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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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HomeNewsFlorim presents Urban Living in MILE®stone brand, TISE Booth #4329

Florim presents Urban Living in MILE®stone brand, TISE Booth #4329

Urban Living is a collection that tells of a world in constant evolution, with an urban aesthetic linked to the world of design and an extremely transitional mood.

Raw textures and gentle colors combine to create harmonious escapes within a growing city. Embrace that world, comfortably. Urban Living glazed porcelain stoneware showcases utmost versatility, with 21 colors, six sizes (3×12″, 6×24″, 12×12″, 12×24″ 24×24″ and 24×48″) and four textures – glossy, matte, raw and chiseled — all of which coordinate to offer an endless amount of possibilities. At its essence, Urban Living offers urban aesthetics to create harmonious escapes.

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