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Daltile collaborates with leading architectural firm Gensler to create new products

wall tile
A New York Collection product from My City is featured on the wall.

Dallas, TX – September 23, 2020 – With Gensler, a leading global design and architectural firm, serving as the design consultant, Daltile has recently created and launched three new stunning tile lines – My City, Sector, and Flat.  The epitome of sophisticated design, these fashion-driven, cement-look lines feature unique sub-collections and align with one of the hottest trends in the design industry, urban industrial style.  These porcelain tile series are available nationwide.

“These products embody exactly what the commercial market is wanting and needing,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation.  “The exciting Daltile/Gensler collaboration has brought to life two chic, on-trend series, My City and Sector, as well as the complementary Flat series for full mix-and-match design customization.”

My City

floor tile in a commercial building
The Shanghai Collection product from My City is featured on the floor.

“The My City series harnesses the energy of the big city with geometric lines inspired by the transit systems found in three of the most dynamic cities in the world:  New York, London, and Shanghai,” said Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile.  “This cutting-edge series offers a concrete look in cool and warm neutrals with unique gloss, metallic, or matte finish linework.”

grey floor tile
A London Collection product from the My City series is featured on the floor.

Offered in six colors ranging from white to charcoal, My City’s New York collection features grid-like lines inspired by the Big Apple’s transit surface streets that are softened with fluid curves – a striking visual metaphor for New York’s verve and vitality.  The Shanghai collection offers a unique pattern of linear angles, influenced by its namesake’s intracity metro and embodied in a series of rich, warm neutrals.  The London collection features the cool grays of the city’s famous fog, with angular linework inspired by its equally renowned underground transit system.  The New York, Shanghai, and London collections are available in 12×24 large format tiles.  


beige wall tile with a geometric pattern
A Matrix Structure collection product from Sector adorns the wall.

“The Sector series is based on the combinations of three different textures made of assorted geometric shapes of differing heights to recreate the diverse levels and layers that compose our cities,” said Grilli.  “Rhythmic design and cool concrete tones are the foundations of Sector.  Sector adds distinctive visual and textural interest to a space.” 

Sector’s Matrix Structure collection has a high amount of dynamic texture with distinctively differing depths of design.  The Faction Structure collection offers a medium level of dynamic texture with less depth differences for a simpler design.  And last, featuring an even slighter height difference between the assorted geometric shapes, Sector’s Aerial Structure collection offers a mild, smoother level of texture.  All Sector products are available in attractive 12×24 large format tiles.


Finally, the Flat collection, inspired by the materials of urban architecture, is comprised of nonpatterned tiles that come in cool and warm concrete tones to pair perfectly with the patterned tiles of My City and Sector.  All Flat products are available in 12×24 large format tiles.  

Daltile-Gensler Collaboration

“Gensler’s focus on shaping the future of cities and creating places where people live, work, and play has given the firm a unique lens and vision to co-create such cutting-edge new product designs,” said Amber Leigh Martinson, senior director of marketing for Dal-Tile Corporation.  “As a design-driven brand with the capabilities to bring virtually any vision to life in tile, Daltile was the perfect partner in this endeavor.”

“Additionally, Daltile’s My City, Sector, and Flat series can be combined with Mohawk’s Smart City or Nutopia lines (the result of Gensler’s collaboration with Daltile’s parent company) to create a coordinated design synergy throughout an entire space,” said Martinson.

“Across the board, synergy is becoming key throughout spaces, as architects and designers look for products that work well together to create a balanced, cohesive space,” concluded Thorn-Brooks.  “By working with Gensler and Mohawk, Daltile has been able to create a line of tile products that pair well with another popular flooring material – carpet.  Together, we have developed a complementary assortment of visuals designed for use throughout an entire project.”

For more information about the partnership between Daltile and Gensler, as well as the new My City, Sector, and Flat series, visit https://www.daltile.com/collaborations/gensler.

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