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Daltile designer defines”Cheerful Getaway” trend

Dallas, TX – February 4, 2021 – Daltile’s lead product designer, Laura Grilli, recently presented several of the hottest interior design and tile trends that she has identified for 2021 to the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA).  Part of her presentation included discussion of the fun 2021 trend that Grilli calls “Cheerful Getaway”.

Cheerful Getaway embodies playful thinking, joyful design and bold colors and shapes, grounded in self expression.

“Cheerful Getaway is the trend of self-expression and of healing the soul with a new wave of positivity,” said Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile.  “It is the trend of color and Maximalism, of new shapes and patterns. It is the trend that brought back Memphis Style and the bold colors of the 1980’s and is now the trend that reflects the need for a positive attitude.  Being forced to stay at home during the recent Pandemic, we at least need to free our minds.  We need to be creative.  We need to escape this reality and to do this, we need to be surrounded by an aesthetic that communicates positivity.” 

“A key component of Cheerful Getaway is vibrant color!” added Grilli.  “Daltile’s Color Wheel collection is an assortment of tile in today’s hottest colors that is perfect for bringing the Cheerful Getaway trend to life in both residential and commercial design.”

During her presentation to NTCA members, Grilli highlighted some of her favorite Daltile Color Wheel colors that exemplify 2021’s hot trend of Cheerful Getaway.

Daltile’s Sea Breeze, Galaxy and Electric Blue tones are vibrant tones in Daltile’s Color Wheel Collection.

“Daltile’s Sea Breeze is a classic blue and we know that classic blue was Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2020, fulfilling our need for stability as we walked into a new decade,” said Grilli.  “Daltile’s Galaxy is a slightly darker blue and a bit more muted, so it is very versatile as it can be combined with pastels and with bolder shades as well. Daltile’s Electric Blue is an energetic aqua color, very refreshing.  It is also very close to WGSN’s Color of the Year for 2021.”

“Daltile’s Cobalt is a very energizing blue and is the color of traditional ceramic, which is coming back,” added Grilli.  “According to Vincent van Gogh, cobalt blue is a divine color.” 

Cobalt blue is a divine color, according to Vincent Van Gogh.
Bright tones like Sunflower and Mustard populate this perky palette.

“Yellow is the color of sunshine. It is the color of optimism and fresh energy,” said Grilli.  “It is associated with enthusiasm, happiness, positivity, and spontaneity.  It was also chosen by Pantone as one of its colors for 2021.  Daltile’s Sunflower is a very bright and bold yellow. Daltile’s Mustard, is a color between orange and yellow so it is a color that smells of summer and once again, it is a color of energy and positivity.” 

Warm, deep, spicy tones of Orange Burst and Currant wake up the mind and the senses.

“Red, such as Daltile’s Currant, is the color of passion and drama,” added Grilli.  “It is associated with strong emotions like love, anger, excitement, energy, and it wakes up the mind and senses.  Orange, such as Daltile’s Orange Burst is achieved by combining yellow and red, so it is a social and inviting color.  It is associated with optimism, happiness, independence, creativity, fun, and adventure.  Orange is definitely a motivating and encouraging color.” 

Recognition Of Source Materials/Opinions

Grilli gained insights on this design trend from some of Elisabetta Rizzato’s observations published in ItalianBark.com.  Grilli also used a few partial descriptions from graf1.com’s Color Meaning and Psychology.

Click here for the NTCA Webinar, An Insider Look — Tile, Trends & Product Innovation, in its entirety.

Additional Information

For additional information on Daltile’s Color Wheel collection, visit https://www.daltile.com/product/Color-Wheel-Collection-Classic.

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