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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Interstyle re-interprets Terrazzo, for a stunning and elegant vibe

Terrazzo was designed by Gabriella Equizi, designer at Interstyle since 2015 (Master Degree in Industrial Design at Polytechnic of Milan, 2005). It was inspired by the Venetian terrazzo, a type of flooring made of marble granules with a diameter of up to 40mm, bound together by a pebble-based lime or cement.

Gabriella Equizi designed Terrazzo for Interstyle.

Equizi engineered the product, by simplifying its “soul” and adding a three-dimensional look. Interstyle Terrazzo is made with 6 mm thick glass with two layers of screen printing: the pattern printed at the bottom and the mask printed on the top surface of the glass. The mask reveals the “pebbles colors” and naturally creates a shadow on the layer below.The collection comes in six colors beautifully curated and inspired by the natural world: Eternal, Coralline, Terra, Gravel, Mare, Volcanic. 

Interstyle Terrazzo fits any type of interior design, whether classical, modern, or contemporary, creating a distinctive effect. It embodies creativity, warmth, and precision, making an everyday living and working space extraordinary. Suitable for interiors, exteriors, and water applications.

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