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Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Glacé: small tiles with constantly changing color shades

A blend of skill and technology is reflected in an extremely sophisticated range of small size products that reinterpret antique tiles from the ceramic tradition.

The art of craftsmanship becomes trendy, celebrating the excellence of a high-tech material with outstanding performance, in colorful tiles, structured surfaces and glossy and matt “raw” finishes.

Ragno Ceramiche’s Glacé wall covering is available in brick tile size 7.5×20 cm, in 6 plain tiles in natural colors and the respective three-dimensional structures.
Along the sides of the Glacé tiles and in tiny parts of their surfaces there are touches of a clay color that give the impression of gaps in the glaze, a distinctive feature of handmade materials.

The inspiration for Glacé comes from craft techniques that involve drawing the body mix through dies during production. In this process, any dirt on the tools creates tiny superficial cuts, which are then covered by the glaze. The resulting ceramic product has a changeable shiny surface with great tactile appeal, telling a story rich in experience and manual skill.

The technical properties of stoneware are combined with a striking, contemporary aesthetic impact, with three-dimensional decoration that bestows depth and richness of color on interior design schemes. The striped Rayé 3D structure has furrows of varying width and depth to create a “barcode” look, with an alternation of glossy and matt glazes.

Installed either vertical or horizontal, the small Glacé tiles are suitable for covering whole walls, furnishings and architectural features, or for creating boiserie panels and decorative motifs, alternating smooth plain tiles and relief structures or just experimenting with the color assortment in a mixture of coordinated tones and shades.

About Ragno
Founded in 1949 in Sassuolo, Ragno becomes one of the key-actors of the ceramic district’s growth thanks to its ability to produce wall tiles for domestic spaces, in the 60’s and 70’s its expertise extends also in the production of glazed tiles for floor and wall covering destined to various segments of the building industry both nationally and internationally.
In the early ‘80s, the introduction of state-of-the-art automated production technologies went hand-in-hand with a redrawing of the sales and marketing strategies with an increasing orientation towards the needs of the customer and the market, leading to development of a broad range of products in line with the consumer’s trends, styles and tastes.

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