquely positioned as the only US company producing Glass Tile at this scale, Fireclay ensures stringent quality control and adherence to sustainable manufacturing practices. This initiative not only provides complete oversight of the production process but also reinforces the company’s dedication to supporting the US economy and minimizing environmental impact.

The Glass Tile collection showcases a sophisticated and modern color palette, designed for
those who celebrate vibrant and elevated hues. With 12 sizes, including mosaics as small as 1×1 and field tiles as large as 4×12, and 24 radiant colors in matte and gloss finishes, this product line offers a vast range of design possibilities.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Fireclay’s Glass Tile is engineered for performance. Impervious to water and stains, it’s ideal for applications in wet areas such as pools, steam rooms, saunas, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Its Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and high resistance to chemical attack, fading, and discoloration make it perfectly suitable for commercial applications including assisted living, healthcare, education, and hospitality.

About Fireclay Tile:
Since 1986, Fireclay Tile has been committed to making tile a better way. This mission has
earned the company B Corp, Climate Neutral, and Employee-Owned certification as well as a reputation for producing the most coveted handmade tile available. Made to order in the USA, Fireclay offers an array of materials, alongside complimentary design services for homeowners, a program for residential trade professions, and dedicated commercial support for large-volume projects. Fireclay customers can boast that their beautiful, sustainably made tile is crafted with 100% renewable energy, which qualifies for industry-leading certifications, including LEED. From partnerships with Allies in Arts and the National Parks Conservation Association to a Pledge1% commitment, Fireclay Tile works and designs with good intentions.

Learn more here: https://www.fireclaytile.com/.
Follow Fireclay Tile: https://www.instagram.com/fireclaytile/
Press Contact: [email protected]

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