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Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Ege Seramik introduces Hexagon Tile lines


hex tile room scene











Ege Seramik’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology has brought classic hexagon-shaped tiles back with the introduction of the FORCE and APINI Collections.

Newton Mix Hexagon deco in FORCE line by Ege




Both ranges feature 9×11 pressed hexagon tiles in a matte finish. The APINI Collection is available in three solid colors (black, white, grey) with the FORCE Collection adding three more colors (light grey, dark grey and taupe). The FORCE Collection includes Newton Mix decos, which are offered in 10 random designs, right out of the box.


“Our new hexagon collections are truly unique with their 9×11 size,” stated Alp Er, General Manager of Ege Seramik USA. “Hexagon tile designs are ideal for making a statement in both wall or floor applications. By combining geometric shape/modern colors with porcelain durability… any installation becomes both beautiful and practical. These new products convert large surfaces into eye-catching masterpieces.”

For more information, phone (678) 291-0888,  or visit http://www.egeseramik.com.




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