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Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Tile Applications are “Grout-Ready” in just 4 Hours with Bostik’s BAM™

Introduced to the market during Total Solutions Plus was Bostik’s new, fiber-reinforced, RapidCure Mortar for large and heavy tile mortar.

Introducing BAM, Bostik’s latest high-performance, fiber-reinforced tile mortar. Formulated with RapidCure™ Technology, BAM™ offers maximum performance for installations of large and heavy tile, glass tile, mosaics, quarry, porcelain, ceramic, most natural stone tiles, and even gauged porcelain tile / panels.

Most notably, its RapidCure Technology allows for a consistent cure resulting in tile being ready for grouting in just 4 hours. Additionally, BAMdelivers exceptional bond strength that exceeds ANSI 118.15 requirements.

Ideal for use over various sheet membranes, BAM can also be used over properly prepared concrete; cement backer boards; masonry; concrete block; mortar beds; cement terrazzo; structurally sound exterior grade plywood (interior / dry use only); existing, well-bonded vinyl composite tile (VCT); existing tiles; cutback adhesive residue (dry only) and various anti-fracture and waterproofing membranes.

According to Adam Abell, Bostik’s Market Manager, Tile & Stone Installation Systems, “As our industry advances, the ‘need for speed’ becomes more and more of a reality. BAM not only cures rapidly, it may be installed on top of a wide variety of substates. Installations with BAM make it possible for tile contractors to confidently leave the jobsite on or even before scheduled completion times… and get right over to their next project. Floors can be ‘traffic-ready’ in record time.”

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