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Thursday, July 11, 2024

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MAPEI Corporation donates to tornado relief

Deerfield Beach, Florida MAPEI Corporation has donated $10,000 to the Red Cross’ tornado recovery effort after storms in early December caused widespread destruction in multiple midwestern states.

“The tornado that tore through four states at the beginning of December did unprecedented damage to our friends and neighbors in the Midwest,” explained Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of MAPEI Corporation. “We are compelled to help.”

Dubbed the “Quad-State Tornado,” weather service reports state that the disastrous tornado was on the ground for approximately 230 miles – tearing through four states (Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky) on the night of December 10th. It was joined by more than 60 “smaller” tornadoes following paths of destruction in the four states, as well as through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi and Georgia.

Di Geso continued, “There is never a good time for a disaster, but this one is particularly cruel. These tornadoes occurred at night and out of season. Families were sleeping. Homes were decorated for the holidays. It is tragic. One of our core values at MAPEI is helping the communities in which we live and work, reaching out to those in need and giving back. Our donation will help the Red Cross relief efforts provide a measure of comfort to those who have suddenly lost so much.”

According to the charity, donations to the Red Cross Tornado Relief Fund will be used for relief services, including:
• Shelter and food for residents who were impacted by the storm.
• Purchase and distribution of materials to help clean up debris.
• Damage assessment on homes that were impacted by the storm.
• Mental health and emotional support for residents who were impacted by the storm, as well as additional services.

“This disaster coming at the holidays just underscores the importance of community,” Di Geso said. “Our friends and neighbors who were impacted by this terrible event have our full support.”

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