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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Landmark Ceramics debuts Bluestone Design Project porcelain pavers

Bluestone Design Project is a premium line of porcelain pavers inspired by the finest Pennsylvania native Bluestone, widely used for prestigious projects all over North America.

Bluestone Design Project by Landmark Ceramics.

A highly versatile outdoor collection with infinite combinations of colors, sizes, trim pieces and finishes, designed to meet the demands of Total Look outdoor projects.

Bluestone Design Project also revisits the prestigious Tumbled design, breathing new life into a historical pattern and Cobblestone variant, enriched by infinite multicolored nuances.

Bluestone Design Project offers an ample choice of customizable solutions, with options ranging from the standard 24”x24” size to 12”x24”, 24”x26”, 24”x48”, and 12”x12”. The antiqued Tumbled finish is available in the 9”x9” and 9”x18” versions, while the Cobblestone model comes in the traditional Cube pattern or in the unique Multisize variant. Bluestone Design Project presents an ample choice of boundless combinations.

For more information, visit https://hardscape.landmarkceramics.com/bluestone-design-project.php

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