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Imagine Tile’s Brit-Themed Colorful Plaid Floor Tile Featured in Solaire 8250

Imagine Tile created this Brit-inspired plaid tile for Solaire 8250 luxury residence in Silver Springs, Md.

February 19, 2020, MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY – SR/A Interior Architecture & Design called upon imagine tile to create a custom ceramic floor tile for Solaire 8250, a new luxury residential rental property located in downtown Silver Springs, MD.  This cool custom 16″ x 16″ ceramic tile features a commercial wear rating for high traffic as well as slip resistance for wet environments. Showcased in a club level restroom, this unique Brit-themed colorful plaid floor was selected by SR/A and inspired from across the pond.   

About Imagine Tile – A leader in the custom tile industry, Imagine Tile has spent the last decade creating and producing commercially rated ceramic tiles for use in hospitality, commercial, retail, and residential markets.  Using patented glazing technologies, Imagine Tile works directly with architects, designers and homeowners to reproduce textures, patterns, photos, illustrations and even three-dimensional images into tiles that are commercially rated for high traffic indoor and outdoor use.  Let your imagination run tiled!                                                          

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