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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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LEC Products’ Jobsite Lockboxes Deter Construction Tool Theft

Vault-like jobsite lockboxes, such as those by LEC Products, a fabrication company, protect construction tools from theft not only during the week, but also on weekends when unattended sites are at the greatest risk of burglary. These lockboxes use heavy-gauge sheet steel and reinforcements for box floors and sides, and 14- and 16-guage sheet metal for walls, doors, lids, and shelving.

Hot-rolled steel is more malleable than cold-rolled and allows for more complex bends without weakening the steel when making box components.

LEC top-loading jobsite lockbox

A better design includes a key slot in the back.  After looping the chain around the pole, both ends of the chain are passed through the slot and secured from the inside. This eliminates an exposed padlock, often the weakest link.  Several boxes can be ganged together as well.

Removing the center trunnion in cabinet-style boxes also allows easy removal and replacement of longer items, so workers will not leave them lying around.  For greater security, on a three-point latching mechanism such as the one LEC Products uses, a hook secures doors together, while vertical rods pass through the top and bottom rails.

The system also utilizes a thick steel plate cover to protect the padlock from torches or bolt cutters while still permitting easy use of the key.

For greater safety during transport, instead of casters bolted onto the box, LEC Products’ casters are bolted onto steel plates, which are then slid into receivers built into the feet of the job box.  This allows the boxes to be transported to the site safely, directly contacting the trailer bed surface. Once on site, the casters are quickly slid into place.

Buying direct from the manufacturer can significantly reduce the cost of such construction site lockboxes. For more information, contact LEC Products at (314) 451-1500; [email protected]; www.lecproducts.com or 59 Branch Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63147.

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