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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Emser Tile releases 2024 Trend Report

Eight Design and Style Trends that Reflect the Power of Ambiance

LOS ANGELES (FEBRUARY 21, 2024) – Emser Tile, leading designer and producer of the world’s finest tile and natural stone, has released their 2024 Trend Report that includes eight trends that designers will be focusing on, in the year ahead, including:

Artisan Charm celebrates the look of handcrafted, artisanal pieces that hold emotional value, a sentiment amplified by the knowledge that each item is a labor of love from a skilled artisan. The individuality of these creations, complete with their flawlessly imperfect attributes, imparts a comforting and intimate ambiance.

Quiet Luxury fits in the realms of both fashion and interior design, where there’s a notable lean towards a subdued yet sophisticated form of elegance. Emphasis on refined simplicity and enduring charm, within interior spaces this aesthetic has a serene ambiance. Key characteristics include a minimalist and carefully curated visual style, and premium materials such as marble and large-format natural
stone, which evoke the ambiance of a lavish spa or boutique hotel.

The Nature Escape acknowledges the influence of nature on design and our inherent bond with the outdoors. Characterized by rustic materials like wood, stone, pebbles, and natural fibers, as well as the incorporation of curved shapes, floral patterns, and fluted accents, this trend embraces hues inspired by the natural world, cultivating a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Texture Takeover includes the looks of rugged stone, metal, wood texture, as well as matte and glossy finishes, which all persist in tile aesthetics and interior design. These designs not only introduce depth but also contribute to a multi-sensory experience, resulting in a harmonious and inviting visual appeal.

Pattern Play includes lively geometric shapes, artistic motifs, and energetic color palettes that make a striking statement, particularly through tile arrangements. Expect to encounter a diverse array of tile types that when together form captivating designs.

Bold & Beautiful builds on the rising trend of “Dopamine Décor”, where interiors are crafted to elicit feelings of joy. There’s a growing acceptance of integrating vivid, saturated colors into living spaces. Vibrant hues of blue, green, red, orange, and yellow take center stage in this aesthetic, with the intent to inject vitality and dynamism into a space.

Dark & Moody sees the incorporation of deep, dark tones in interior design, which evokes a sense of grandeur and intrigue. Over time, this style has evolved to become more adaptable, seamlessly integrating into contemporary interiors and blending with various colors and elements to create visually stunning spaces. Subtly tinted and deeply saturated hues such as midnight blue, black, dark green and burgundy radiate sophistication and refinement, cultivating a cozy and intimate mood.

Warm & Welcoming draws inspiration from the natural world and uses a color palette that infuses warmth and comfort into spaces. Earthy hues can evoke a sense of nostalgia within modern interiors, blending vintage charm with contemporary aesthetics to cultivate a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

“Interior design plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s mood and establishing the ambiance of a space, and these 2024 trends reflect this. For instance, warm neutrals and browns can evoke feelings of coziness and comfort, while cool blues and sage greens may promote relaxation and calmness,” says Suzanne Zurfluh, Director of Design and Trend at Emser Tile. “Whether it’s a vibrant and energetic
atmosphere or a tranquil and peaceful retreat, interior design has the power to set the tone and enhance the overall well-being of its occupants.”

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