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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Introducing Motawi’s “From the Vault” Series

Does this tile look familiar? Our 6×6 Cyclamen tile is the first installment of Motawi’s “From the Vault” series, where we bring back classic discontinued Motawi designs. Each tile is signed by Nawal Motawi and stamped with “2018” denoting its limited reissue year. We’ve only made a small amount of these tiles so get them while you can!

Our 6×6 Cyclamen is an explosion of floral beauty with a nod to the classic Arts & Crafts style. A true Motawi collectors piece, the Cyclamen is representative of Motawi’s aesthetic roots and promises to beautify any space it encounters. The 6×6 Cyclamen comes in two lovely color schemes, the original Green Oak and the new Mint Peach.

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