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Baja California mega-resort does it all with Bostik

Exquisite seaside property specifies the “Bostik System”

Ensenada is a charming city situated on Mexico’s west coast, roughly 70 miles from the borderline of the United States. With a population of approximately 300,000, making it the third-largest city in Baja California, it is a crucial trade center and is home to the Port of Ensenada, the fifth-busiest Mexican port. For years, Ensenada has long been a major tourist destination thanks to its warm climate and proximity to the Pacific Ocean. It is commonly known as “The Cinderella of the Pacific.”

In addition to all of the above, Ensenada is also the home of the new and exquisitely designed oceanside condominium, “Aura Ocean Living.” Situated in a beautiful locale offering magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, Aura conveniently provides close proximity to many vineyards and fine dining. Standing at 20 stories high with only three condos per floor, amenities include an infinity pool, full gymnasium, sauna, massage room, Jacuzzi, wine cellar, bar, clubhouse, fire pits, an exterior lounge and grill area, beautiful gardens, and, much more.

“The first thought that came to mind,” stated Daniel Sanchez, Bostik’s North Latam Commercial Director, “was that with all these surfaces designed for both indoor and outdoor applications (including porcelain tile, natural stone, exterior ventilated facades, synthetic turf, LVT, natural stone, wood flooring and much more), we clearly needed all decision-makers to be totally updated of our ‘system’ offerings. And these included the construction company, Grupo Metalco SA; the distributor, Valutenica and most importantly – the building’s owner/developer, entrepreneur Rolando Rodarte.

Training sessions bring installers up to speed on products

Bostik’s Gold Plus™ was used to waterproof beneath tile and stone applications, specifically for Aura Ocean Living’s balconies, and all showers.

“Collectively, and in great deal we showcased reasons why it would make sense to have a ‘one stop source’ for all Aura’s surfacing materials,” continued Sanchez. “Not surprisingly, the response to this was overwhelmingly positive. So much in fact, that we set up a number of ‘hands-on’ training sessions so that when installation time was ready, the installers would be completely briefed and comfortable with using some of the newer items offered on the agreed-upon systems roster.”

Rolando Rodarte added, “Aura Ocean Living was planned to be a 4-star property from its very inception. We knew the location was a prime location from the get-go. We also knew that we had no other way than to design this luxury apartment complex with its being synonymous with the term ‘year-round vacation spot.’ But, as always, we had to be smart businesspeople if we were to ascend to those lofty project levels. That’s why we were so pleased not only with the wide range of products Bostik offered to our construction team, but also the fact that all of these products could be bundled for shrewd savings via Bostik’s system process. Our team of construction professionals was comfortable knowing that Bostik has a deep, long-time history based upon providing a gamut of solutions for projects such as our Aura. And in particular, not only could we count on Bostik’s products – which come with long-term guarantees – we found out that by purchasing them all from ONE SOURCE, they perform even better when used together as a system!”

Bostik’s UltraSet® Advanced was used to waterproof exterior balconies, terraces, green roofs and flowerpots.
Bostik’s SL-100™ Self-leveling Underlayment was used in all areas that would receive LVT and thin gauged porcelain tiles.

“Our educational training sessions were done quickly and efficiently,” added Sanchez. “We were able to present these trainings to the attendees, gaining timely intros to Bostik newer installation products and how they worked together as systems. Because the people attending were so interested, we actually presented them with classes that were not unlike our highly-requested Bostik Academy sessions, which are given to major installation partners worldwide.”

Bostik products were ultimately awarded to Aura per the above-stated reasons. These included interior applications, such as the floors and windows of the lobby, the entire garage, all the floor and wall surfaces in the restaurant, floors and ceilings in guestrooms and bathrooms, the entire flooring tile in the workout room, and much more. 

State-of-the-art products were needed for substrates, design changes and a variety of finishes, as well. Bostik, with its diverse product portfolio for tiling, surface preparation and gauged porcelain tile panel solutions, solved several significant challenges for the installation team. Some of the Bostik products that were exclusively selected for the cutting-edge, luxurious Aura project bundle were:

Bostik’s Big Tile & Stone™ was used to install all tile applications both on the inside and outside of the building.
  • Bostik’s Gold Plus™ Waterproofing for beneath tile and stone applications, specifically for Aura Ocean Living’s balconies. 
  • Bostik’s UltraSet® Advanced Waterproofing beneath tile and stone applications on showers. This product was also selected to waterproof big cement-made flowerpots.
  • Bostik’s Big Tile & Stone™ A mortar adhesive engineered to install porcelain tile and stone, for interior and exterior usage.
  • Bostik’s TruColor® RapidCure™ Urethane grout used on all tile and stone installations, both interior and exterior.
  • Bostik’s 915 Polyurethane adhesive/sealant used on expansion joints on tile and stone installations and can be used as a sealant on windows and door frames for both interiors and exteriors.
  • Bostik’s Grip ‘N Grab™ High-performance and high initial grab hybrid adhesive, used to bond all base boards, moldings, mirrors, wall and ceiling decorative panels both interior and exterior.
  • Bostik’s PU-SL Self-leveling Polyurethane sealant for exterior concrete expansion joints.
  • Bostik’s Universal Primer™ Pro Deep penetrating primer used before the application of self-leveling underlayment.
  • Bostik’s SL-100™ Self-leveling underlayment used in all areas that were going to receive LVT.
  • Bostik’s Lock A499 PSA™ Install LVT in low traffic areas.
  • Bostik’s Lock A490 LVT™ Install LVT in high traffic areas.
  • Bostik’s Lock A100 Cove™ Cove base adhesive.
  • Bostik’s Primer PanelTack™: Primer for the installation of mesh-backed porcelain tiles on ventilated facades.
  • Bostik’s Primer MSP™ Primer for the installation of fiber cement boards on ventilated facades.
  • Bostik’s Foam Tape Double sided tape for the installation of ventilated facades.
  • Bostik’s PanelTack HM™ Hybrid high-performance adhesive for the installation of ventilated facades.
  • Bostik’s Tarbicol® PU Mono Polyurethane adhesive for the installation of synthetic turf in high traffic/ exterior areas.  

“The Aura Ocean Living project became a labor of love for Bostik. There’s nothing better than working with professional people who have similar working habits. And the ultimate being, when all involved experience all the hard and focused work going into a mega-project such as this, turning out EXACTLY as we all planned it would!” concluded Sanchez. 

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