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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Special Kitchen & Bath product preview for KBIS 2023

ABK COOKING SURFACE PRIMEAesthetics and technological innovation, the cooktop of the future,

It’s there, but you can’t see it! What looks like a simple worktop in fact hides an integrated induction cooking system. A perfect blend of design and technology, COOKING SURFACE Prime combines the aesthetics of Abkstone’s large sintered slabs with an innovative patented technical solution that makes traditional cooking methods obsolete.

The combination of COOKING SURFACE Prime and sintered slabs promotes creativity and allows for optimal use of space, facilitating all kitchen activities from the preparation of ingredients through to cooking.

The induction cooktop integrated into the ceramic slab is activated only when the magnetic field comes into contact with a metal pan. The heat is transferred directly to the pans, so the cooktop cooks more quickly than a gas cooker and the sintered slabs do not heat up. This saves energy and allows the worktop to be used for other activities when not cooking.

The COOKING SURFACE Prime induction cooking system can only be used in conjunction with Abkstone sintered slabs. Produced using innovative technologies, they are ideal for both domestic and professional use and come with a 25-year warranty.

Using Abkstone 1635×3230 mm sintered slabs as worktops brings numerous advantages and effectively rewrites the rules of interior design. They are resistant to staining, scratching and knife blades, allowing food to be cut and prepared directly on the surface. They are also heat-resistant, waterproof and porosity-free, ensuring maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.

The surfaces faithfully reproduce marble, natural stone, metal, concrete and even wood, making them ideal for custom contemporary kitchen space design.

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