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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Bostik introduces SL-Rapid™ self-leveling underlayment

Bostik, Inc., a world leader in adhesives and installation systems for building construction, has introduced SL-Rapid™ to the marketplace. A rapid-setting, cement-based, self-leveling underlayment, SL-Rapid™ creates a smooth, flat and level surface prior to the installation of floor coverings. Its fast-setting, low shrinkage and superior leveling properties make it the ideal product for time-sensitive and demanding applications on, above, or below grade.

Bostik SL-Rapid
Bostik SL-Rapid

Harder surface flooring finishes such as ceramic tile and natural stone can be installed over it as quickly as one hour after SL-Rapid™ becomes “walkable.” Moisture-sensitive floor coverings such as wood, carpet, VCT, vinyl sheet goods and rubber can generally be installed in four hours after the underlayment is walkable.

Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing & Business Development, stated, “SL Rapid™ may be the most versatile underlayment in today’s marketplace. Not only is it a highly fluid self-leveler for easy smoothing and pouring, it is also mold and mildew-resistant.”





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