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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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MAPEI innovation can now be found on FloorcloudTM

Deerfield Beach, Florida – MAPEI announces that specification data for its flooring-installation products is now available on Floorcloud, an online technology platform that was developed to allow users to remotely “monitor, communicate and store” jobsite-condition data in real time.

Floorcloud monitors jobsite conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and dew point, as well as concrete moisture and temperature. Sensors report the data back to Floorcloud’s proprietary software, which is compatible on both desktop and mobile devices; this allows users to actively monitor the conditions of the project whether they are on site, in the office or anywhere with a cell phone connection. Further, the platform houses a manufacturer database of specification information so that real-world jobsite data can be compared in real time with manufacturer’s recommendations.

“Close to 200 MAPEI products are included by name on Floorcloud as of now,” said Jim Whitfield, MAPEI’s Director of Technical Services. “Monitoring conditions at the jobsite during the installation process is an excellent practice. The fact that this database not only includes technical-specification documentation, but also allows users to upload and store photos, add notes and send information to all the stakeholders in real time, will increase efficiency and consistency.”

Floorcloud’s co-founder and president, Scott Banda, stated, “We are very excited to have MAPEI participate in the Floorcloud platform as a Manufacturer Verified™ Program Partner. Jobsite monitoring sets projects up for success from the very beginning. Having a manufacturer with the size, scale and depth-of-field knowledge of MAPEI come on board is so important. It brings awareness to the necessity of installing all flooring products within the specified conditions of the manufacturer.”

“The Floorcloud platform offers another tool for contractors and architects to help ensure that projects run smoothly. Our participation in this program is another important step in our system-solution approach to providing a total customized solution for each project with which we are involved. [Other online programs include SpecLink, MasterSpec, Specpoint, and ARCAT.] However, Floorcloud is the first to really focus on the project from the flooring contractor’s perspective and to provide a 24/7 tool based at the jobsite,” Whitfield explained. “Floorcloud puts the critical product information in everyone’s hands on site and in real time.”

Whitfield continued, “MAPEI’s participation in these programs means that we reach project teams at every step of the process before the project begins to help them find the best products for their project and meet their goals, whether they are sustainability, codes, costs or assisting with product selection. From the specification to the jobsite and the install, we now can recommend an online program, in addition to our in-person representatives, to help our clients. MAPEI offers system solutions; these programs allow us to create a complete and individualized solution for each jobsite. Floorcloud captures the jobsite itself.”

For more information about MAPEI’s product documentation on Floorcloud, visit the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device and download the Floorcloud app.

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