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Anatolia Tile + Stone launches contemporary concrete, Industria

Toronto, Canada: February 25, 2019 – Industria is the newest porcelain collection from Anatolia Tile & Stone. This unique concrete look was born in the streets, the product of an urban industrial center where utility, function, dependability and practicality rule. Worn, consumed, used, revived, reused, modern, the Industria series is all of these. A design infused with the intricacies of individual aggregate, weathered over time is the soul of this modern large-format collection. Concrete is strong and reliable, but it also has a character that can be molded and formed. Inspiration that comes from a modern design aesthetic can be envisioned and brought to life.

Using an intricately-design mold, each surface in this unique line blends a premium color body porcelain with a distinct texture of a worn and used concrete that is both natural in feel like a true worn material, but soft to the touch and unabrasive. This texture creates a value that separates it from the competition and elevates the line at the centerpiece of a new commercial collection.

Designed entirely in-house by Anatolia’s creative team, the palette is delivered in a contemporary range of four colors; Zinc (ivory), Lithium (light grey), Chromium (dark grey) and Graphite (black). Natural earthy tones present a palette that will marry any eclectic contemporary industrial style. Highlighting the spirit of the line, the graphic variation has a movement that blends light and dark details and shadows across each face.

All colors are available in large-format sizes 24”x48”, 32”x32”, 24”x24” and 12”x24” and all rectified, along with bullnose 3”x24” and 2”x2” mosaics. Industria color body rectified porcelain tile is frost resistant, passes DCOF and can be installed in wet areas as well as both interior and exterior applications. A full suite of merchandising displays and catalogs are also available.

For more information visit www.anatoliatile.com/collections/industria

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