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Monday, May 27, 2024

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Imola presents three new collections: AZUMA UP, THE ROOM and VIBES

With AZUMA UP, the initial idea of unyielding, abstract minimalism, acquires warmth to launch a new message conveying resilience and positiveness. The typical minimalist mark of cement remains but takes on softer nuances, played on tones that range from ivory to hazelnut.

THE ROOM. A collections that describes the expressive opulence in traits and colours of a selection of quality marbles, interpreted in a welcoming, modern language. The five latest offers: quartzite patagonia, onyx aqua blue gold, gris breche dumas, grey roots, onyx white absolute.

VIBES. A sort of fusion quartzite, that is faithful to its primordial essence and developed in neutral tones with an intensity from light to medium in both warm and cold colours. The result is vibrant, profound, intimate spaces where the call of real nature is the star of every project.

You can also download Ti imolo APP, Apple and Android version. It is the best tool to keep up with Imola’s news.

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