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Friday, May 17, 2024

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Nemo Tile + Stone’s Glow radiates pastel sunshine

A ray of sunshine in these turbulent times, Nemo Tile + Stone’s gorgeous new collection, GLOW is packed with style, an iridescent shine, and an aesthetic that falls perfectly in line with the pastel palettes we all crave come spring and summer. Cue, the GLOW Collection:

  • The GLOW collection consists of white body ceramic wall tiles that come to life in chic pastel colors – Rain, Blush, Vanilla, and Snow. A few in the range:
  • The collection’s offerings are further elevated with a unique and eye-catching hologram option, containing the ideal blend of each shade to create an impactful design. The effect mimics a rainbow mirage, creating a design that is as showstopping as it is subtle (thank you, pastels!).
  • GLOW is offered in both a matte and glossy finish to allow for a variety of styles to be made in its slender 2” x 10” format.
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