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Daltile develops & launches proprietary “Lava” finish

Dallas, TX – August 10, 2022 –Daltile has recently developed a unique, proprietary finish for quartz surfaces that creates the most realistic, natural stone feel available on the market today.  Daltile is currently launching Liberty Black as its first product to featuring this unique Lava™ finish.

Lava Finish
“Our new Lava finish offers the most natural stone feel of any quartz product on the market today,” said Roy Viana, director of natural stone and slab for Dal-Tile LLC.  “Quartz is a man-made material that proficient manufacturers can use to produce the look of stone in virtually unlimited colors and designs, with a high degree of visual authenticity.  Daltile has now taken this expertise one step higher.  We have engaged in extensive research and development with the foremost experts in the field of abrasives to achieve our new, ultra-realistic, Lava finish, stone surface texture in quartz.”

“Just to clarify, the resulting authentic stone feel replicates ‘natural stone in general’, not specifically lava stone,” added Viana.  “We chose the term Lava finish to represent our new surface texture, because the achieved surface has a little bit of a flow to its tactility, reminiscent of gently flowing lava.”

Liberty Black
Daltile has chosen to debut its new Lava finish on Liberty Black, a brand-new product currently launching nationwide into Daltile’s existing extra-large 136” x 79” ONE Quartz slab line.  Liberty Black is a classic, deep black marble visual.  Against a midnight black background, flowery vein details are expertly used to create an open white vein pattern with delicate white speckle accents.  Daltile’s new Lava finish then provides an extremely authentic natural stone surface texture.  Liberty black is available in ¾” and 1 ¼” thickness with either the Lava finish or a polished finish.  Liberty Black is suitable for use as walls or countertops. 

Liberty Black Images

Popularity Of Quartz
“Daltile’s ONE Quartz extra-large slabs exemplify how quartz combines the beauty of marble and limestone visuals with durability and low-maintenance,” said Viana.  “With quartz, you can add gorgeous natural stone looks to your home’s design in a material that stands up to real life activity, perfect for kitchens.  Our ONE Quartz slabs are non-porous, scratch resistant, and stain resistant, and can be used on walls and countertops.”

Made In The USA
Liberty Black is Made In The USA with imported material in Dal-Tile LLC’s quartz plant in Dickson, Tennessee.  The quartz produced in this facility is made using proprietary design technologies, the most advanced decorative capabilities, the highest levels of gloss and clarity, and exclusive colors and designs. 

About Daltile
Daltile is the industry-leading brand of ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and stone tile as well as mosaics, extra-large slabs, countertops, exteriors, and roofing tile.  Daltile products are distributed through over 250 company-owned sales service centers, stone slab yards, and design studios that service a robust network of trade customers.  Daltile products are also sold through independent flooring retailers.  Dedicated to innovative product development and distinguished style, Daltile provides a rich palette of quality products created to inspire residential and commercial designs. For more information, visit daltile.com and follow Daltile on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedInFacebook, Twitter and YouTube

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