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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Décor trends for 2024: a mix of multifunctional spaces, sophisticated simplicity and ecodesign

Explore the new trends, styles and colours for 2024 home décor
Trends for the coming year will see a focus on green interior design and flexible, multifunctional spaces, featuring a mix of sustainable, eco-friendly materials and a simple yet sophisticated style.

A mix of styles
Décor for 2024 will see a return to the natural materials and earthy shades of ethnic style. Another trend is towards a mix of materials, furnishing elements and geometric shapes and textures from different cultures and periods, shaping uniquely striking design solutions.

Ecodesign and natural touches
Décor trends for 2024 will once again revolve around nature. Creative inspiration is set to come from natural details that bring a uniquely inviting, green identity to every room in the home. Popular for the coming year will be wood-effect tiles that team the beauty of wood planks, with their gnarls, distinctive marks and warm colours, with the impressive resistance of porcelain stoneware. This perfect combination of colour and design redefines wood surfaces, with rare, fine woods from all over the world representing all the beauty and variety of this magnificent natural material.

Flexible, multifunctional spaces
Home décor trends for 2024 will focus on flexible, versatile open spaces that can be arranged as required. So we’ll be seeing bookcases acting as sliding walls, modular furnishing systems, wall units, accent walls, double-sided fireplaces, mezzanines and indoor-to-outdoor spaces, ready to help create multifunctional living spaces. Large porcelain stoneware wall tiles can be used to create a wallpaper effect, or the backdrop for a bookcase; they can also be used to tile wall-mounted doors.

A carefully chosen colour scheme can be used to mark off different areas for different functions. Modern, versatile porcelain stoneware collections can be used to tile large vertical, sloping or curved surfaces; they can be used on whole walls or part of a wall, making them suitable for any home décor project.

Casalgrande Padana ceramic tiles are the perfect complement to furnishing, accessories and drapes, offering an elegant interior design resource ideal to meet the evolving needs of modern living.

Simple yet sophisticated
‘Less is more’ is the key to 2024 home décor, which will seek to strike a balance between simplicity and elegance, with clean lines, and neat, functional spaces. Minimalist décor favours a linear look, with bright, airy rooms. Furniture tends to be placed along the walls, while colours are light and evenly shaded, with a predominance of white, grey and beige tones.

Made exclusively from natural raw materials, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is fully recyclable, eco-sustainable, fire-resistant, non-allergenic and antibacterial. It does not alter over time, and is easy to lay and to clean. The vast array of Casalgrande stoneware collections with concrete, wood, marble, metal or stone effects can be used in a variety of ways, both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for both floors and walls, and can be used in a variety of combinations to meet your every interior design requirement.

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