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LATICRETE® elevates SLU portfolio with NXT® Level Plus and NXT Level Flow

New LATICRETE self-leveling underlayments will save time, labor and materials for more efficiency in the workplace

March 22, 2021, Bethany, Conn.LATICRETE, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has expanded its NXT product line with the release of two high-performance self-leveling underlayments (SLU), NXT® Level Plus and NXT Level Flow. NXT Level Plus is an advanced SLU that pours directly over more compromised substrates than ever before, thus eliminating extra steps, labor, materials and time. Unique to this SLU is the ability to be applied over plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) and gypsum, eliminating having to install lath. NXT Level Flow is a value-engineered SLU featuring pumpable, easy-to-use and high flow benefits that meets the current demand for entry-level cementitious self-leveling underlayment projects. 

“Due to the incredible customer satisfaction from our NXT Level SLU over the years, we felt it was the perfect time to improve and update NXT Level Plus and expand the technology to NXT Level Flow as alternatives, opening up the line to even more project specifications and allowing LATICRETE to compete more effectively in the SLU category,” said Elvis Torres, LATICRETE Product Manager. “We wanted to focus on being able to provide the installer with a range of choices suitable for a variety of project budgets and building needs. NXT Level Flow, NXT Level and NXT Level Plus offer installers exactly that so they can successfully level new surfaces and repair existing floors that may have compromised floor substrate conditions.” 

As the premium choice for the most challenging installations, NXT Level Plus is designed to be the ultimate problem solver and features upgraded benefits from the original NXT Level Plus by LATICRETE. The product offers higher compressive strength compared to other SLUs and is now fiber reinforced which improves flexural performance. The product has higher strength at 5,300 psi, is equipped with Microban® Anti-Microbial Protection and can be covered with finished floor goods in as little as 12 hours for improved efficiency during installation. The new formula can be distinguished by the new titanium (grey) colored bag.

NXT Level Flow by LATICRETE is a dynamic, entry-level SLU that offers extended workability and longer heal times, which means fewer marks on the finished floor. The product provides good compressive strength at 4,000 psi and can be applied directly over concrete tested at relative humidity of 100%, cutting down on the wait time. It pours up to two inches and is effective at ⅛-inch thin if poured over a moisture barrier. After installation, floor coverings can be applied in as little as 48 hours. 

NXT Level is the original SLU in the NXT product line from LATICRETE and produces a flat, smooth and hard surface for the installation of finished flooring. It certainly is a legacy product for the company and has been applied to over 200 million square-feet of projects. It boasts great compressive strength at 5,000 psi and can be poured at 1/8-inch to three inches thick. This high pour depth eliminates the need to apply additional lifts, saving time and money. Finished floor can be installed after 24 hours.

Each offering in the NXT line is user-friendly, offers excellent flow, is pumpable and suits multiple application methods and adhesives, which opens up the ability for use on more project specifications than ever before. 

For more information, visit laticrete.com.

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