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Monday, April 22, 2024

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Antolini Presents Azerobact

For over 60 years, Antolini has been at the forefront of innovation of natural stone fabricating, creating the most intrepid visions. Along with fabricating natural stones into masterpieces, Antolini also innovates and develops revolutionary natural stone treatments, for the maintenance and upkeep of natural stone appliances.

Azerobact™ is the first and only bacteriostatic treatment for natural stones that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold to support a healthy lifestyle without the regular application of harsh, unnatural chemicals. Much like Azerocare, another treatment for natural stone created by Antolini, Azerobact™ has the ability to seep into the stone and blend with it, as opposed to altering the material.

This process does not affect the sensory experience of an Antolini piece, because the treatment seeps in without altering the colors and properties of the natural stone. Not affected by external agents, Azerobact™ is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and allows the product to be cleaned simply with neutral soap and water.

To learn more about Antolini, or Azerobact™, visit https://www.antolini.com/en/azerobact.

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