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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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RUBI will showcase its innovative products 2024 at Cersaie

  • RUBI will present its new product innovations designed with Cordless Alliance System
    (CAS) battery technology and its ergonomic trowel in collaboration with SaintGobain Weber.
  • The DT-250 MAX electric cutter, the complete range of SLAB products, and diamond
    blades also bring new features to CERSAIE 2023.

    Rubí (Barcelona), 7th September, 2023. RUBI once again takes part in CERSAIE, the
    international trade fair dedicated to ceramics, bathroom architecture, and construction
    materials held in Bologna (Italy). This year, CERSAIE will take place from September 25th
    to 29th, and RUBI will be present at booth A1 in pavilion 31, showcasing its new 2024
    product innovations.

    Firstly, RUBI will unveil its product innovations designed with Cordless Alliance System
    (CAS) battery technology, an innovative multi-brand battery system that enables
    professionals to work with different machines using a single adaptable battery. This
    evolution not only saves them time and money but also offers enhanced comfort and
    efficiency in their work.

    Secondly, we will also showcase the new curved ergonomic trowel, developed in
    collaboration with Saint-Gobain Weber, designed to optimize work by minimizing effort
    and maximizing comfort during the application of tile adhesive on surfaces.
    Furthermore, the portable electric cutter DT-250 MAX will be available at the booth. This
    innovative tool has been crafted with the aim of delivering an exceptional cutting effect,
    making it the perfect choice for precision finishes, and remodelling tasks, providing
    unparalleled accuracy.

    Additionally, the complete range of SLAB products for large formats will also be exhibited.
    This range includes the new manual porcelain sheet cutter SLIM CUTTER PLUS G2 and the
    circular cutter TC-125 G2, both of which stand out. Alongside these, the SLAB TRANS MINI
    transport system will be presented – a flexible and lightweight tool designed for mediumsized large formats. Lastly, within this range, there’s the new SLAB VERSA-TILE table, a
    sturdy and adaptable solution capable of adjusting in height and width to
    accommodate various tasks.

    RUBI is also expanding its range of diamond blades. Therefore, the booth will feature an
    exhibition of the diamond blade series for cutting 20mm thick porcelain stoneware. These
    blades are known for their extended lifespan, fast cutting, and optimal finishes. They are
    available in three categories—Pro, SuperPro, and Premium—to meet various installer

    RUBI Group is continually updating its offerings in line with the latest market trends, as
    reflected in its extensive product catalogue featuring over 1,000 references. RUBI
    solutions stand out for their leadership in quality, innovation, and reliability, placing the
    brand at the forefront of the industry.
    Attendees will have the opportunity to firsthand experience and test the 2024 RUBI
    product innovations at booth A1 in pavilion 31.

About RUBI Group
RUBI was founded in 1951 in the city of Rubí, Barcelona, and is now a leading brand in tools for tile cutting and installation. It has 11 subsidiaries across the five continents and recurring sales in over 120 countries. It was created by the Boada brothers (Germans Boada, SA) with the aim of being the best partner for their customers by providing them with a comprehensive service and product solution. It has a focus on end users, offering them the widest range of tools to successfully tackle any tile installation project: tools for cutting, handling, transport and installation of tiles. The company constantly innovates new solutions and manufactures and markets differential products at the forefront of the sector. The aim is to make the tile fitter’s work safer, easier and more efficient.

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