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Sunday, April 21, 2024

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CERSAIE 2024 Advanced high-performance tile solutions, Gres Aragón-Faveker’s key hallmark

The tile firm will be taking part in CERSAIE, the international trade fair, held in Bologna
(Italy) from September 25th to 29th.

Floor tiles able to withstand wheeled traffic and raised access floor systems on a
wooden base for use on flat roofs and terraces two examples of the innovations
showcased at the trade fair.

Gres Aragón specializes in tile solutions for architecture, such as energy-efficient
ventilated façades, volumetric tiles, pool tile systems, and high-performance floor tiles.

Once again, Gres Aragón-Faveker will be taking part in CERSAIE, the international ceramic tile
show, held in Bologna (Italy) from September 25th to 29th. The tile manufacturer will again be presenting advanced tile solutions for architecture, the construction sector, and state-of-the-art homes.

One star new product to be presented for the first time is Aradeck: a raised access floor system featuring extruded ceramic tiles, with all the high-performance properties typical of tile extrusion technologies.

Aradeck can be mounted on pedestals and joists, but what really sets it apart from other systems is the fact that it can also be mounted on a wooden base and used on flat roofs or terraces in many areas of homes or buildings. Not only is this system functional and highly efficient from an operative perspective, but it also ensures better air circulation, refrigeration and sound insulation when it is used in indoor spaces.

Gres Aragón-Faveker, a specialist in the manufacture of extruded porcelain tiles, will also be
showcasing its latest innovationsin energy-efficient ventilated façades, special tiles, volumetric tile models, pool systems, and floor tiles for indoors and out.

The versatility of Urban20mm: from beaches to wheeled traffic

At Cersaie, visitors will also be able to check out the Urban20mm collection, made up of resistant 20mm-thick porcelain tiles suitable for any use. The 60x60cm tiles come in differing shades of white, grey and beige.

Urban20mm can be used indoors and out, in raised access floor systems, or directly on outdoor lawns, sand or gravel. When the tiles are bonded with adhesive or cement adhesive, they are so resistant that they can withstand wheeled traffic. Urban20mm can be used for places like terraces, parks, beaches, and even parking areas. Gres Aragón’s Bioklinker anti-bacterial treatment also ensures greater hygiene.

Faveker: 40% energy savings and 100% recyclable solutions

During CERSAIE, Faveker will be displaying its latest solutions in energy-efficient ventilated façades clad with extruded ceramic tiles. These façade systems, perfect for newbuilds or refurbishment projects, allow for energy savings of up to 40%.

In addition to the thermal insulation and high-performance properties of Faveker’s façades, they also stand out for their 48% recycled content. What is more, the façade systems can be fully recycled, a key factor in circular economy building criteria.

The company’s extruded tile plant: zero waste and a 3,500-tonne yearly drop in CO2 emissions

One example of Gres Aragón-Faveker’s constant efforts to innovate and the company’s ongoing reinvestment is its new high-tech extruded tile manufacturing plant, one of the most advanced factories of its kind in the EU today.

The plant is designed to produce zero waste in keeping with circular economy, energy saving and high-efficiency criteria. It has also led to a 3,500-tonne yearly reduction in CO2 emissions, helping to care very efficiently for the environment.

Corporate info
Gres Aragón benefits from its long-standing experience and dedication to the development and manufacture of ceramic tiles. From its early days, the company’s skill and know-how in handling clay and fire has evolved into an innovative production plant equipped with cutting-edge technologies and highly efficient products for contemporary architecture.

50% of the company’s sales are made on international markets, and the company is present in almost 120 countries around the world, with ample experience in products aimed at tile specifiers. Apart from Spain, the firm’s major markets are the USA and EU member states.

Throughout its 80-year history, the company has remained true to its values, based on care for its immediate social and natural environment, reinvestment and hard work, quality employment, integrity and innovation. Today it has three production plants and three logistics centres that serve project planners and customers around the world.

Gres Aragón and Faveker are part of the ceramic tile division of Grupo SAMCA, a consolidated Spanish business group operating in the fields of mining, renewable energies, plastic polymers, synthetic fibres, agri-food, real estate development, agrochemicals and logistics infrastructures, providing quality and stable employment for 3,500 people.

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