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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Stonepeak Ceramics expands investments to boost U.S. production

(Crossville, TN – September 19, 2023] – Stonepeak Ceramics, the preeminent U.S.
manufacturer of high-tech porcelain stoneware solutions reaffirms its commitment to
excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction through a series of strategic
investments in its U.S. operations. Through these investments, the company aims to
expand and upgrade product output, highlighting its dedication to delivering state-of-the-
art quality materials and reaffirming its position as a pioneer in taking ceramics to new

Throughout 2023, Stonepeak Ceramics has embarked on a $10 million comprehensive
program of capital investments with a focus on all aspects of the Tennessee production
facility. These investments encompass cutting-edge production technologies and quality
enhancements, firmly establishing Stonepeak Ceramics as the technological leader in
the industry. The program includes a multi-phase manufacturing upgrade to the
company’s Tennessee plant, which is expected to be completed at the end of

The plant upgrade will provide Stonepeak’s customers with XL gauged porcelain
stoneware slabs and high-end large format materials of the highest quality and includes
new polishing lines and new 12-bar digital printing machines with state-of-the-art
capabilities. These upgrades will further improve the quality, innovation, and design of
the company’s products, including enhancement of through-veining porcelain solutions,
expansion of color ranges, and enhancement of polished finishes. Additional upgrades
will also enable the company to stock higher inventory levels and guarantee faster
turnaround times.

Furthermore, Stonepeak Ceramics will also be implementing a new warehouse
management software to further improve stock management practices and better
respond to expanding customers’ needs. The new system will increase handling,
storing, and shipping efficiency, helping meet surging demand and offering unparalleled
support in the industry.

“Our passion for sustainable innovation extends to every aspect of our operations and
sets us apart in the industry. These investments are a testament to that dedication and

keep raising the bar of quality and reliability of porcelain solutions firmly positioning
Stonepeak Ceramics at the forefront of the industry and in line with our core values,”
said Federica Minozzi, CEO of Iris Ceramica Group.

While these developments mark significant progress, Stonepeak Ceramics hints at
more investments to come, as the company remains steadfast in its mission to keep
enhancing its operations, products, and services and better serve its valued customers.

About Stonepeak Ceramics
Stonepeak Ceramics, part of the Italian-based company Iris Ceramica Group, has been
pioneering porcelain stoneware solutions since its establishment in 2004. It is the
leading U.S. manufacturer of high-end ceramics solutions, renowned for its relentless
pursuit of innovation, unrivaled quality, and unwavering commitment to exceptional
service. With its headquarters in Chicago, IL, and its manufacturing plant in Crossville,
Tennessee, Stonepeak Ceramics leads the industry, taking porcelain stoneware to new
heights according to the Group’s vision: Re-engineering ceramics to improve the
interaction between people and the environment.

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