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Emser Tile Goes “Back to Basics” with Gensler

Emser extends its collaboration with global architecture and design firm Gensler in new collection meant to complement current offerings

LOS ANGELES (June 29, 2021) – Emser Tile, a leading designer, marketer and producer of the world’s finest tile and natural stone, is excited to announce its latest collaboration with Gensler as design consultant. The new Back to Basics™ collection celebrates the beauty of simplicity, while introducing a robust range of color options that stand on their own or as a complement to the other Gensler collections and Emser series.

“Emser Tile aims to be the resource for the world’s most beautiful tile and stone product offerings. By collaborating with Gensler, Emser will have its finger on the pulse of the industry and access to some of the most talented product designers in the world,” says Mara Villanueva-Heras, Vice President of Marketing, Emser Tile. “We look forward to seeing the Back to Basics Collection come to life in upcoming projects.”

“With Back to Basics, we set out to create a collection that acts as a workhorse for designers —an offering that covers a gamut of colors —while also having a robust offering of cool, neutral and warm grays,” said Daniel Stromborg, Product Development Design Director, Gensler. “More importantly, Back to Basics is a color bridge for the other collections we have been working on with Emser Tile since they share a common color language having all been developed with the NCS Color System. This allowed us to work across different manufacturing platforms, ensuring that the outcome is accurate and repeatable.”

Back to Basics features 3″x6″ inch glossy tiles starting with 60 unique colors meant to mix-and-match. The collection provides a wide spectrum of hues, including, ‘go-tos’ such as white, gray, black, yellow, green, blue and red; more nuanced colorways that are muted, earthy and subdued; as well as pastels and vibrant pops of color. This is only the start, with more new colors on the horizon.

Additionally, Back to Basics seamlessly complements other collections, including the popular Building Blocks™, the original Emser collaboration with Gensler announced in 2020.

Visit Emser online to view the full collection.

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