Sicily by Imola

Sicily by Imola is inspired by the sandstone that is found all over the beautiful island of Sicily. It is a sedimentary limestone that is particularly soft and features a variety of different shades.Thanks to its 60×120 format, the collection succeeds in combining contemporary solutions with the age-old culture that has inspired it, and is completed by a bush-hammered finish for porticoes and outdoor spaces.

Conkreta&Mukka by LaFaenza

LaFaenza offers a combination of two very different materials, clay and leather, in a single ceramic project, with a carefully designed color range and the aesthetic sensitivity that  makes Conkreta&Mukka one of the most innovative ceramic collections in recent years. CONKRETA fuses concrete and clay to create an extraordinarily subtle surface. MUKKA reproduces the texture of leather with all its typical irregularities and distinctive surface marks to offer a highly refined product.

C_Mine by Leonardo

Leonardo introduces C_Mine, which is loyal to the concept of recycled industrial design, and  fits highly innovative, modern contexts perfectly.Its surfaces generate evocative atmospheres thanks to their irregularities and the project’s carefully selected range of tones and formats. The collection’s applications are expanded by an outdoor bush-hammered finish.