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Monday, April 22, 2024

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Evaluate your team’s competitive advantage

It’s still fairly early in the year, with most of it ahead of you, affording you the ability to make positive changes to take you in the direction you want your company to go in 2020. To assist in that endeavor is the following checklist from Firestarter founder Wally Adamchik. He encourages you to use these questions to assess your business and make course corrections now before heading down the wrong road too deeply into the year.   – Lesley Goddin


Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself to identify potential competitive advantages or areas for improvement.

Check the box if your answer is yes.

ο Have you completed or is your annual planning meeting scheduled for 2020?

ο Do you have your annual kickoff meeting scheduled for 2020?

ο Do your teams consistently improve margins on jobs?

ο Is your overall profitability/ROI above industry average?

ο Is your safety better than industry average?

ο Is safety trending in the right direction?

ο Do you have a clearly articulated vision or mission and values?

ο Do your people understand and buy in to the vision, mission and values?

ο Are you innovating in ways that add to the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction?

ο Are you comfortable with your voluntary turnover or are people leaving that you don’t want to leave?

ο Is your bench strength solid with 75% of supervisory positions having an identified and 75% qualified successor?


THE GRADING SCALE –––––––––––––––

• 8 or more YES answers indicate a strong team. Keep it up!

• 6-8 YES answers indicate your team needs to address some key issues.

• Less than 6 YES answers indicate some major concerns.

Need some assistance in reaching your goals? Contact Firestarter at www.firestarterspeaking.com or call 919-673-9499.

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