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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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What is the NTCA Technical Committee?

New video series: The NTCA Technical Committee Roundtable – Episode 1

Is it cement tile or encaustic tile? How is tile first evaluated for size variation and warpage in the field? Are there special considerations for installing pebble tile floors in showers? All good questions and all are topics being discussed and worked on in various ways in the NTCA Technical Committee.

The work of the NTCA Technical Committee is ongoing because the NTCA Reference Manual is under constant review with edits and additions driven by the dynamics of the tile industry.

This month, the NTCA Technical Committee kicks off The NTCA Technical Committee Roundtable; a video series aimed at sharing information about the work of the committee and how this work benefits NTCA members.

In Episode 1: What is the NTCA Technical Committee?, Chairman James Woelfel and Vice Chairman Nyle Wadford talk with Chris Woelfel and provide an overview of the committee’s work. You’ll hear from other members – contractors, manufacturers, other association members, and distributors – that the work of the Technical Committee helps every segment of the tile installation industry. Give us a “like” and post your questions: https://youtu.be/RwY2UIDuSzI

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