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Daltile designer discusses “Cozy Essentials” trend for 2021

Dallas, TX – January 29, 2021 – Several of Daltile’s upcoming new product launches bring to life the popular 2021 design trend that Daltile’s lead designer calls “Cozy Essentials”.  As a component of the overarching pursuit of Well-Being through design, Cozy Essentials creates spaces that are uncluttered, calm, quiet, and soothing — where life feels in order.

Cozy Essentials creates calm, uncluttered soothing spaces where life feels in order, according to Grilli.

“Cozy Essentials is a trend that combines the color white and the clean lines typical of Scandinavian design with the warmth of Modern Mediterranean style and the Perfect Imperfection of Japanese Wabi Sabi,” said Laura Grilli, lead product designer for Daltile*.  “Cozy Essentials is a cozy version of historic Minimalism; less cold; characterized by warm and earthy colors, organic shapes, soft textures, and natural elements.”  

“Several of the new collections that are part of Daltile’s upcoming spring 2021 new product launch embody this trend:  Daltile’s Perpetuo, Daltile’s Enlite, and Daltile’s Aesthetic collections,” said Grilli.  “Daltile’s new Perpetuo porcelain tile creates tranquil design through the natural look of luxurious marble while Daltile’s new Enlite porcelain tile collection embraces the calming effect of natural stone visuals in colors that soothe the soul.  Uniquely modern, Daltile’s new Aesthetic collection is an entire assortment of whites that calm a space through the use of various soft shapes and create relaxing dimensions of seamless, textural, and sculptural walls ranging from organic natural visuals to structured yet smooth geometric designs.”  

 “We all know the importance of neutral colors and we will never get tired of them especially if they are warm and welcoming,” said Grilli.  “Most of the neutral colors in Cozy Essentials are on the warm side of the color palette, such as Daltile’s Architectural Gray, Daltile’s Almond, and Daltile’s Urban Putty, reflecting the trend that we have started to see in the last three years — the warming up of color palettes.  Some cooler greys such as Daltile’s Desert Grey are not going to disappear though, but rather will play well alongside the new warmer shades.  The way in which Daltile is bringing these colors to life in tile proves that neutral colors are not boring; they bring harmony and balance.” 

Most neutrals in the Cozy Essentials palette are on the warm side of the color palette.

“Less is more is a key concept in the Cozy Essentials trend and is achieved by choosing a few items with timeless design and fine craftsmanship instead of visual interest, so the focus goes on tactility and materials,” added Grilli*.  “Daltile’s new Aesthetic is a perfect example of the dimension, soothing movement, and interesting light reflections that various different structures/textures can add to a room’s design.”  

Daltile’s Aesthetic ceramic tile featured on the wall.

(*In these quotes, Grilli uses a few terms, phrases, or opinions from Elisabetta Rizzato’s ItalianBark.com.)   

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