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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Larson Electronics offers UV oven to disinfect packages

Ordering products and goods online is the current norm these days, as people avoid contact and recover from the coronavirus pandemic. The problem is that viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes can live on the surface of packages for a long time if left untreated. To stay safe and prevent contamination, you need a way to sanitize packages without coming in direct contact with the box or envelope.

Use the Larson Electronics UV Box to disinfect packages and deliveries quickly. You don’t even have to touch the package.
Larson UV oven box
Larson Electronics UV Oven

Below are the features of the Larson Electronics IND-TBL-BX-R2-UVC-16X-120V UV Oven:

  • 24” x 14” x 16” internal dimensions
  • Sixteen, 18” UV-C fluorescent lamps
  • Green (safe to open) and amber (in operation) indicator lights
  • Automatically turns off when opening the lid
  • Timer included

To use the UV box, simply leave the unit on your porch, front door or outside of the residential area where you typically receive packages to allow personnel access to the device during a delivery. Request the delivery person to place packages inside the UV oven and turn the box on (don’t forget to leave instructions!). After the disinfection process, the package is safe to take out of the box and open immediately.

For permanent installations, offer mounting lugs are available that are compatible with the UV box. This disinfection device is recommended for cleaning packages from Amazon, FedEx, DHL and more.

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