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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Portobello America updating collections with 18 x 48″ Wall tiles with relief

Portobello America (PBA) is excited to announce significant enhancements to its renowned collections – blending innovation, versatility, and exceptional design seamlessly. The revamped collections introduce the new 18×48″ format, enriched with innovative relief textures, setting new standards in wall décor aesthetics.

The introduction of three captivating relief textures – Bordi, Doghi, and Graffi – seamlessly integrated into the new 18×48″ format transforms spaces with their tactile charm.

Whether enhancing large, open spaces or making a bold statement in feature walls and accent areas, these textures offer cohesive aesthetic appeal.

AGELESS Collection:
Inspired by the timeless elegance of Nordic decor and Scandinavian style, these white marbles—Charleston, Dolomiti, and Santiago—are elevated with the new 18×48″ format and distinctive relief textures, providing depth to design projects. Additionally, 4×16″ small formats have been added, offering a refined allure that transcends trends.

LAB and NORIAN Collections:
The Urban LAB & Organic NORIAN Collections, launched last fall, have also been upgraded with these innovative relief textures, enhancing versatility and design flexibility.

About Portobello America
Portobello America, a subsidiary of the Portobello Group, is a design brand dedicated to enhancing every household environment. With a committed creative team focusing on research and development, paired with our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, Portobello America endeavors to craft, produce, and deliver a diverse range of surface formats tailored specifically for the U.S. market. Situated in Baxter, TN, our advanced 1 million square foot facility is primed to curate a distinctive and sustainable portfolio, transforming spaces and evoking emotions. With an annual capacity of 60 million square feet and state-of-the-art automated production, our integrated business model is built on a solid foundation encompassing retail, logistics, design, and innovation, empowering us to provide comprehensive support to our partners. For more information, please visit www.portobelloamerica.com.

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