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Friday, May 24, 2024

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Merola Tile Unveils “Valor” at Coverings Tradeshow

ATLANTA, GA — This week at the Coverings Tradeshow, April 2024, Merola Tile Distributors of America proudly introduced “Valor”, their new line of premium, American-made porcelain tiles. Valor tiles, available in a 6″ by 24″ format, capture the essence of America with their distinctive wood grain appearance, designed to bring a rustic, gritty strength into any outdoor setting.

John Merola, CEO of Merola Tile, inspired by his profound love for the country and deep respect for the veterans who have valiantly served to protect our freedoms, conceptualized Valor.

“This product is more than just a tile; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the resilience and bravery of our veterans. We are thrilled to offer a product that not only looks robust and beautiful but also contributes back to those who have given so much to our nation,” said Merola.

The launch of Valor coincides with Merola Tile’s announcement of a partnership with the National Center for Healthy Veterans. A portion of all proceeds from Valor tile sales will be donated to this respected organization, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of veterans.

Valor is perfect for any outdoor space, offering durability and the classic beauty of wood grain in high-quality porcelain. This new line is ready for immediate distribution and can be purchased online at MerolaTile.com, showcasing American manufacturing prowess while also supporting our veterans through meaningful contributions.

For more information about Valor tiles and other products, please visit MerolaTile.com. To learn more about the National Center for Healthy Veterans and how purchases of Valor contribute to supporting veteran health and well-being, visit HealthyVeterans.org.

About Merola Tile Distributors of America Merola Tile Distributors of America is a leading tile distributor, renowned for high-quality, innovative, and exclusively designed tiles. Based in New York, Merola Tile is committed to producing superbly crafted products that meet the aesthetic and functional demands of modern homeowners and businesses.

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