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Anatolia Tile + Stone announces new U.S. distribution center

Toronto, Canada: May 28, 2019 – Anatolia Tile & Stone is pleased to announce the opening of its first distribution center in the United States. Strategically located in Savannah, Ga.,  the new distribution center will serve as the main shipping hub for domestic customers and primary receiving point for product from overseas. Located near the port of Savannah, a major terminal for oceangoing vessels on the east coast, as well as links to rail and nearby interstate highways, this is a further step in improving service to U.S. customers. The location in the U.S. will not only deliver better service to customers and reduced shipping rates, but will also offer cost advantages related to increasing import tariffs.

Another milestone in the global expansion of the Anatolia supply chain network, this distribution center follows the opening of the massive distribution center in Aliaga, Turkey in 2018. At just under 400,000 sq. ft. under-roof, the new Savannah facility sits on over 30 acres of land, allowing for abundant storage, staging and location of material inside the warehouse and outdoors. Boasting over 50 shipping and receiving docks, plus additional ground level access, there is plenty of capacity to accommodate the anticipate high velocity of inbound/outbound traffic. With nearly all of the space dedicated to storage, the Savannah location is expected to hold up to 60,000 pallets.

In total, Anatolia Tile & Stone operates four distribution centers. The global headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario houses the corporate offices as well as storage in a 625,000 sq. ft.  facility. Also located in the Greater Toronto Area is the Caledon, Ontario location with 250,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space. The recently opened Aliaga facility, serves as the main global logistics center bordering Europe and Asia. As the largest storage facility in the group at over 645,000 sq. ft.,  the Aliaga facility is also the main shipping point for product bound for Western Europe, Canadian distribution centers and will soon service the new facility in Savannah directly.

For more information visit http://www.anatoliatile.com/explore-collections


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