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Emser Tile highlights design and style in 2023 Trend Report

Nature, Bold Patterns, Wellness, Texture and Outdoor Living Take Center Stage
LOS ANGELES (MARCH 27, 2023) – Emser Tile, leading designer and producer of the world’s finest tile and natural stone, has released their 2023 Trend Report, highlighting concepts that designers will be focused on this year. The report outlines five key areas of design, as well as specific color and format trends to expect. The five design trends to watch for include:

Natural Beauty: Exhale in Marron is earthy and warm

Natural Beauty takes center stage as people continue to build their connection with
nature and the outdoors as well as the importance of sustainable living. As an
evolution of the ongoing biophilic trend, Natural Beauty includes organic elements
with perfectly imperfect details along with floral patterns and plenty of arches.
Subtle, yet rich, colors and textures are inspired by the warmth and allure of the
desert. Hues of terracotta, neutral shades, and muted greens and blues, as seen
in Emser Tile’s Exhale™ collection, are a perfect fit for this look. Inspired by rich
countryside landscapes, Exhale is available in five earthy rustic hues – a warm
neutral palette that complements design inspired-by nature, and instills warmth,
stability, and coziness.

Style Statement is bold, daring and an outlet for individuality and decorative flair.
It speaks to optimistic maximalism with the use of brighter hues, playful patterns,
and shapes that offer a sense of surprise and wonder. This aesthetic, which fosters
creative expression with the pairing of various design styles and colors, can also be
seen as a reaction to minimalism which has been popular for over the last decade.
Look for bold, colorful marble, checkered board patterns and vintage shapes to
achieve this design aesthetic. The options are endless with Emser Tile’s Bizou™
collection. Available in four patterns and four colors, this groutless marble mosaic adds dimension and intrigue.

Where Bizou™ wows with its intricate details, Parkview™ is a true showstopper. This large format tile creates a sense of glamour within a space and can be used from floor to wall, for a seemingly endless look of luxury.

Textural Movement: Shadows play off Tubage in Green

Textural Movement includes multi-sensory materials, raised and recessed features and unique imperfections that all play with light and shadow. An often underused design tool, texture variations within a space can bring everything together as one. Layers of texture make a space feel immersive and add a sense of wonder. Newly released Tubage™ from Emser promotes a play of light through rhythmic grooves and scalloped dimension. Tubage is an extruded porcelain which is a specialized production process that creates a high-quality three- dimensional tile. This provides a more natural look with slight variation between tiles offering the beauty of artisanal imperfection.

Wellness Wonder recognizes a growing preference for interiors that elevates one’s overall health and mental wellbeing as the request for fully equipped gyms, meditation spaces, plunge pools, and spas increases. With a focus on self-care and serenity, people are seeking to create calming spaces for everyday wellness practices.

Powerful, decorative stones dominate this trend, such as onyx, travertine, and marble as well as neutral hues of beige, gray, green and blue. For a true spa feel, Livorno™ by Emser Tile is available in four natural hues and is the perfect look for any wellness-devoted space.

Al Fresco Attitude celebrates beautiful outdoor living spaces that have been gaining momentum in recent years. Outdoor living in 2023 will continue to focus on seamless indoor to outdoor transition spaces with indoor amenities brought outdoors, such as full kitchens, showers, and fireplaces – all with an emphasis on comfort, style, and socializing. Pools will continue taking center stage, and marrying the look within these outdoor amenities will provide that desired spa-like feel. Perfect for the pool as well as the outdoor kitchen area, Swirl™ adds elegance with eight colors and two patterns. This molten glass mosaic offers richness and depth, while blending in with the surrounding natural environment.

“While trends for this year tend to be vast and varied, they primarily stem from underlying moods around finding a sense of spa-like serenity or an elated and decorative boost of joy in our surroundings. Primary factors influencing design in 2023 will include wellbeing, creative expression, technology, and sustainability,” says Suzanne Zurfluh, Director of Design and Trend at Emser Tile. “We’ll see rich earth tones as seen in desert landscapes, and imperfect textures to match. Wellness and outdoor living continue to be strong, and bold style designs have emerged as consumers are less afraid to express themselves creatively in the home.”

About Emser Tile LLC
Emser Tile is the largest privately held designer and marketer of tile and natural stone products in the United States. Our principle offering includes an extensive line of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and decorative products to service the design and product needs of our customers. Our products are distributed nationally through a company-owned network of local sales and service locations. The company’s products are used extensively in new home construction, remodel applications as well as commercial projects including multi-family housing, hospitality, shopping centers, office buildings and educational facilities. For more information, please visit www.emser.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

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