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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Island Stone launches line of Stone Ledger Panels

(Watsonville, CA, February 16, 2023) Island Stone, manufacturer of handcrafted stone and glass tile, introduces the Evolution Collection of precision-built stone ledger panels in groundbreaking patterns. The Evolution Collection captures the intrinsic appeal of exotic stones in a modern blend of rectangles and textures. The resulting designs reflect a distinctive departure from classic ledgers, offering the ability to create original, modern installations.

The Evolution Collection includes two patterns, Precipice and Interwoven, each offering unique dimensional personalities that accentuate depth and shadows, allowing for different appearances due to light and shadowing effects. Lighting can enhance the look and create a beautiful focal point for any accent wall, fireplace, pool, or water feature.

  • Precipice: Created from slender strips of varying lengths and thickness adhered together in an offset, interlocking pattern, Precipice panels create a linear stone surface, accentuated by variations in surface depth. Two finishes are available: The honed options accentuate the depth variation and natural striations in the stone, striking a bold, dramatic tone; alternatively, the bush hammered finish creates a softer, subtler textured surface that accentuates each stone’s natural sparkle. Precut four-piece corner sets complete any application with a finished, clean edge.
  • Interwoven: Interwoven panels leverage Island Stone’s sought-after wedge-shaped stones into a format that accentuates the shadows created by the variation in depth between the highs and lows in the pattern. A final installation features slender strips that weave seamlessly across a surface to create an eye-catching feature wall. Interwoven comes in a honed finish that creates a powerful appearance and the bush hammered finish, which softens the flowing design and highlights the natural sparkle of each stone. Precut four-piece corner sets eliminate the challenges of mitering and create a perfect joint for surfaces that wrap an exterior edge.

“The Evolution Collection stays true to our core design ethos—innovative, distinctive-yet-timeless designs in simply beautiful natural stones,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone.

In addition, Island Stone is expanding the stones options available in “Mini Split,” their scaled-down ledger panel designed to create a subtle, sophisticated textured stone surface. The three new options include the bright hues of “Moonlit” and “Alabaster” as well as the sparkling, dark “Charcoal Glint” stone. Mini Split is an ideal option for creating an understated and elegant natural backdrop to any interior or exterior space.

About Island Stone
Island Stone has its origins in Indonesia, where company founders were inspired by the nation’s handicraft industry and natural stones to create the flagship Perfect Pebble Tile. The company’s original mosaics diversified into other natural mosaics, using exotic stones. Anchored in wanderlust for exploration, culture, and design, the company continues to evolve its creative use of natural and timeless materials, sourcing from distinct locales around the globe and featuring a range of tiles, mosaics, and wall paneling offered in diverse materials, including natural stone, glass, wood, ceramics, and concrete. For more information visit IslandStone.com or call 1-800-371-0001. Follow Island Stone on Instagram for the latest updates.

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