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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Interstyle presents up and coming color trends for 2024

Colors of the Year 2024! Inspire your residential and commercial ventures with Interstyle hues that feature emerging colors from top manufacturers and color experts.
Supplier: Alberta Hardwood Flooring Design: Paul Lavoie Design

If you’re ready to give a refresh, Interstyle recommends turning to some of the shades that color experts believe will be big next year.

To help you get inspired, we’re sharing some of the 2024 colors of the year that have been announced so far.
Peach Fuzz by Pantone is a soft, nurturing peach tone that prompts us to take a moment to prioritize self-care and compassion towards others. This gentle and warm hue has been selected specifically for its capacity to add beauty to the digital realm.
Cracked Pepper by Behr, a luxurious charcoal hue, proves that darker tones can radiate a warm, inviting atmosphere, balancing comfort with a bold statement.
Upward by Sherwin-Williams is a gentle and beautiful blue, enriched with subtle red undertones, a touch of gray, and hints of the natural characteristics we associate with green. It is an asset for those seeking to create a calming contrast from the busyness of modern life.
Viridis by Graham & Brown is a delightful haven of natural, earthy green. This complex yet versatile shade adds depth to any space, whether used in small, cozy areas for a calming effect or in larger rooms for a touch of sophistication.
Blue Nova 825 by Benjamin Moore is a distinctive fusion of blue and violet, drawing inspiration from the radiance of a new star being formed in space. It captures the essence of twilight to achieve a truly magical effect.
Drawing inspiration from the sea rather than the sky, Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards serves as a perfect link between warm and cool tones. This contemplative, moody blue proves to be an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects, offering a timeless, versatile, fresh, and serene ambiance.
True to its name, this Renew Blue by Valspar is dedicated to restoring balance and revitalizing, achieving a blend of serenity and allure. The color is saturated enough to stand independently, yet it can also function effectively as an accent shade.
Limitless by PPG is a light-yellow symbolizing energy and optimism. A “modern honey beige” that highlights the versatility to serve as a neutral while offering a clear departure from the cool grays prevalent in previous years.
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