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The TCNA Art Tile Courtyard Has Gone to the Dogs

At Coverings 2018, fourteen beautiful doghouses tiled by TCNA members are on display in the TCNA Art Tile Courtyard (#7249). These beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art were installed over custom made Wedi Corp. (booth #7109) doghouse forms donated by TCNA and Wedi Corp.
After the show, the doghouses will be donated to the Homeless Pets Foundation (https://homelesspets.com), a 501(c) (3) organization that saves the lives of homeless dogs and cats in Atlanta area animal shelters and promotes the benefits of pet ownership.
The following descriptions were provided by the companies/artisans who tiled the doghouses.
AlysEdwards Tile & Stone (booth # 7355) AlysEdwards is waking up to smell the roses in their charming doghouse featuring none other than pink tile in honor of celebrating 10 years in business. Any little diva pup would be Totally In Zinc with the mirrored interior and floral porcelain patterned floor. Sealed with AlysEdwards’ famous kiss of approval, this doghouse will take you to another dimension, of tile that is!
The doghouse was designed by Kevin Sanchez and tiled by the AlysEdwards Tile & Stone Sample Department.
American Wonder Porcelain (booth # 7421)
Reflecting the current, sizzling-hot black and white trend seen in multiple industries-including fashion, home furnishings, and tile-American Wonder Porcelain presents A Vision in Black & White. The fun black and white mosaics listed below were used on the body of the doghouse and the roof features American Wonder Porcelain’s No. 12 series in 12″ x 24″ Super Black.
Front – black and white basket weave mosaic
Doorway – black and white penny round mosaic
Sides – black and white 2″ octagon mosaic and black and white 2″ hexagon mosaic
Back – black and white curve mosaic BW03CURV1P
Casa Ceramica (booth # 7243)
Casa Ceramica’s doghouse was designed and installed by its in-house design and installation team. The tiles and trim pieces from their Mediterranean Tile Collection were installed in a patchwork motif. Also included were tiles from their NEW Tile Collections: the Subway Collection and Heritage Collection. The bones were made locally in Florida by the same artist who produces Casa Ceramica’s custom tiles.
Crossville, Inc. (booth # 7654)
Black, White, and Shades of Today…
Crossville, Inc. turned to Banko Design of Marietta, GA for the design of this year’s doghouse. The result is a canine abode that’s both modern and classic in style.
Black and white tiles from Crossville’s Yin+Yang collection interplay on the roof to create a fun, zig-zag pattern. The juxtaposition of the traditional black and white palette combined in such a playful pattern speaks to the current trend of combining starkly contrasting colors to achieve unique tile designs. The natural stone look enveloping the walls of the doggy dwelling offers a timeless aesthetic that also appeals to contemporary sensibilities – a doggedly bold and beautiful approach to doghouse design!
Del Conca USA (booth # 1616)
Del Conca’s doghouse features tile from their Calico collection, which simulates a wood design. The colors are Sunset and Brown. A chimney was added to make the lucky dog who gets this house feel more at home.
Fiandre (booth # 7646)
Inspired by Fiandre’s global brand sustainability vision, their doghouse design connects the beauty of nature with luxurious Italian porcelain-pet-friendly design and environmentally friendly materials. Any dog who loves the great outdoors will be enamored with Fiandre’s doghouse creation tiled in the brown Eminent Wood Italian porcelain, a new collection inspired by the fossilization process of ancient wood. The Eminent Wood finish is described as incredibly vivid brushstrokes of color that stand out among the intense contrasting white background.
Fiandre hopes its chic doghouse design provides a warm, safe and inviting home for the dogs at the Homeless Pets Foundation.
Florida Tile (booth # 7620)
In Florida Tile’s home state of Kentucky, you’ll find a trail of tobacco and horse barns with beautifully painted symbols and quilt patterns-a history dating back to the 1800s symbolizing rooted heritage and a promise of good fortune.
This is Florida Tile’s salute to that traditional folk art heritage!
Walls: RestoreHDP THINNER/Tobacco Barn
Roof: AventisHDP THINNER/Titanium
Barn quilt mosaic: LocalHDP/Bistro, Cafe, Lounge, Tavern
Fence: Time 2.0HDP THINNER/Snow
International Wholesale Tile (booth # 4031)
International Wholesale Tile thoroughly enjoyed working on this fun and exciting project spearheaded by the Tile Council of North America.
To keep within the doghouse theme, they decided to utilize their “Bark” series, a collection of recycled glass inkjet mosaics available in a myriad of colors and sizes.
Installed on the outside walls is the Bark Bay Multi-linear 11.75″ x 11.75″ mosaic sheet. Staggered to mimic roof tiles, the roof is portrayed in Bark Aspen 3″ x 6″ staggered 11.5″ x 11.5″ mosaic sheet. Bark is available in four unique color combinations in three popular sizes: Multi-linear mosaic 11.75″ x 11.75″ sheet, 3″ x 6″ staggered mosaic 11.5″ x 11.5″ sheet, and a 3″ Hex mosaic 11.75″ x 11.75″ sheet.
And, like any good house, you need a little bit of bling on the inside! For the doghouse’s back wall, they installed “Glimmer,” a blend of glitzy glass and metal available in one color in a random linear 11.75″ x 11.625″ mosaic sheet.
Ironrock (booth # 7133)
The theme of Ironrock’s doghouse is The Little Brick Puppy Palace. The design of the doghouse is reminiscent of a classic brick home, and Ironrock’s Royal Thin Brick® product was used to achieve this look. With the sturdy brick design, the lucky puppy who occupies this doghouse will be safe from any amount of huffing and puffing that might come along. And he/she will feel right at home with an entrance complete with decorative tile dog bones. The roof made of Metropolitan Ceramics® quarry tile will also keep the pup nice and dry.
Products used:
Bottom stacked row of bricks – Royal Thin Brick #710 Hanover
Remaining sides of the doghouse – Royal Thin Brick Federal Blend
Inside edge of entryway – Metropolitan Ceramics #710 Raven chips
Roof – Metropolitan Ceramics #105 Buckskin transition tile
Roof cap – METROBRICK #710 Charcoal edge cap

Designers: Ashley Miller, Ron Williamson, Mike Shoffner
Installer: Mike Shoffner
Lunada Bay Tile (booth # 8062)
Modern Barkitecture
Inspired by Adora, a fluffy, design-loving hound, Lunada Bay’s modern doghouse is intended to provide Instagram-worthy style and shelter from the midday sun.
The roof and side walls showcase the striking architectural shapes of Ka-nu Keel ceramic tile in Harbor Blue, which feature a lustrous, subtly pearlized glaze.
The front and back walls are a combination of Ka-nu Buoy Mosaic in Sandbar, Harbor Blue, and Sea Kelp, and the house is trimmed in Ka-nu Plank 1-3/4″ x 9-3/4″ in Sea Kelp.
Marazzi (booth # 2817)
Marazzi’s doghouse is playfully-themed to capture the vivacious and happy energy that dogs add to everyday life.
Marazzi’s Costa Clara tile in Blue Wave comprised the majority of the doghouse. This tile has a handcrafted, artisan look and texture that lends to Marazzi’s fun-loving theme. The deep, rich blue and movement of Costa Clara’s texture also took Marazzi in the direction of a coastal theme, so they selected a tile for the roof that added both a look and texture akin to the waves of the ocean.
The blue tile was paired with bright white grout to simulate the white piping that is typically part of any good nautical theme, bringing additional vibrance to the overall visual. As one last whimsical touch, they added the image of a dog bone right over the door of the house, so Fido knows this home is definitely for him!
The doghouse was designed by Sarah Morales of Marazzi, and the tile installer was Albert Pena of LAB Exhibits.
New Ravenna (booth # 8233)
New Ravenna’s doghouse, Ruff Stuff, was designed by their creative director, Cean Irminger. The tile used is similar to their Hare Apparent pattern made of frolicking bunny rabbits. Ruff Stuff is comprised of Absolute White and Zircon Jewel glass. There is a dog print on the roof, and the base is made from bricks for a classic look with a luxurious twist. The bricks are 2″ x 8″ Absolute White with a 1 cm stripe trim in Zircon.
The grout on the base is a blue gray to pop the look of the bricks, and the roof is grouted in white to accentuate the lines of the dogs.
Quemere Designs (booth # 7448)
The theme for Quemere Designs’ doghouse is Country Living – Home Away from Home. The doghouse was designed by Quemere Designs’ creative group and installed by their design team.
Their doghouse features the following tile:
* Roof: Palm – color: Myrtle Green Gloss
* Walls: Prism – color: Gris Gloss
* Walls base: 4″ x 4″ Manhattan – color: Pinot Gloss
* Walls borders and liners:
o Pencil liner – color: Pinot Gloss
o 1″ quarter round – color: Pinot Gloss
o Mini square mosaics – color: Myrtle Green Gloss
StonePeak Ceramics (booth # 7847)
The design and installation of StonePeak’s tiled doghouse at the TCNA Art Tile Courtyard was a group effort from its team of dog fanatics and features their bestselling mosaics.
All tile used in the doghouse are from 2017’s most popular new product collection, Classic 2.0. A mix of mosaics in Travertino Grigio color highlights the countless design possibilities available through StonePeak.
The roof is composed of 9″ x 15″ Chelsea mosaic, and the side walls are 2″ x 6″ brick mosaics. The doghouse’s front and back feature 12″ x 12″ basket weave mosaic.
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