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Saturday, May 18, 2024

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CODA, LLC proudly introduced the Colorado Offset Drain attachment ‘Shower Drain RelocatorTM’ at Coverings 2022 in Las Vegas

Patent-pending device lets you relocate any misplaced shower drain in
just minutes without breaking the bank. Because it screws right into the
existing drain, it can pivot in any direction, from 1” up to 10ft. +

Tens of thousands of times every year contractors hear these dreaded words: “That shower drain is in the wrong place. STOP the Job and FIX it!” Typically, when a shower drain is not where it should be, ‘fixing it’ means that a tile setter or plumber must first demolish the current setting, reposition it to its new location and rebuild everything. Making the problem even worse, the contractor, builder, and customer often become frustrated because of the delays and added costs involved in moving it and begin finger pointing as to whose fault it is and who is going to pay the cost to remedy the situation.

In addition to the significant extra expense created as a result of the scheduling delays, the cost of time and materials can be significant, and can range from many hundreds and more likely to several thousands of dollars.

CODA easily solves that problem.
“I have always believed there had to be a better way,” said Keith Frank, inventor of the Colorado Offset Drain Attachment, himself a veteran of forty years in contracting and setting tile and the co-inventor of the “Thinset Tile Spacer” which allowed tile setters to work faster and with less breakage. The idea for CODA came from the painful experiences that I and thousands of other contractors go through again and again, very much supporting that saying, ‘When you’re doing the same thing over and over but you’re expecting different results…’ you have a problem.

CODA is unique in that it screws right over your existing drain and will be available in very affordable pre-packaged configuration options, each one allowing any tile setter, plumber, builder or DIY-er to immediately choose the version they need to rapidly re-position the shower drain and get things back on schedule as quickly as possible.

CODA will not only be the lowest cost solution in the market but also the most flexible and effective way to remedy this problem. In addition, for the design-build market, CODA can easily be incorporated as part of the original building specs providing increased design flexibility.

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